Taiyuan Administrative Examination And Approval Management

Original Language Title: 太原市行政审批管理办法

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Taiyuan administrative examination and approval management

    (December 23, 2011 16th Executive meeting of Taiyuan municipal review on December 24, 2011 in Taiyuan City people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2012, 78th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to standardize administrative examination and approval, to improve administrative efficiency, optimize the development environment, building a service-oriented Government under the People's Republic of China on administrative licensing law and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

Article in the implementation and management of administrative examination and approval within the administrative area of the city, these measures shall apply.

    Administrative approval mentioned in these measures refers to administrative licensing, non-administrative approval.

    Administrative approval should follow article open, fair, efficient, and convenient principle, adhere to the matter of decentralization, streamline, streamline processes, improve the effectiveness of policies, and gradually realize the administrative examination and approval of the electronic management.

Fourth municipal Chief Service Management Office (hereinafter referred to as city Administrative Office) is the Agency of the municipal people's Government, unified management of city-wide implementation of the administrative examination and approval, and be responsible for operation and management of Government Affairs Service Center.

    The implementation Department is responsible for the administration of the administrative examination and approval of specific implementation.

Article Fifth Municipal District Office shall perform the following duties:

(A) responsible for the research and the development of the city's administrative examination and approval of policies, institutions and programmes, the implementation of administrative examination and approval process reengineering work, coordinate joint approval for fixed asset investment projects, and implementation of online examination and approval;

(B) is responsible for the presence of various departments and delegate matters of organization and coordination, supervision and guidance services;

(C) responsible for management, administrative service center staff, stationed in daily training and assessment;

(Iv) is responsible for the city's Chief service system construction plan and guide the work.

    (E) other matters assigned by the municipal people's Government.

    Sixth of municipal Administrative Service Center for the citizens, legal person or other organization to place administrative examination and approval, the provision of public services, in accordance with two episodes, two of operation mechanism in place, implementation of single window access, centralized management, approval. Article seventh County (municipal and district) people's Government, the development zone management committee shall set up administrative service center.

    Build cities and counties (cities, districts), development zone administrative service center and town (Street), the village (community) service centers for the convenience of four administrative service system.

    Chapter II approval management Article eighth administrative approval to implement dynamic management.

Implemented administrative examination and approval departments shall, in accordance with the legal regulations and the relevant provisions of the national, provincial and municipal cleanup items requiring administrative approval and timely adjustment of administrative approval items submitted to the City Government, city Legal Department. 

To abolish administrative examination and approval matters, implementation of administrative approval Department shall not continue or disguised-approval.

    Laws and regulations specifically provide for administrative examination and approval conditions, administrative departments are not allowed to add additional criteria.

    Nineth administrative examination and enforcement should be the approval process for specification, optimization, and to the municipal Administrative Office for the record.

Tenth administrative approval procedures shall be all, administrative service center, enter the unified management, without the approval of the Municipal Government does not accept outside the municipal administrative service center.

    Temporarily does not have the entry conditions of the administrative examination and approval matters, upon approval by the municipal people's Government, set up a professional Hall of decentralized administration, the Chief Executive's Office, and accept supervision and guidance.

    11th of municipal administrative service center and professional lobby should be publicized administrative approval procedures and the basis, conditions, amount, procedures, deadlines, fees, require submission of information such as the list of all materials and the application model, and on the city website and the Department's Web site to the public.

    Chapter III examination and approval management

    12th administrative examination and approval of enforcement should be centralized, and approval items into one internal institutions, and formed into the Administrative Service Center, is responsible for the departmental administrative approval items of reception, processing and service.

13th administrative examination and approval of the Department should be to authorization methods accredited representative to the administrative service centres and approval responsibilities authorized by the Chief representatives and departments.

    Representative, chaired by the Chief of the administrative examination and approval, are responsible for the approval of the organization. 14th joint approval of fixed asset investment projects, implementation of unified registration, survey, the joint review, joint acceptance, rapid coordination, synchronization and approval mechanism.

    Progressive implementation of the joint approval of the project. 15th administrative examination and enforcement should be introduced for limited-time approval system. Do the Chief concluded on the spot; commitment matters by Chief settles in the promised time frame.

    Needs an expert demonstrate commitment, collective research procedures, coordinated by the representative organization.

    16th section of major investment projects, key projects, and foreign investment (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), as well as foreign investment projects, provide green services, coordinated by the city Administrative Office organized, convened ad hoc meetings coordinated by the Municipal Government on important matters.

    17th at the municipal administrative service center to launch major projects throughout business, providing high quality, efficient and convenient service.

