Hebei Province, Cars Administrative Measures For The Preparation Of Amendments

Original Language Title: 河北省小汽车编制管理办法修正案

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Hebei province, cars administrative measures for the preparation of amendments (October 9, 2011 Executive meeting of the Hebei provincial people's Government, the 95th considered by people's Government of Hebei province, October 20, 2011 [2011] the 10th release come into force on the date of promulgation), fourth, revised as follows: "preparation of the car management management, reasonable size, the principle of strict control.


    Second, the "control shehuijituangoumaili Office (hereinafter referred to as konggou Office)", "konggou Office" amended to read "car management".

    Third, delete the fifth paragraph (v) and (vi).

    Four and eighth amended as: "authorized car approval management prepared in accordance with the following permissions:

    (A) the provincial agency's car prepare, after review by the provincial financial Department, submitted to the provincial people's Government, provincial departments and departments of car preparation, approved by the provincial financial Department;

    (B) District of the municipal authority's car prepare, compiled by the districts, car management audit, reported to the District Municipal Government approved, district departments and departments directly under the car prepared, compiled by the districts of city cars and administration; (C) the County (city, district) and township (town) and prepared the car of his unit, the County (city, district) car preparation administration review, district of the city's car prepare regulatory approval.

    ” V, IX is amended as: "car management institutions at all levels should strictly review the applicant's application form and apply for car reporting form and relevant supporting documents, and within 20 working days from the day of acceptance of the application, decided to approve or not to approve. Decided to approve, to establishment documents; were rejected, notify the applicant.


    Six, tenth in the "konggou Office" amended to read "car management bodies at the same level."

    Seven, 12th in the "full public institution" is amended as "financial institution guaranteed money." Eight, 13th revised: "purchase units of the car, must be in possession of a car and car allocation file sources and other materials, to the preparation of the cars has the right to approve administrative agency approval for the acquisition procedures.

    ” IX, 14th amendment: "go home or transfer by car, transferred out of the unit should be to the original examination and approval institution apply for cancellation of the original file in either car; transferred to the unit must be fixed file for the appropriate approval procedures.


    Ten, 17th "and liable to a fine of 10,000 yuan," amended to read "and fined 1000 Yuan fine." Third, the individual words have been modified.