Longhua, Shenzhen And Dapeng Area Management Interim Provisions

Original Language Title: 深圳市龙华新区和大鹏新区管理暂行规定

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Longhua, Shenzhen and Dapeng area management interim provisions 

    (Released January 9, 2012, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government order No. 237 as of March 10, 2012) first in order to promote Shenzhen longhua and ROC economic, social and environmental development, innovative new management systems to ensure new regulatory bodies to perform their administrative powers, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws, regulations and rules, Shenzhen practice, these provisions are formulated.

Second City establishment of longhua, Dapeng area (hereinafter referred to as area).

Scope of longhua Baoan district longhua GuanLan, big wave, by the people and administrative areas. 

    Scope of the Dapeng area, Longgang District, Kwai Chung, Peng and administrative area of South Street.

    Article area should be based on regional characteristics, location and function, to establish economic, social and environmental development, and constantly improve the urban function, enhance the level of economic and social development, promote coordinated development among regions. 

    Fourth District administrative system should be strengthened and the innovation of social management system, the transformation of government functions, clearly define the Government's responsibility to improve government services, improving administrative efficiency, establishing clear responsibilities, coordinate, streamline and high efficiency in the administrative system.

    Longhua Fifth Municipal Government established Commission, Mirs District Management Committee (hereinafter "Xin Qu Guan Wei Hui"), the zone administrative government agencies that exercise of the duties of the municipal decision exercised by the District Government.

Sixth article district CMC in district range within main exercise following duties: (a) is responsible for organization research developed district economic and social development strategy, and planning, by approved Hou organization implementation; (ii) is responsible for developed area development construction medium-and long-term planning and annual implementation plans and major investment plans, by approved Hou organization implementation; (three) is responsible for area industry planning, and investment introduction funding and into district enterprise, and service;

(D) participation in the preparation of city planning and land-use planning, and assist in the preparation of statutory plans and planning;

(V) is responsible for the preparation of the annual financial revenue and expenditure budget of the area, organize and implement after approval;

(F) in accordance with administrative rights, responsible for urban development, urban management (including the comprehensive administrative enforcement), environmental protection and so on;

(VII) is responsible for land preparation, House acquisition work within the jurisdiction;

(H) in accordance with administrative rights, responsible for the Administration and management of Social Affairs within their respective jurisdictions, including finance, education, science and technology, agriculture, forestry, water supply, culture, sports, human resources, health, population and family planning, establishment, home, work safety, public security, ethnic and religious, judicial administration, monitoring, statistics and national accounts, people's armed forces;

(I) is responsible for the new company of State-owned assets supervision; 

    (J) other duties stipulated by the municipal government. 

    Should actively support the district's seventh municipal government building and management. 

    Eighth approved by the Municipal Department of institutions, newly developed area management Committee pursuant to economic and social development, as well as the need for new management and related bodies established in accordance with the principle of simplification and efficiency.

    The Nineth establishments approved by the city, the municipal government departments according to the practical needs of new construction and development, establish agencies, shall perform their duties throughout the district. 

Tenth Organization for the harmonization of their respective District Baoan, Longgang District people's Government departments of law, regulations, rules and regulations by the County (district) level of Government and the Department of administrative approval, administrative punishment administration, entrusted respectively exercise within the zone administrative district. 

    Not in the new area set up branches according to the need for new management of municipal government, the exercise of administrative examination and approval, administrative punishment administration entrusts zone administrative district within the exercise of the right. 

    The 11th municipal government departments, the Central Government and the relevant departments entrusted zone administrative implementation of administrative examination and approval, administrative punishment administration, shall enter into a trust agreement, delegate to a clear basis, delegate permissions and terms as well as the rights and obligations of both parties and announced to the public in accordance with regulations. 

    The 12th municipal government zone administrative administrative acts should be operational guidance and supervision, ensure that the zone administrative law. 

    13th-Tech Zone Management Committee under this provision of article to formulate specific measures for its implementation. 14th article of the regulations come into force on March 10, 2012.