Jiangxi Province, Lightning Defense

Original Language Title: 江西省雷电灾害防御办法

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Jiangxi province, lightning defense

    (December 26, 2011 Jiangxi Province Government 59th times Executive Conference considered through January 11, 2012 Jiangxi Province Government makes 197th, announced since March 1, 2012 up purposes) first article to strengthening lightning disaster of Defense, avoid, and reduce lightning disaster caused of loss, protection people life property security, according to People's Republic of China Meteorological method, and State meteorological disaster defense Ordinance, legal, and regulations of provides, combined this province actual, developed this approach.

Article lightning defense in administrative areas of this province, and its related activities shall comply with these measures.

    Lightning in these measures, is due to direct lightning, lightning electromagnetic pulse caused by the disaster.

    Article lightning disaster prevention work to implement people-oriented, science, Department of Defense joint principles of social participation. 

    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the work of lightning disaster prevention organization, leadership and coordination, the lightning defense into national economic and social development planning, incorporate the budget requirements.

Fifth meteorological departments above the county level responsible for organizing the lightning defense work within their respective administrative areas.

    People's Governments above the county level development and reform, housing and urban-rural development, planning, industry and information technology, industry and commerce, public security, supervision, quality and technology supervision departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do the lightning defense-related work.

Article sixth people's Government, the meteorological departments at all levels should take a variety of forms, outreach to the community of lightning disaster prevention knowledge, improving public defense of lightning disaster awareness and capacity.

Institutions, enterprises, public institutions, village (neighborhood) committees should do the unit, regional lightning disaster prevention science knowledge of the mass publicity.

    Primary and secondary school knowledge of lightning disaster prevention should be integrated into science education, cultivate and improve students ' awareness of lightning disaster prevention and rescue mutual ability. 

    Seventh provincial meteorological departments should be based on the frequency of lightning strikes occur within the administrative area of the province, divided by lightning risk area, and to the public; lightning work on lightning strike risk levels higher, should be strengthened.

Eighth meteorological departments above the county level shall strengthen the Thunder and lightning disaster monitoring, early warning and forecasting system, improve the Thunder and lightning disaster monitoring, early warning and forecasting accuracy, timeliness. Meteorological station of the competent meteorological departments above the county level shall be responsible for Lightning and lightning monitor and publish it in accordance with the responsibility of lightning disaster early warning and forecasting.

Any other organizations or individuals may issue to the community of lightning disaster early warning and forecasting. 

    Radio, television, newspapers and communication and information networks, and other media the competent meteorological departments received meteorological stations require broadcast after lightning hazard warning and forecast information should be free of communication to the public in a timely manner.

Nineth for major projects involving public safety, explosion fire hazardous areas, hazardous and dangerous chemical production and storage site construction projects, the construction unit shall entrust the competent meteorological organizations, where lightning risk assessment.

    Meteorological departments upon receipt of the unit power of attorney shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State, lightning risk assessment organizations, and provide the lightning risk assessment report.

Article tenth lightning risk assessment report should include the following:

(A) the local lightning activity and geography, geology, soil, vegetation and other environmental conditions;

(B) the lightning can cause hazard analysis, prediction, and assessment;

(C) the defence and lightning hazard mitigation proposals and measures;

(D) the lightning risk assessment conclusions.

    Lightning risk assessment conclusions should serve as a construction project feasibility study and design of technical justification.

11th the following buildings (structures), buildings, sites or facilities, the unit should be installed in accordance with national technical standards and specifications of lightning protection device (hereinafter referred to as lightning) and simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, inspection and put into use simultaneously:

(A) the provisions of code for design of building lightning built one, two or three classes (structures);

(B) the petroleum, chemical and other inflammable and explosive materials production or storage sites;

(C) electricity generation facilities and transmission and distribution systems;

(D) the communication facilities, radio and television systems, computer information systems;

(E) the laws, rules, regulations and mine technical specifications require the installation of lightning protection device on other premises and facilities.

    Lightning protection device in these measures refers to the Flash Player, wire, grounding devices, electrical surge protectors and connect the electrical conductors and other components, to defense facilities or systems of lightning. 12th specializing in mine engineering design, construction and testing of the unit, shall obtain a certificate issued by the State or province, the meteorological authorities, in the context of relevant qualification in design, construction and testing.

Prohibit undocumented or exceeds the level of qualification to assume lightning protection engineering design, construction and inspection. Detection of lightning protection device for electric power, telecommunications, shall obtain the competent Meteorological Department under the State Council and the State power or communication common qualification certificate issued by the competent Department under the State Council.

Shall obtain the qualification of construction design, construction units, and may, within its approved scope of qualifications in lightning protection of construction engineering design and construction.

    Lightning protection and professional and technical personnel should be in accordance with the provisions of the country qualify as a corresponding certificate.

    13th lightning made outside the province specializes in the design, qualification unit, entered the mine engineering to undertake within the administrative area of the province, should the province province, meteorological authorities for the record, and accept the supervision and management of meteorological departments lightning protection device is located. 14th building, rebuilding, expansion of building (structure) design documents, review of Organization Department, meteorological departments lightning protection devices should be designed to seek advice. Meteorological departments should review organization within three working days of the audit opinion issued by the Department.