    The fourth chapter online approval management

Article 18th follows the principle of both network security and management, reception, or in accordance with Internet network management, extranet, full monitoring feedback requirements, and gradually establish online approval system.

    Applicant queries, advice, reporting, investigating or through the Internet; administrative examination and enforcement in the network receive approval, circulation information, review and approve; approval approved online, administrative service center certification. Article 19th paperless approval.

    Applications should use electronic filing, electronic parts do not meet paper materials can be used.

    Article 20th uniform technical standards for online approval, promotion of online approval system and departments, County (city, district), the development of interconnection and operational synergy, interaction, sharing of information. Article 21st build mobile approval system.

    By mobile intelligent Terminal, login e-approval system, understand the approval progress and results, online approval, and the real-time supervision of major projects.

    22nd article covers administrative services at all levels in the city center, professional Hall electronic monitoring system of administrative examination and approval, approval a matter of monitoring the whole process.

    The fifth chapter approval process management

    Article 23rd approval process including consultation with the pre, to declare inadmissible, review, review, approval, reporting, handle delivery and so on.

    24th at the municipal administrative service center offers application format text, and administrative approval Service Guide and application format text in a window and posted on the website.

25th applicants through the city-government service center or the site applied for administrative approval, submit application materials.

    Joint administrative approval by the municipal Administrative Service Center service window register, start timing and sent to the approval decision. 26th the administrative accountability and one-time inform system for approval to carry out the first.

    Each window to receive, is inadmissible, corrections, surrender and stop timing decisions, shall issue a certificate once informed notice and justification.

    27th applicant for written objections of the administrative service center the window, may apply to the municipal Administrative Office for review.

    28th administrative examination and approval of administrative approval seal, special seal for administrative approval to implement records management.

    Implementation and results of administrative examination and approval article 29th, besides involving State secrets, business secrets or personal privacy, should be open and allow administrative checks.

    The sixth chapter approval management

    30th entering the Government Service Centre administrative examination and approval, involving payment of administrative fees and Government funds, shall be entered in the Administrative Service Center financial tax payment window.

    31st fixed asset investment projects should pay the administrative fees, approved centrally by the integrated window the amount receivable, the implementation is imposed by the system.

    Articles 32nd to charge administrative fees shall show the price the charge license issued by the Department, using printed paper of the financial sector.

    The seventh chapter Government Affairs Service Center management

    Article 33rd, the Chief Executive's Office should strengthen the construction of administrative service center system, improve our management system and operational mechanism of administrative service center, improve service level of administrative service center management.

    Article 34th, Chief Executive's Office should strengthen the construction of administrative service center the work of standardization, standardized service norms and procedures, establishment of unified administrative service standardization system in the city to ensure government service work order, management practices, open and transparent, efficient and clean.

    35th implemented administrative examination and approval departments shall appoint a company familiar with the business, dedication of staff to the municipal administrative service center, the staff remained relatively stable, needs adjustment, the Chief Executive's Office, shall, agreed. Article 36th moved into administrative service center staff by the unit and the dual management of the municipal office, the unit treated the same, routine work, implementation of performance appraisal organized by the city Administrative Office.

    Results sent units into the annual appraisal system.

    The eighth chapter safeguards

    37th, the Chief Executive's Office should be strengthened to daily management of municipal administrative service center, carry out on-site inspections and spot checks, window units self-examination, service evaluation, moral supervision and inspection work, promoting the quality of services and to raise the standards of.

    Article 38th municipal Administrative Office for administrative examination and approval work for regular evaluation, evaluation results to relevant administrative examination and enforcement, and incorporated into the city's target for the year, honest responsibility, Executive performance management and scope of democratic appraisal.

    39th of municipal departments responsible for supervising the enforcement of administrative examination and inspection of the legal system, and administrative service center focal matters related to administrative reconsideration and administrative examination and approval.

    40th, administrative service centres, municipal supervisory authority shall monitor and apply administrative examination and approval of electronic surveillance system to monitor the implementation of administrative approval, and not as, slow as and violation investigations.
Implementation and management of administrative examination and approval article 41st should consciously accept the NPC and CPPCC, the supervision of the public and the news media.

    42nd implemented administrative examination and approval departments and their staff in violation of these regulations, by the Chief Executive's Office be ordered to rectify, fails to mend by the supervisory authority to be accountability as to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Nineth chapter by-laws

    Article 43rd counties (cities, districts), the zone administrative examination and approval in accordance with the measures for the Administration to implement.

    44th the implementation and management of public services in the light of this approach. 45th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2012. Taiyuan, January 21, 2003 issued by the people's Government of the interim measures for the management of Government Affairs Hall of Taiyuan repealed simultaneously.