East Area, Xuzhou City Integrated Management Approaches

Original Language Title: 徐州市东站地区综合管理办法

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East area, Xuzhou city integrated management approaches

    (February 1, 2012, Xuzhou city people's Government, the 52nd Executive meeting February 7, 2012, 128th, Xuzhou city people's Government promulgated as of March 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen management in Xuzhou, East region, maintaining public order, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations, these measures are formulated. Second East station area in these measures refers to high-speed Xuzhou East station square and its surrounding area.

    Specific scope drawn by the municipal people's Government.

    Third East Unit, personal and personnel in and out of the region, should comply with these measures.

Fourth municipal Public Security Bureau, economic development zone branch (hereinafter "development zone branch") is East station area comprehensive management bodies, specifically responsible for the East region and integrated management.

Development zone branch garden, transportation, urban management, urban culture and information publishing, traffic, fire, and other relevant departments to delegate, in the East region to exercise delegated administrative authority; the principal offences outside the scope of the power to stop, and promptly transferred to the relevant administrative organ or organization authorized by the laws and regulations.

    Waiting rooms and on both sides of their indoor security order and the work of health and quarantine by railway police organs, railway health and quarantine in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Fifth of municipal public security organs shall, in conjunction with related administrative departments to establish and perfect the East regional coordinating mechanisms for integrated management and coordination on major issues in the integrated management.

    Culture of urban management, urban gardens, transportation, news publishing, traffic, industry and commerce, quality supervision, environmental protection, food and drug supervision, fire, price, home, tourism, defense, railway, and other relevant departments and units, shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, supports, with East development zone branch station area comprehensive management.

    Chapter II administration of city appearance and environmental sanitation

    Sixth station units and individual business operators shall implement the responsibility system of sanitation, maintain a clean and tidy environment in the area of responsibility.

    Article seventh East area buildings and structures as well as street lighting, road signs, water supply, drainage, compressed air, electricity, telecommunications, sanitation, fire protection, transportation and other public infrastructure, owner or administrator shall do the maintenance work to keep tidy and in good condition, beautiful.

Eighth station local installation of outdoor advertising facilities shall be in conformity with plans and related technical specifications, and shall go through the relevant formalities.

    Operator's name, unit and individual font sets, flags and other signs and marking shall conform to standards for station area planning and urban appearance. Nineth, East station square prohibiting settings Pavilion tent, stalls.

    Square set beyond shall conform to station area planning, according to the relevant licensing formalities at the specified locations, and maintained in good condition and the surrounding environment clean.

Tenth station banned the following violations of city appearance and environment sanitation management act:

(A) spit and soiling or throw cigarette butts, fruit peelings, scraps of paper, packaging and other waste;

(B) the performer, selling goods;

(C) the public lie, street sleepers;

(D) dismantles, migration, occupation, destruction of sanitation facilities;

(E) in the building, structure or other facility on post, graffiti, portrayed;

(Vi) roads drying clothes and unauthorized stacking of materials;

(VII) along both sides of the road and set up counters, set up stalls, disguised your business operations without a license;

(H) vehicles transporting spilled the hourglass;

    (IX) other acts that impede the management of city appearance and environmental sanitation.

    Chapter municipal infrastructure and traffic management

11th into the East area of vehicles and pedestrians, shall strictly observe the traffic laws and regulations and East parts of the relevant regulations, and consciously safeguard the East area traffic order.

The following actions are forbidden:

(A) accounted for road or road;

(B) unauthorized vehicles parked outside the designated parking zones and parking;

(C) the taxi in operating the site does not subject to scheduled, without showmanship or pick up passengers, waiting for customers at the taxi pick-up point;

(D) taxis refusing hire or soliciting force;

(E) disability qualification of motorized wheelchairs, scooters, and other non-passenger vehicles of passengers;

    (Vi) any other violation of road traffic safety management and passenger and cargo traffic management requirements. 12th forbidden to occupy or dig the city roads (square).

    Needed a temporary occupation, excavation, shall go through the licensing procedure.

13th East areas prohibit the following acts in violation of municipal facilities management provides:

(A) damage, misappropriation of fire hydrants, manhole, road signs, signs, street furniture;

(B) discharging sewage into the pavement to deface or unauthorized road work;

(C) construction of urban roads not cleared by the established deadline;

    (D) other acts in violation of municipal facilities management.

14th East area prohibit acts of destruction of green or green of the following equipment:

(A) the debris piled up without authorization in the lawns, flower beds and green space, mining, destruction of green lawns, flower beds, trees pool facilities;

(B) the trees carved on, nails, Twining rope, rigging wires and cables and lighting equipment;

(C) unauthorized mining, felling trees, flowers and grass, picking flowers and fruit;

    (D) other acts of destruction of green spaces, green facility.

    The fourth chapter of public order management

15th East area prohibits disturbing public order, obstructing the administration of Act:

(A) disrupt the order of the organs, organizations, enterprises and institutions;

(B) forging, altering, ticket or other valuable coupons and vouchers;

(C) prostitution, or inducing, taking in and introducing prostitution;

(D) engage in gambling or gambling in disguise;

(E) engaging in superstitious activities;

(F) in and around the station and East railway station Plaza showmanship, forced to introduce visitors to the Board and lodging;

(VII) struggle, forced to beg or begging to other forms of harassment;

(VIII) selling, renting all kinds of illegal publications;

(I) violation of the provisions on marking clearly the, as well as the unauthorized raising or de facto standards on charges and commodity prices;

(10) Internet café, game room, and Auditorium of irregular operations;

(11) carry dogs into;

    (12) other disturbed public order and obstructing the administration of the Act.

    16th shall use the treble loudspeakers or other loud-noise approach to attract customers.

    17th vagrants and beggars shelter should be up a rescue station in East station, relief for vagrants and beggars to provide timely service.

    Fifth law enforcement supervision and legal liability

18th in violation of laws and regulations and these rules shall be by the urban management, urban gardening, transport, culture, press and publication, traffic, industry and commerce, quality supervision, food and drug administration, price, fire and other administrative departments administrative penalties, the authorities may entrust implementation of development zone branch. Commissioned and commissioned organs shall sign a written power of attorney.

    Proxies shall set forth the principal and entrusted authorities name basis, matters, delegates and permissions, the duration of mandates, legal liability, and so on.

Article 19th principal organs should be within the purview of the entrusted matters, in order to delegate authority on behalf of the administration.

    Delegate authority should be entrusted with the authority to implement the administrative behavior supervision and guidance.

    Article 20th in and out around the mouth and showmanship of the East station square, 200 Yuan fines by the development zone branch.

    Article 21st members of law enforcement bodies and unlawful administrative act or omission, causes a citizen, legal person or other organization's legitimate rights and interests, public interests damages, directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 22nd article this way come into force on March 1, 2012.

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