Guiyang City, Interim Measures On The Management Of City Square

Original Language Title: 贵阳市筑城广场管理暂行办法

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Guiyang City, interim measures on the management of city square

    (December 19, 2011 Guiyang Government Executive Conference considered through December 22, 2011 Guiyang Government makes 9th, announced since announced of day up purposes) first article for full show built city square of good image, strengthening built city square of management, maintenance built city square of social order, specification public in built city square fitness, and leisure, and entertainment of behavior and activities, created clean, and beautiful, and civilization of square environment, according to about legal regulations of provides, combined this city actual, developed this approach.

    Second city square in these measures is Assembly, leisure, culture, history, memory and other functions of the public square, range East of the cultural Palace, South Ruijin road, next to Riverside Park, North of the nanming River.

    Fortification of the management of the application of this approach.

    Article city square building surrounding the control zone established in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, construction construction of buildings and structures within the control zone, its form, height, body weight, appearance, colors should coordinate with the landscape as a whole built town square.

    Building control areas within the buildings and structures that have been built, steps should be taken to landscaping, lighting.

    Fourth urban forestry's Green Council is the Administrative Department of the city square, its under the management agency responsible for cleaning, green maintenance, facilities maintenance, landscaping and other day-to-day management.

    City, urban management, public security, civil affairs, environmental protection, work safety supervision authorities according to their respective duties, such as collaborative management of city square.

    Nanming district people's Government according to territorial management responsibilities, should cooperate to build town square aspects of security and emergency management.

    Article fifth entering the city square units and individuals shall comply with these regulations, and consciously abide by social morality, love Plaza, public facilities, protection of the environment of the square green, maintenance of public order in the square, culture tours, open space.

    City Plaza sets a fixed service network according to law shall be honest and trustworthy, polite, standard service within the scope of its sanitation, greening and city appearance and environmental order maintenance and management, timely discourage, halt damage to sanitation, greening and city appearance and environmental order. Sixth city square flag flag, flag ceremony, in the process of lifting the flag flag, personnel should face the flag in the Plaza stood in salute.

    People's Liberation Army, armed police officers provided etiquette implementation.

    Seventh article of any units, agencies, groups and other organizations within the city square to carry out public activities, shall submit a written application and a programme of activities for 10 days in advance, reported to the competent administrative departments of city square agreed, after the unification of coordination arrangements, undertaken within the specified range of time and place.

    Eighth city square ban motor vehicles (except vehicles), non-motorized vehicles (cars, children, cleaning the car except for disabled persons) to enter or Park.

    Nineth city square were banned in r/c model airplane flying.

    Tenth in the City Plaza with music for fitness, recreational activities, and uniform background music provided by square management agencies in designated areas, from 6:00 to 9:00, 19:30 to 21:30, whose volume shall not exceed 60 decibels during the day and night shall not be higher than 50 decibels.

    11th following damage is not permitted in green city square:

    (A) occupy green space;

    (B) pick, carved trees, picking flowers and fruit;

    (C) damage the flower beds, hedges and lawns;

    (D) of surrounding trees, hanging and drying items;

    (E) Green stacked materials or waste dumping, chemical goods;

    (Vi) other acts that damaged green.

    12th prohibits damage to public facilities in the city square:

    (A) occupying, digging square venue;

    (B) theft, destruction of water supply and drainage, electrical, audio and lighting facilities;

    (C) pollution of ground and water;

    (D) other acts that damage to public facilities.

    13th article prohibited in the city square in violation of the following appearance and environment sanitation management act:

    (A) buildings and structures, sculptures and other public facilities Division, post graffiti or;

    (B) spitting, soil, litter and debris, burning fuel and debris piled up;

    (C) other acts in violation of city appearance and environment sanitation management.

    Other acts prohibited by article 14th built in the town square:

    (A) the public lie, street sleepers;

    (B) commercial advertising activities, and set up or other business activities;

    (C) the discharge of fireworks, including the lamp;

    (D) the sideshow performer, gambling and begging;

    (E) conducting superstitious activities;

    (Vi) carrying cats, dogs and other pets;

    (VII) other acts that violate laws and regulations.

    15th acts in violation of these rules, provisions of the laws, regulations and rules have been made, in accordance with the relevant penalties; losses, damages shall be.

    Other acts in violation of these rules, provisions of the laws, regulations and rules are not made, by the municipal greening of forestry administrative departments or relevant administrative departments 20 Yuan and 200 Yuan fines.

    16th administrative organ of the city square does not fall within the jurisdiction of violations should be stopped, and promptly report to and assist the law enforcement agencies according to law. 17th these measures come into force on the date of promulgation.