Suzhou Police Support Staff Management

Original Language Title: 苏州市警务辅助人员管理办法

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Suzhou police support staff management

    (April 17, 2012, Suzhou city people's Government, the 99th Executive meeting on May 2, 2012, 126th Suzhou people's Government promulgated as of July 1, 2012) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to regulate the management of police support staff, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of police support staff, police support staff into full play secondary role in the comprehensive management of social security, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city of police support staff recruiting, performance of their duties, security and supervision and management, application of this approach.

    Police assisted officers in these measures refers to unified recruited by public security organs in accordance with these measures and to establish labor relations, public security organs and people's police command and under the supervision of auxiliary personnel carry out duties as provided herein, including security auxiliaries, traffic wardens, secret service, civilian personnel, and so on.

    Article city and county-level cities, district public security organs shall be responsible for the unified supervision and management of police support staff in the administrative area, police auxiliary officer of its governing body in charge of the day-to-day management of police support staff.

    Financial and human resources and social security and supervisory departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, supervision and management and security of police support staff.

    Fourth public security organs on the unification of police support staff hiring, unified management.

    On the management of police support staff, following the principle of supervision and restraint combined with incentives to protect.

    Fifth police auxiliary officer is the police's Assistant, unity of command and supervision of public security organs and people's police carry out their duties under its legal consequences borne by public security organs shall perform their duties.

    Article sixth police support staff to perform their duties, relevant units and individuals shall cooperate.

    Police assisted officers in discharging their duties are violated, shall be the liability of the infringer.

    Article seventh police support staff wages and benefits, equipment configuration and ongoing management requirements be fully guaranteed by the financial sector in accordance with the financial system.

    Eighth public security organs shall establish a supervision system of police support staff, oversight of police support staff carry out their duties.

    Nineth police support staff perform their duties, should consciously accept the supervision of society and citizens.

    No units and individuals for police support staff acts in violation of these rules, the right to complaints and reports.

    Chapter II duties, disciplinary and rights

    Article tenth police assisted officers in public security organs and people's police command and under the supervision, perform the following duties in accordance with the relevant post secondary:

    (A) security patrol checking, a bayonet on duty, police, maintained large-scale public events, as well as emergency cases (things) order, the existing criminal suspects listed, dispute resolution, public education and other police activities;

    (B) direct the traffic, discouraging, check there is traffic safety violations, maintaining order at the scene of traffic accident, police traffic safety publicity and education activities carried out;

    (C) community management, industry management, Kennel management of public security administrative activities;

    (D) information collection, data and statistics, transcripts of police activities;

    (E) professional and technical, logistical and other police activities;

    (Vi) public security organs confirmed other auxiliary policing activities.

    11th public security organs and the people's police shall cause the police perform the following police auxiliary staff auxiliary activities:

    (A) the police activities involving State secrets;

    (B) case (it) investigation and evidence, technical appraisal, traffic accident responsibility determination;

    (C) administrative license, the administrative fees, administrative penalties, administrative enforcement decisions on matters such as;

    (D) decisions of criminal coercive measures;

    (E) identified by the public security organs shall not support other policing activities performed.

    12th police auxiliary personnel shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) to comply with laws, rules and regulations, compliance with the rules and regulations of public security organs;

    (B) to keep state secrets and the police works secret;

    (C) subject to management of public security organs, follow the police's orders, shall not go beyond the mandate to perform police activities;

    (D) the civilization on duty, dedication, exemplary social morality, respect social customs.

    13th police auxiliary personnel shall enjoy the following rights:

    (A) access to carry out their duties should have conditions of work;

    (B) access to salary, benefits, insurance benefits;

    (C) participation in the study of political theory and professional knowledge training;

    (D) the comments and recommendations of the unit;

    (V) complaints and charges in accordance with law;

    (F) termination of the labor contract according to law;

    (VII) other rights prescribed by law.

    Chapter III recruiting

    14th police support staff recruiting plans and recruiting quotas proposed by the public security organs, human resources and social security, finance and other departments to check confirmed the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval.

