Allocated Land Income Provisions In Haikou City 2012 (Revised)

Original Language Title: 海口市划拨土地收益征收规定(2012年修正本)

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Allocated land income provisions in Haikou city 2012 (revised)

    (September 28, 2006 in Haikou municipal people's Government, the 60th released 1th of March 15, 2012 Haikou municipal executive meeting examined and adopted amended April 17, 2012 Haikou municipal people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 88th) first in order to strengthen the management of State-owned land, preventing the loss of allocated land income, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Second allocation of land within the administrative area of the city revenue collection and administration of the application of this provision.

    Article allocation of land revenue in these rules refers to the allocation of land use allocation of land engaged in business activities it shall pay the land use fee to the State.

Fourth city land administrative departments responsible for allocation of land revenue collection and management work.

    Municipal finance and prices, real estate, planning, construction, supervision and auditing departments respectively in their respective areas of responsibility, such as allocation of land revenue collection and management work. Fifth forbidden use of allotted land to engage in business activities.

    Engaged in business activities is absolutely necessary to change of use, allocated land-use right to the land administrative departments shall apply, upon approval by the law according to the provisions allocated land gains. Sixth city land administrative departments practice was allocated land income receiving unit.

    Allocated land was allocated land income to pay duty.

Article seventh allocated land under management area and the levy is imposed by the criteria on an annual basis.

Business area according to the actual operation of land area, but operates using the buildings and other fixtures on the ground more than two layers (two layers), business area is calculated by actual operating area.

    Allocated land income standards announced separately.

Eighth allocated land income shall practise evidence collection system.

    Payment obligation shall from the date of approval to allocate land to engage in business activities in the 30th to the land administrative departments of the city reported receiving allocated land income paid vouchers, and should be made by December 30 of each year, the certificate provided to the land administrative departments of the city pay its allocated land income payable in that year.

    Nineth business area change, pay duties from the date of change in the 5th to the municipal administrative departments to apply for alteration of land allocated land income payment voucher.

    Tenth allocated land income received by the practice unit invoice, Bank collection, financial control.

11th allocated land income into the financial and manpower arrangements, mainly used for the protection and development of land resources.

    Medical units to carry out land resumption work gains the necessary funding be allocated by the municipal finance authority approved budget.

12th city land administrative departments in the allocation of land revenue collection process should do the following:

(A) to the public collection object, scope, basis as well as payment terms, procedures, and standards;

(B) the allocation of land revenue is imposed by the Windows opened, handling the collection business;

(Iii) using non-tax revenue of the provincial financial department printed bills to pay duty in full allocation of land revenue collection;

(D) handle the allocated land income registration, and the collecting bank checking accounts on an annual basis, and report to the Municipal Finance Department regularly collection;

    (E) the collection and administration.

    13th has not declared in accordance with this article or obtain a change of the allocated land income payment voucher by the Municipal Department of land administration ordered to handle; fails to go through, the Department of land administration fined 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan fine.

    14th article of the specific problems in the application of the Department of land administration is responsible for the interpretation. 15th article of the regulations as of the date of promulgation.

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