Provincial Government Of Shaanxi Provincial People's Government To Amend Some Regulations Stipulated By The Relevant Administrative Enforcement Decisions

Original Language Title: 陕西省人民政府关于修改部分省政府规章有关行政强制规定的决定

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Provincial Government of Shaanxi Provincial people's Government to amend some regulations stipulated by the relevant administrative enforcement decisions

    (February 22, 2012, Shaanxi Provincial people's Government announced come into force on the date of promulgation, 155th) Provincial Government decided on the following Government regulations to be modified:

Shaanxi Province, and the recruitment methods as follows: Delete 30th article "law should perform military service obligations of citizens refused to, and escape military service registration, recruitment citizens refused to, and escape collection, by education not modified of, by County (city, and district) conscription Office proposed views, reported to the County (city, and district) Government take following measures, forced its perform military service obligations: (a) recruitment citizens is individual industrial and commercial households, and private main of, by business administration sector revoked its license, three years within no longer approved to; (ii) recruitment citizens is town unemployed youths, and rural youth of, Cancel entry requirements for their education, no job three years zhaogan, and no license, no proof of migrant business; is the youth in rural areas, and would not grant over three years to build the base, (iii) applying for citizenship is of organs, organizations, enterprises and workers, not the salary will be increased in three years, promotion and promotion functions.

In addition to the above administrative measures, to evade collection, rejected by the army, you can also order it by a local military treatment of the gold standard, a paid three-year conscripts treat gold "requirement.

    Delete article 33rd "explain these measures by the provincial military recruitment office" requirement.

Second, in the Shaanxi Province, measures for the implementation of the kindergarten Management Ordinance as follows:

    Delete article 21st "shall be ordered to make restitution, surrender, and compensation" provision.

    Three, to the Shaanxi Province funeral regulations read as follows: delete article 30th "rectification; refuses, you can enforce, the costs borne by the responsible person" provision.

Four, Shaanxi Province, on the school campus surrounding environment regulations read as follows:

    Delete 16th article "violation of the provisions of the 12th article, licensed, by the relocation of industrial and commercial administrative departments entrusted; be banned for operating without a license" provision.

Five, of the interim measures for the management of road checkpoints in Shaanxi Province as follows: Delete article 13th "municipal people's Government and provincial departments at all levels should strengthen the checkpoints on the highway organization leadership, supervision and inspection. The checkpoints without approval of the provincial government, must be resolutely banned.

    Refusing to removed, continues to be a problem, open defiance, a crackdown by public security organs, and by the supervisory authorities and the relevant competent authorities of illegal station in charge of the unit and direct responsibility to administrative sanctions in serious cases, constitute a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal liability "provision.

Six image information system of Shaanxi Province and the public safety regulations read as follows:

    In the 22nd, "refused to remove the torn" provision is amended as "refusing to apply to a people's Court for compulsory execution of the demolition."

Seven, to the Shaanxi Provincial Highway overload method as follows:

    In the 37th, "in accordance with the provisions of the sale" is amended as "disposed of", and deleting "proceeds after deducting related expenses refund parties" provision.

Eight, Shaanxi Province, to the city sewage treatment fee collection method as follows:

    Delete eighth in the "late payment, plus 2 of the late fee on a daily basis" requirement.

Nine, to the Shaanxi sand mining regulations read as follows:

    Delete the 34th in the "overdue payments, plus late fees of 3 per thousand per day" rule. 

Purposes from the date of publication of this decision. Corresponding to these government regulations modifying according to this decision, payment order to be repopulated.

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