    Police support staff recruited by the public security organ of a unified organization, in accordance with the conditions, criteria and procedures as provided herein.

    15th police auxiliary personnel shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) citizens of 18 years of age;

    (B) with more than a high school education;

    (C) has a good character and ability to perform their duties;

    (D) competent to perform the duties of the body condition.

    Any of the following circumstances shall not engage in police work:

    (A) had been subjected to criminal punishment; (b) have been subject to administrative detention, re-education through labour;

    (C) for breach of police support staff regulations termination of labor contracts.

    16th section of police support staff recruiting voluntary registration, examination, adhere to the principle of openness, equality, competition,.

    Police recruit specific posts when police auxiliaries, may give preference to veterans.

    Article 17th police support staff recruited through written examination, interview, physical examination, candidates ' programs; other terms special positions of police support staff should be clear and public employment conditions and procedures, subject to public supervision.

    18th the public security organ shall enter into labor contracts and hiring of police support staff.

    Formation of labor contracts, performance, modification, rescission or termination in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    The fourth chapter training, assessment and protection

    19th public security organs should be the pre-job training of police support staff, training qualified, arrangements can be made to perform its duties.

    Public security organs should police support staff on a regular basis for legal knowledge and job skills training.

    20th the public security organ shall regularly about their support staff of job performance, compliance, discipline, education, training, and evaluation.

    Assessment results as the main basis for reward and punishment of police support staff.

    21st police imposed on police auxiliary officer-level promotions.

    Levels of police support staff from the police auxiliary work, examination results determine.

    For outstanding performance, have made significant achievements and contributions of police support staff or performed other outstanding deeds should be given recognition and rewards.

    22nd the public security authority in conjunction with the financial, human resources and Social Security Department of police support staff wages and benefits rules, standards and adjustment mechanisms in established posts.

    23rd the public security organ shall apply for police support staff workers in urban enterprises of endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance and industrial injury insurance.

    Public security organs shall deposit for police support staff housing fund.

    Article 24th of police support staff injured, maimed, according to the degree of injury, disability, injury, disability treatment under the law.

    Police support staff died while on duty, due to death or died, and his close relatives enjoy pension and treatment under the law.

    25th qualified public security organs should be establishment of a police support staff pension funds, aid for training, operations, and emergency rescue and disaster relief, such as injuries, maiming of police support staff and the death of close relatives of the police support staff.

    Public security organs may depending on the risk of post or special police support staff cover the proper business insurance.

    Article 26th police auxiliary personnel shall follow the uniform of police support staff clothing, clothing style, identify stipulated by the municipal Public Security Bureau.

    Police support staff identify clothing styles, should be distinguished from the police.

    27th article approved by the municipal Public Security Bureau, police support staff can work to configure and use the necessary equipment, but not possession or use of weapon or police apparatus and other police equipment.

    Article 28th of police support staff separation shall be dispensed apparel, logos and equipment returned to the public security organs.

    The fifth chapter responsibility and punishment

    29th public security organs and people's police disobey the police support staff regulations, by the competent authorities or their unit leaders and persons responsible, give criticism and education; the circumstances are serious, shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Article 30th police support staff in breach of the laws, regulations and these regulations, public security organ may discharge the labor contract does not constitute a termination of the labor contract, disciplined by the public security organs.

    Police auxiliary personnel who violate these regulations constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    31st disposition of police support staff should be clear facts, evidence and procedure, and complete the procedures.

    Police assisted officers in violation of the rules should be disciplined, the public security organs shall conduct investigations, and findings of fact and to be given sanctions according to inform police auxiliary officer himself, police support staff have the right to make statements and to defend themselves.

    Police support staff to county-level cities, and refuses to accept the decision of the regional public security organs have the right to appeal to the municipal Public Security Bureau.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles
Article 32nd City Public Security Bureau shall, in accordance with the detailed rules for the implementation of these measures, formulate the corresponding.

    33rd article this way come into force on July 1, 2012.

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