Place Names In Zibo City Management

Original Language Title: 淄博市地名管理办法

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Place names in Zibo city management

    (April 9, 2012, Zibo city, the people's Government of the 3rd general meeting April 19, 2012, Zibo city people's Government announced as of June 1, 2012, 86th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the management of geographical names, geographical names standardization, standardization, according to State Council regulations on geographical names and the management measures of Shandong provincial names, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second place names within the administrative area of the city named, changed its name, sell, use, flag is set and the management procedures apply.

    Article names should be respected and the status quo, keeping names is relatively stable.

    Fourth place names mentioned in these measures refers to as a marked location, geographical entities names of area, including: (a) the natural geographical entities names, names of mountains, rivers, lakes, springs, etc;

    (B) name the administrative area, districts, towns, streets, and grass-roots mass self-government organization name;

    (C) used in the professional sector have names meaning of names, refers to the various stations, station, Hong Kong, and the tunnel (channel), bridges (overpasses, pedestrian bridges), name of facilities such as dams, reservoirs, channels, culverts, as well as parks, squares, cultural and sports venues, historical sites, ancient ruins, monuments, nature reserves and other names;

    (D) the resident names, roads, residential areas, gate number, village names such as;

    (E) have names meaning of names of large buildings, buildings, commercial buildings, plazas, and the Centre of the city name. Fifth Board on geographic names is the people's Government at the same level of the administrative coordinating body for work on geographical names. Is the people's Government at the municipal, District Civil Affairs Department of geographical names authorities.

    Public security, construction, planning, land, Hefei Department and town government, neighborhood offices shall perform their respective duties do the names of related work.

    Sixth Department of geographical names based on the planning of urban master planning the administrative place names, people's Governments at the same level for approval.

    Seventh article on names of places of historical and cultural value, or memorable, confirmed by the people's Governments above the county level shall be protected.

    Chapter naming, renaming, and PIN names Eighth place names by proper names and generic term consists of two parts. Proper names reflect the names of individual properties, generic term reflect the names of class properties.

    Not only with famous names or use two universal-in the same names.

    Nineth place names should be governed by the following provisions:

    (A) comply with the overall urban planning and planning requirements of geographical names;

    (B) reflect the historical, geographical, cultural and economic characteristics;

    (C) a person, a proper name means health;

    (D) not to name names, foreign names;

    (E) shall not engage in the title;

    (Vi) compliance with national, provincial and municipal regulations.

    Article tenth district, Garden, Park, Garden, Villa, Villa used as residential areas such as universal, or use buildings, commercial buildings, plazas, Center, city for business, science and technology, such as office buildings (s) generic term, should a proper name and scale of development and construction standards and use consistent, the environment and other factors.

    Universal names other than those stipulated in the preceding paragraph, the Municipal Department of geographical names and published.

    11th article naming, renaming of geographical names should be in accordance with the following permissions and procedures, without authorization, no unit or individual is allowed to rename, rename:

    (A) the natural geographical entities names, apart from the outside should be approved by the national, provincial, the local district and county people's Government municipal people's Government for approval involving two or more counties, after consultation by the relevant district and county people's Government, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    (B) administrative regions names submitted for approval in accordance with national, provincial and grass-roots mass self-government organization name, by town or neighborhood offices in listen to the opinions of the masses on the basis of the study prepared district and county people's Government for approval.

    (C) used in the professional sector have names meaning of names, geographical names authorities, where consent is by the professional sectors concerned upon their professional authorities.

    (D) the neighbourhood name, by employer report the County geographical names authorities, however, the central city neighborhood names, should be examined by the competent departments of the central city names, geographical names authorities. Name of the main road in the center of the city, by the competent departments of the central city names naming scheme agreed by the the people's Governments at the corresponding level, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval.

    Other road names, the local district and county people's Government for approval. Gate card number by the unit or building owners to apply to the local public security organ series, production, and bookbinding.

    New residential buildings number should be consistent with the planning permit.

    (E) large buildings with a place name meaning name by building districts, where the employer or property rights report on geographical names authorities, however, the name has the significance of geographical names in the center of the city's big buildings should be examined by the competent departments of the central city names, geographical names authorities.

    12th new residential area, named for major building, the construction unit shall at the time of construction project planning permit to the local county geographical names authority of standard geographical names register in advance.

    Construction unit to apply when standard register of geographical names should be submitted to the land use permit, an application for business license and place names.

    Place names consistent with this regulation applied for and issued a standard geographical names register certificate. 13th construction units shall obtain construction project planning permit and construction permit in the 30th, standard place name register proves to geographical names authorities confirmed their names.

    Geographical names authorities examined by the field survey is correct, be formally named, standard geographical names-use permits.

    Construction projects cancelled or recovered by law of land, the standard permits a natural failure of geographical names.

    14th due to the adjustment of administrative division, natural, urban and rural construction, and other factors need to name names, had its name changed or cancelled, the construction unit shall submit, in urban and rural transformation, development and construction projects named names, had its name changed or cancelled request, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the present article 11th.

    15th urban trunk roads and landmarks named, changed its name, the names of the competent departments shall organize the relevant departments, experts, or open to the public for comments.

