Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial People's Government On The Revision Of The Development Of New Wall Materials And Energy-Saving Building Regulations 11 Regulatory Decisions

Original Language Title: 江苏省人民政府关于修改《江苏省发展新型墙体材料与推广节能建筑管理规定》等11件规章的决定

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Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu provincial people's Government on the revision of the development of new wall materials and energy-saving building regulations 11 regulatory decisions (February 16, 2012 Jiangsu Province Government 85th times Executive Conference considered through February 26, 2012 Jiangsu Province Government makes 81st, announced since announced of day up purposes) according to People's Republic of China administrative forced method, and State on implement implementation straddling People's Republic of China administrative forced method of notification (country sent (2011) 25th,) requirements, Province Government decided on Jiangsu Province development new wall body material and promotion energy-saving building management provides

    11 regulations read as follows:

First, the development of new wall materials in Jiangsu Province and energy-saving building regulations

    To modify the articles 32nd to "violation of the provisions of article 20th paragraph, does not pay specific cost, paid by wall above the county level authorities ordered, overdue payments, may, in accordance with the daily charge 5 per thousand of the total fees payable".

Second, the measures on Highway overload in Jiangsu Province

To modify the article 29th to "any of the following acts, the Transportation Department can force, seizure of vehicles operating vehicles or ordered to suspend:

(A) refuse to accept the vehicle overloads of inspection, testing;

(B) overload does not eliminate illegal state;

(C) cause damage to highways and refused compensation. Vehicles seized or suspended should be accepted for processing. Transportation departments when processing is complete, it shall promptly release vehicle.

    Parking and other expenses shall be borne by the parties concerned. "

Third, the measures for the inland waterway traffic accidents in Jiangsu Province

    To modify the article 21st to "the maritime administrative agency according to evidence collection, examination, identification of needs, you can prevent the parties suspected ships, rafts, or facility from Hong Kong or order its suspension, cessation of operations, headed for the specified location".

Jiangsu Province and the lockAge fee collection and use methods The article is changed to "in order to reduce cash flow and ensure the lockAge fee levied in full and on time, professional shipping enterprises and other enterprises and institutions often transport lockAge, after it has been entered into agreement with the lock management can be taken, on a monthly basis by the method of settlement to pay lockAge fees. Cannot be effected against the cost of lock, lock management body shall terminate the agreement, order the prescribed date, overdue payments, the daily charge by law within 5 per thousand of the total fees payable.

    Other lockAge are settled in cash ".

Five, of the implementation measures for river management in Jiangsu Province (A) to modify the article 19th to "without approval of the river authorities having jurisdiction, build temporary works or not in river Beach Park (heap) materials.

Because of work, production needs approval to provide temporary facilities on or off (heap) materials, the relevant units or individuals shall be responsible within the prescribed time limit to clear, fails to clear, cleared by river on behalf of the competent authorities, or entrust a third party with no interest to clear. " (B) the 22nd article is changed to "not pay compensation fees for occupying and local people's Governments at or above the county level River period paid by the competent authority, fails to pay, daily charge should be paid according to law 1 of the late fee.

    River at the time of administrative punishment by the competent authority, must use the financial sector make foreclosure Bill, submitted financial fine ".

Six, the measures on sand mining management in the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province (A) to modify the article 20th to "along the competent Department of water administration under the people's Governments at and above the county level shall strengthen water governance monitoring and enforcement inspections and crack down on illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River activities.

In the fight against illegal sand mining in the Yangtze River in the involved districts city and County river water conservancy administrative departments concerned can cross the border in pursuit and the investigation, local water administration shall cooperate with the competent Department; found in the provincial boundary of critical section of the illegal sand mining, you can take the necessary provisional measures such as evidence, and then to the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee investigating ".

    (B) modify the 30th to "engaged in the illegal sand mining activities of units and individuals refusing to accept treatment or flee the scene, local people's Governments at or above the county level the water conservancy Administrative Department in accordance with the regulations on the management of sand mining in the Yangtze River provided for in 18th, seizure or confiscation of illegal sand excavation vessel."

Seven, of the implementation measures for the regulation of the salt industry in Jiangsu Province

(A) to modify the articles 35th to "breach the provisions of article 13th to 17th, encroachment of lawful property, damage, salt production facilities of salt industry enterprises, the salt industry administrative departments the authority to order the infringer to stop the infringing act, compensation for the loss, and the confiscation of ill-gotten gains; directly responsible, punishable with a fine not exceeding their illicitly acquired 5 times".

(B) modify the 39th to "breach the provisions of article 22nd and 27th, adopted methods in salt or a sales ban on sales of salt products, salt industry administrative departments have the right to order the immediate cessation of production or sale, confiscated its salt products and ill-gotten gains and punishable with a fine not exceeding their illicitly acquired 5 times". (Three) will 42nd article modified for "violation this implementation approach 23rd article, and 24th article and 26th article of provides, or is 32nd article provides of case, unauthorized in province within and province inter between paged out salt products, or private shipped, and private pin, and private purchased, and invasion pin, and profiteering salt products, or to salt for real of, by salt administrative competent sector confiscated its salt products and illegal proceeds, and can sentenced salt products total value 3 times times following of fine.

    If the case is serious enough to constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. "

Eight, the Jiangsu Province of iodized salt to eliminate iodine deficiency harms implementation measures Article 36th adapted to "transportation permit to transport iodine salt without iodine salt transport salt products in the name of, or purchase of iodized salt salt salt products to receive non-iodine salt transportation permit, found at the national is entitled to check on the road, and shall remit the case to the salt industry administrative departments investigation. Salt industry administrative departments to antecedent register in salt products.

    Salt industry Administrative Department can confiscate all illegal gains, and punishable by the transport or of the salt products worth 3 times less ".

Nine, the management measures of water security in Jiangsu Province

The article is changed to "public security organs of the people's police to free the vessel or vessel name (brand) as well as ongoing criminal or suspected criminal checks on board ship.

    Public security organs of the people's police in the water during a security check, shall produce their identity documents ".

Ten, of the funeral management in Jiangsu Province (A) the seventh article is changed to "unnatural death the remains of approved by the relevant departments need to temporarily retain, shall be deposited in a funeral home with anticorrosion equipment, for period of not more than 3 months, except in exceptional cases need to be saved. Without good reason, fails to deal with, according to law.

Requirements by the responsible pay; person liable is not clear or is not responsible for, and paid for by the local financial sector ".

    (B) to modify the article 21st to "disobey 5th paragraph 2nd, 6th, 11th, 13th paragraph 1th, rectification by the home sector."

Third, pollutants discharged in the Jiangsu Province permits regulation To modify the articles 32nd to "units without permits or not in accordance with the provisions of permits to discharge pollutants, refuses, the Department of environmental protection administration blocked its outlet in accordance with law, the costs borne by the polluter."