Liaoning Provincial Science And Technology Popularization Approach

Original Language Title: 辽宁省科学技术普及办法

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Liaoning Provincial Science and technology popularization approach

    (September 5, 2011 11th 51 meeting consideration of the people's Government of Liaoning province by Liaoning Provincial Government order No. 259, published since September 21, 2011 as of November 1, 2011) first in order to strengthen the knowledge of science and technology popularization, public scientific and cultural quality, promote economic and social development, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on popularization of science and technology, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article science and technology popularization in these measures (hereinafter referred to as science), refers to the public in an easy to understand, accept and participate in the popularization of science, social science and technology knowledge, advocate scientific methods, dissemination of scientific ideas, promote the scientific spirit, raise the ideological and ethical qualities and scientific and cultural qualities and health qualities and promote the activities of scientific and technical knowledge.

    Article the province within the administrative area of the State organs, social organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations and individuals carrying out science activities, these measures shall apply. Fourth science is public welfare undertakings, and follow the Government-led, social power, the principle of universal participation, promote the popularity of natural science and social science development.

    Different areas and among different professions and scientific institutions shall carry out scientific exchange and share science resources.

    Encourages enterprises, institutions, social organizations, civil society organizations, grass-roots organizations and communities in rural and urban science. Support enterprises and other social organizations and individuals to take donations, investments, such as the establishment of science popularization.

    Social forces set up the science popularization, operation of market mechanisms can be used.

    Article shall exercise leadership at all levels of science, relevant departments of the provincial government and the city and county governments of science should be incorporated into the national economic and social development plan, the science as a public cultural services and cities an important part of the evaluation system, strengthening the construction of scientific facilities, improving the urban and rural science network.

    The township (town) people should be combined with the Socialist new countryside construction and scientific implementation of agricultural policies, organizations for the needs of rural popular science work.

    Sixth Administrative Department is responsible for the development of science and technology to the development of administrative science planning and policy, guide to promote the development of science.

    Education, culture, press, publishing, radio, film and television, agriculture and other relevant administrative departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to promote popular science work in related areas.

    Article seventh science and Technology Association, the Federation of social scientists is a major social science work, should play their respective advantages, and using science facilities, assisting the Government in developing science development programs, plans, support and guidance to enterprises, institutions, social organizations and grassroots science organizations and individuals carrying out science activities. Eighth provincial, municipal and county governments set up by the science and Technology Administration Department and other relevant departments and science and Technology Association, the Federation of social scientists and other interested social groups composed of Science Popularization joint conference system.

    Science is responsible for the consideration of the development of Science Popularization work of the joint work plan and planning, coordination, study and resolve major issues in the work of popular science, urged the implementation of the work concerned.

    Nineth annual science week the third week of May as the province on September 17 for the province's Science Popularization day.

    Article tenth of rural grass-roots organizations should be in accordance with local characteristics and production, real life needs to carry out all kinds of popular science activities, advocating science and civilization life.

    The relevant administrative departments such as agriculture, science and technology and science and technology associations and relevant social groups should strengthen training of rural scientific and technological knowledge, build test, agricultural science and technology demonstration bases, promote agricultural promotion, popularization and application of advanced and practical technology.

    11th science educational administrative departments shall be as an important part of quality education, support for popular science education base, encourage schools, kindergarten science courses.

    Should be combined with teaching activities and the characteristics of students of various schools, arrange a certain teaching hours per semester, Student Science and technology education, technology, popular science lectures, tours and many other forms of activity. Full-time or part-time popular science teachers in schools of compulsory education should be.

    Encourage compulsory education schools to recruit science volunteers from the community as a popular instructor.

    12th under any of the conditions of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, natural sciences and social sciences society, should be open to the public laboratories, showrooms and other appropriate scientific facilities. 13th Government-run science and Technology Museum, libraries, museums, cultural centers, youth Palace and other cultural venues should be open to the public, opening hours of not less than eight hours a day, national holidays and during the school holidays, should extend their opening hours; science week (day), during national holidays, should be free and open to the public.

    Science facilities there operational difficulties, the Government should take measures to ensure its normal operation.