Lightning protection lightning protection device design does not meet the standards, the construction unit shall, in accordance with meteorological departments modify the audit opinion. Lightning-prone area in the mine area, tourist attractions or use buildings (structures), facilities need to be installed separately of lightning, lightning protection device design review by the meteorological authorities above the county level are responsible for.

Meteorological authorities above the county level shall be submitted by the accepting unit applications and lightning design document within three working days as of making audit decisions, to meet the design of lightning protection standards and lightning protection design approval issued by the; do not meet the criteria of mine, issued the book of lightning protection device design changes, the construction unit shall modify modify submissions. 

    Lightning protection device design without approval, no delivery and construction.

15th install lightning protection device the construction unit shall review or approved lightning protection device design for construction. Lightning protection device of the construction unit shall entrust a qualified lightning detection units for concealed works of lightning protection device to detect item-by-item.

Failed to pass the test should be written corrective opinions to the units in a timely manner. Detection units should record the testing data, registration document, and issue a test report. 

    Detection unit is responsible for testing the truth of the report issued by. 16th building, rebuilding, expansion of building (structure), and organization for acceptance of the sector shall notify the competent meteorological departments to participate in acceptance of lightning protection devices, meteorological departments shall provide the Organization for acceptance of the signed acceptance comments. 

Does not meet the requirements of lightning, meteorological authorities should issue a written corrective opinions, the construction unit shall, in accordance with requirements of meteorological departments for rectification. Lightning-prone area in the mine area, tourist attractions or use the building (structure), a separate facility installed lightning protection devices, meteorological departments above the county level are responsible for final acceptance. Meteorological authorities above the county level shall, in accepting an application for construction unit acceptance acceptance within ten working days from the date of decision.

Acceptance, issued by the lightning verification documents; unqualified acceptance, construction should meteorological departments in accordance with the requirements of the corrective action.

    Acceptance or unqualified acceptance of lightning protection devices shall not be used. 17th 11th according to these measures require the installation of lightning protection device, using units shall do a good routine maintenance. Petroleum, chemical industry, production and storage of flammable and explosive materials, the lightning detection once every six months, and other important units of lightning protection device test once a year. Lightning protection devices failed to pass the test, use the unit must be in the period of rectification.

After the lightning detection, mine detection unit shall issue a test report, and responsible for the test report.

Lightning detection rate as a business service charges, specific standards by the provincial Department in charge of price under lightning protection device type, test the content of post, to the public.

    Meteorological departments shall, together with the relevant administrative departments, strengthen the supervision and guidance of lightning detection work.

Article 18th lightning protection products shall conform to the State standards or industrial standards, and have the certificate and user manual.

Lightning products sold in the province, operating units should be to the meteorological authorities for the record, and accept the supervision and inspection of the provincial meteorological authorities. 

    Prohibition does not meet national standards, industry standards or State has been officially eliminated lightning products. 19th meteorological departments above the county level shall, in conjunction with the township (town) people's Government develop mine facilities construction planning in rural areas, reported to the County for approval organization. Rural primary and secondary schools, rural markets and other crowded places and the villagers of lightning strike risk levels higher concentration residential, Township (town) people's Governments shall arrange to install lightning protection devices. Meteorological departments should provide guidance and inspection.


    20th article meteorological competent institutions should strengthening on anti-mine device using and maintenance situation of supervision check, found violation lightning disaster defense management provides or lightning security hidden, should timely notification units or personal take measures, deadline corrected; found major lightning security hidden, should timely to units and personal issued rectification notice, deadline rectification, necessary Shi, should to location County above Government and superior meteorological competent institutions report.
21st by the lightning disaster organizations and individuals, should quickly help themselves mutually, and meteorological departments and report to the local people's Governments shall not be undeclared, false.

Local people's Governments and the competent Meteorological Department upon receipt of the report, it should be immediately sent to the scene, organizing rescue and relief, and in accordance with national and provincial regulations lightning level executive authorities on the report in a timely manner.

22nd lightning disasters occurred, meteorological departments should promptly carry out lightning calamity investigation and identification, identifying lightning causes and nature, propose corrective action. 

    Investigation and report meteorological departments should be reported to people's Governments at the same level and the superior in a timely manner. 

    23rd meteorological departments and their staff in the issuance of lightning protection device design, construction, testing qualification certificate, audit lightning protection design, lightning protection device acceptance activities, favoritism, dereliction of duty and abuse of power, by its competent authorities or organs shall be ordered to correct serious, related persons shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 24th article violates this way 11th section shall install mine but refuses to install, meteorological departments above the county level shall be ordered to correct, individuals may be fined not more than 200 Yuan, against a legal person or other organization may be fined not more than more than 200 Yuan 1000 Yuan.

    25th article violates these measures stipulated in article 14th and 16th, lightning protection device design without examination and permission of construction, lightning protection devices or unqualified acceptance or acceptance of unauthorized use, meteorological departments above the county level shall be ordered to correct and given a warning. 

    Article 26th disobey article 17th, lightning protection devices shall be subject to periodic testing of unit testing is not required, the meteorological authorities above the county level shall order rectification and give a warning; it refuses to, may be fined a maximum of 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan. 27th article this way come into force on March 1, 2012.

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