    Article 16th place names, changed its name and marketing procedures, Agency shall, from the date of acceptance of the application in the 20th decision involving public interests, and organization experts or seek the views of the interested parties, shall make a decision within 60 days from the date of acceptance of the application.

    Article 17th legally approved geographical names naming, renaming and cancellation from within 30th place names approved by the approval authority to the public.

    Place names of the 18th by the district and county people's Government for approval, shall from the date of ratification submitted to the municipal departments of geographical names in the 15th.

    Chapter III use of standard geographical names 19th in line with provisions on administration of place names, and place names as standard names approved by the law.

    Prior to the introduction of these measures into place names by the names authority reference or place names still in use, as a standard place names.

    20th under any of the following circumstances, you should use the standard names: (a) the State organs, armed forces, public organizations, enterprises and institutions issued documents, notices, documents, etc;

    (B) publication of newspapers and books, maps, or, broadcast radio and television programmes;

    (C) production of various types of trade marks, plaques and advertising;

    (D) road name signs, House signs, spots signs, signs, traffic signs, public facilities and public transportation stops;

    (E) for handling postal business license, real estate registration, communications, household, and so on.

    21st of place names in standard writing, spelling, writing and translation shall be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of.

    22nd compilation published map, telephone book, transportation timetables, postal code directory, business directory of place names such as intensive publication, should be based on geographical names authorities published collection of geographical names information shall prevail. 23rd of municipal, district authorities are responsible for the compilation of geographical names within the administrative gazetteer, toponymic records, gazetteers, toponymic criteria such as geographical names publications.

    Other departments and units of publishing standards, geographical names, toponymic publications shall be subject to approval of the competent authorities.

    24th article city, and district about sector in handle planning license, and housing pre-sale license, and household registration, and real estate advertising registration procedures Shi, involved neighborhoods, and large buildings name of, should identification standard names using proved; applicants failed to provides standard names using proved of, should told applicants to names competent sector handle; for yet by provides series designated, and making Gatehouse brand of household registration application, police organ not accepted.

    25th place name authority file names and toponymic database management system should be established, maintaining the full place name information, and provide query service.

    Establishment and management of the fourth chapter name signs 26th article this way set fourth in article names should set the place name sign.

    Set the name signs shall conform to the national standards and technical specifications.

    Names the competent Department shall set on the place name sign in organization, coordination, guidance and supervision.

    27th place name sign in accordance with Division set up and management of the following: (a) administrative boundary marker marks, by the Home Department;

    (B) the town and village signs by the town or neighborhood offices responsible for town road sign by the town government is responsible for; (C) road signs by the City County geographical names authorities.

    However, the central city of trunk road signs, place names, by the competent authorities responsible for;

    (D) residential area, large buildings and other construction unit or property name signs responsible for;

    (E) the abbreviation for gate construction unit or property rights according to the public security organ's encoding settings, the public security organs shall be responsible for supervision and administration;
(Vi) other place name sign by the competent authority, the professional sectors, construction units, or property set in accordance with geographical names authorities.

    28th new construction, renovation or expansion of roads, bridges, squares, neighborhood name signs should be completed at the same time setting; the project in phases of construction, shall be completed at the time of completion of each phase of the project set the corresponding place name sign.

    29th setting name signs departments and units responsible for the place name sign maintenance, updating, and management, keep the place name sign clearly and completely.

    Article 30th all units and individuals have the obligation to protect the place name sign.

    Prohibition of alter, deface, block, cover or move without authorization, remove name signs.

    Construction unit to temporary move due to construction name signs shall be reported to set the approval and at the time of completion of restitution.

    31st competent departments shall, jointly with relevant departments of the city and county names, name signs on a regular basis carry out supervision and inspection, found place name sign in any of the following circumstances, it shall notify the set unit set up, maintenance or replacement in the 30th:

    (A) name signs do not use the standard names or writing is not standardized;

    (B) the place name sign style does not meet national standards;

    (C) corrosion damaged, illegible name signs have been unclear or incomplete;

    (D) the place names have been renamed, name signs do not change;

    (E) other circumstances that not complying with the requirement of name signs.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    32nd under any of the following acts, administrative penalties by the names authority: (a) arbitrarily against residential areas, large building naming, renaming, by rectification of names authorities; it fails to, revoked its name, and a fine of 2000 more than 10000 Yuan fines;

    (B) the standard names should be used and not used, used by geographical names authorities shall order to stop and rectify; fails, revoked its name, and a fine of 500 Yuan more than 5000 Yuan fines;

    (C) alter, deface, block, cover, or or move or remove name signs, and ordered restitution by the names authority; overdue restitution, ordered to pay for the damage, with the place name sign 1 to 3 times the cost of the fine.

    Article 33rd administrative organs and their staff fails to perform or not perform their duties correctly, any of the following circumstances shall be ordered to correct, you can directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law: (a) is not in accordance with the law on geographical names naming, renaming and cancellation matters of geographical names;

    (B) the acts in violation of these rules is not stopping or investigating, or severely causing serious consequences;

    (C) use their position for the departmental interest or personal interest;

    (D) other violations of laws and regulations.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles 34th article of the rules take effect on June 1, 2012, November 14, 1992, issued by the Municipal Government of the measures for the administration of place name signs in Zibo city abolished at the same time.

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