    Science facilities management unit should periodically hold public-oriented science popularization exhibition, popular science lectures and other activities on the youth organisations who shall give priority to science, and give preferential fee waivers.

    14th press and publishing, radio, film and television, the Internet and other media, should arrange science content in the media, information science and distance education.

    15th enterprise should be combined with technical innovation and worker skills science activities.

    Encourage enterprises to set up industry or corporate pavilions and other science facilities, using its own products, technologies and facilities, advantages, making public science advertising, various forms of the public-oriented science activities.

    16th location of the urban grass-roots organizations and communities should take full advantage of science and technology, education, culture, health, sports and tourism resources, established through popular science lectures, Gallery of popular science, Science Bulletin, science rooms, the community school, including science activities and their related units should provide support.

    17th industrial and professional exhibition and fair activities such as hosting, facilities should be used to carry out activities related to science.

    18th to encourage scientific research institutions, colleges and universities and other academic research units training science leaders, promoting academic leaders engaged in scientific work.

    Government experts, scholars and researchers for r should be writing popular science articles, publicize scientific knowledge.

    Association for science and technology, social sciences Federation combining science and part-time work force should be established, train and develop science volunteers.

    Scientists and social scientists should be encouraged according to law to establish or participate in academic exchanges and Science Popularization of science organizations, engaged in scientific research, for it to apply for science projects, and receive relevant training and retraining is facilitated.

    Article 19th administrative departments of science and technology and science and Technology Association, the Federation of social scientists should regularly carry out scientific surveys, shared science statistics, establishment of information science database and scientific databases.

    20th Science funding should be included in the budgets, gradually raise science level, protection of Science Popularization work smoothly.

    Science Fund and management of specific measures by the provincial financial Department, in conjunction with the provincial science and Technology Administration Department, the Federation of associations of science and technology, social sciences to develop.

    Government should be on rural areas and less developed areas and ethnic minority areas of science support.

    21st of municipal and county governments should be science facilities construction in urban and rural construction planning and capital projects, rational science facilities, improve the efficiency of use.

    Science facilities run by social forces and relevant departments in accordance with State regulations these concessions.

    22nd by the relevant government departments should protect government investment in building science facilities operation and maintenance costs. Any unit and individual is prohibited unauthorized removal, encroachment or changes in popular usage of the facilities.

    Public interest requires or change function and purpose, should be approved by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, and in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations to choose their rebuild.

    Temporarily diverted by science facilities for special needs, should ask the authorities permission, but generally not later than 10th; the user shall, after the expiry of restitution shall not affect the original function, use, without prejudice to normal science.

    23rd Government science and Technology Administration Department, Association of science and technology, social science associations in science popularization work units and individuals contribute in giving recognition and rewards.

    24th news, publishing, radio, television and other relevant administrative departments should support and encourage organizations and individuals created in books, publications, forums, galleries and a variety of science as the carrier in the form of brand, to its scientific research, promoting science, developing the original science products such as popular science activities, as well as publishing, distribution, imports of books, films, etc, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State concessions.

    Personal writing popular science books and scientific papers, books and other scientific results to guide the performance practice of science activities (hereinafter referred to as science outcomes), in professional titles evaluation, evaluation assessment, academic awards, and other academic achievements are given equal treatment.

    Scientific achievements and philosophy of science and technology, should be integrated into the province of social science achievement award selection range.

    25th article violates these rules, in the name of science activities prejudicial to national security, pseudoscience, superstition and anti-science activities, the science and Technology Administration Department and the relevant competent authorities to stop and give criticism and education; breach of security regulations by the public security organs shall be subject to administrative penalties for public security constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    26th article violates these rules, unauthorized dismantling, appropriation or altering the use of government investment in building science facilities, the competent authority shall order to stop the infringing act, restitution in kind or compensation in serious cases, the persons who are directly in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    27th article violates these rules, units in professional titles evaluation, research project, evaluation assessment, academic awards deny science achievement grant equal treatment with other academic achievements, the persons in charge and other direct liable persons shall be given administrative sanctions. 28th article of the rules take effect on November 1, 2011.