Guangzhou To Encourage Returned Personnel To Set Spike

Original Language Title: 广州市鼓励留学人员来穗工作规定

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Guangzhou to encourage returned personnel to set spike

    (June 25, 2012 consideration at the 14th session of the people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 21st Executive Meeting July 8, 2012, people's Government of Guangzhou City, the 76th release come into force October 1, 2012) first to encourage returned personnel to Spike, students expertise and outreach role to play and build talent city, according to the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article meets the following conditions, one of the students, upon confirmation and obtain the relevant proof, you can enjoy the preferential treatment under this provision:

    (A) Government, and to study abroad at their own expense, and foreign officials from master and above;

    (B) in the country after obtaining a graduate degree or master's degree, visiting scholar to study abroad, and more than 1 year, or engaged in postdoctoral research with certain scientific research personnel.

    In line with the preceding paragraph (a), (b) conditions of academic degrees and results in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan people working to Spike, with reference to these provisions.

    Article returned personnel to the way the ear works include:

    (A) to serve in State bodies, enterprises, institutions and other organizations or part-time;

    (B) creation, contract, lease of various economic entities, and research and development institutions;

    (C) their own patents, proprietary technology, capital and other forms of businesses of all types to invest as shares;

    (D) apply for consultant or consultants acting as State organs, enterprises and institutions;

    (E) to spike to carry out scientific research, technology development and other activities.

    Fourth overseas to ear, follow the free, accessible, and consistent with the principles of and resources.

    Fifth of municipal human resources and Social Security Department is the management of the Service Department.

    Chinese students studying abroad Office of the Guangzhou science and technology exchange will be responsible for hosting Chinese students and Guangzhou science and technology exchange, assist overseas students introduced.

    Guangzhou Service Center is to provide students with comprehensive service providers, contact the specific responsibility for overseas students to work in Spike, reception, advisory, issued by the relevant certificates and provide information, assist reporting, agency procedures and other services.

    Sixth Municipal Government has set up special funds for students studying abroad, to spike used to improve students living and working environment, as well as the short-term spike for students services, lectures, technical support, referral, support international academic exchange and cooperation activities. Article seventh overseas students pay, consultation by the employers and students studying abroad, favorably to determine.

    Employed by the business units, and can customize wage of employed in public institutions, favorably mutatis mutandis similar personnel of the unit determined in their paychecks.

    Article eighth students studying abroad in line with national policy on length of service before and after the consolidation, and can be regarded as old-age insurance payment period, payment years abroad before and after participation of social medical insurance can be combined.

    Receive your master's degree, doctorate degree students, its time for master's or doctoral degree uninterrupted. Nineth students studying abroad to return home for the first time declared review at the professional and technical qualification, according to the actual level of expertise and directly declare review level of professional and technical qualification.

    Specific reporting requirements, procedures and channels in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    To ear level students, depending on their qualifications, academic or professional and technical level, according to the personnel management permissions, examined by the competent authority, human resources and social security departments at confirmation, direct employment level of professional and technical positions, not I have time, unit structure of professional and technical positions, such as limiting.

    Level students studying in these rules refers to studying abroad, after the professional work and achieved remarkable results, for the need to introduce all kinds of high-level talent in the city, as well as having good prospects for industrialization of patented or proprietary technology personnel.

    Tenth of municipal human resources and Social Security Department spikes of talent agency free of charge for students studying abroad offers a 2-year personnel agency services.

    For personnel services overseas, according to national provisions of specialized technical posts qualification abroad (border) of candidates ' and social security matters.

    11th to spike to settle abroad and accompanying spouses, minor children, by the Guangzhou urban household card, relevant certificates issued by human resources and Social Security Department, and, to the public security authorities for entry procedures.

    Both lived abroad continuously for more than 1 year PRC passport holders abroad, by policy fertility or abroad during the reproductive and pregnancy in a foreign country to have a second child in China, their children can be home with her parents in Guangzhou.

    12th students children kindergarten, nursery school by the local Education Department and relevant departments to assist in arranging; compulsory, by residence area, a City Department of education enrollment arrangement admitted to participate in the entrance examination for senior high schools consolidated, and enjoy the benefits of policy take care of transient student.

    Overseas students enrol children nursery, kindergarten, children's Palace and receive education, kindergartens, children's palaces and schools shall not charge prices provided or approved any of the costs.

    13th Chinese passport holders and did not settle in ear-home students, with the municipal human resources and Social Security Department of the relevant certificates, residents enjoy the city treatment in housing.

    Meets the following conditions, one of the students, with the purchase of housing in Guangzhou property ownership certificate, certificate of registration of real estate sale and deed tax clearance certificate or a lease agreement, to human resource and Social Security Department provides home grants from the Special Fund for students:

    (A) overseas PhD;

    (B) engaged in post-doctoral research in overseas;

    (C) overseas got a master's degree in this field and have 5 years work experience in overseas;

    (D) identified the other students. 14th the employer to students shall give priority to solving the problems of the ear. Meet the application conditions of young apartment, rented apartment Guangzhou talent.

    Specific measures for the administration of the municipal human resources and Social Security Department in conjunction with the municipal Bureau of land resources and housing management Department separately.

    15th Chinese passport holders in response to the Guangzhou Municipal unit or invest in enterprises in Guangzhou students studying abroad, according to bid multiple times for the public to and from Hong Kong and Macao or abroad I need task documents.

    Spike working abroad, in the handle several times to and from Hong Kong and Macao travel document and the endorsement, you can enjoy the green channel of accreditation and the convenience of processing time.

    WINS over high-level personnel in Guangzhou City plans, joining overseas returned students, the public security organs in accordance with the regulations for the issuance of 2-year and 5-year validity of the residence permit.

    16th date of the overseas students graduating from abroad, stay out for no more than 2 years, and first time since graduation within 1 year from the date of entry, may apply to the Customs to buy 1 tax exempt domestic car.

    17th Municipal Government has set up special funds for overseas students pioneer, used to finance students studying abroad to Spike, economic and social development, established in accordance with this direction, broad market prospects or more significant social benefits of enterprise.

    18th students studying abroad on intellectual property rights and other monetary valuation and transfer of scientific and technological achievements according to law or equity, bond pricing, investment accounted for the proportion of registered capital, according to law by the different funding negotiations.

    Students with intellectual property Fund partnership, need to be evaluated, can be negotiated by all partners or statutory Evaluation Agency commissioned by all the partners.

    Relates to the State-owned assets shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State-owned assets management.

    Article 19th overseas students to its holdings of a patent or proprietary technology enterprise founded in Guangzhou, identified as high-tech enterprises, enjoy preferential treatment for high-tech enterprises.

    20th overseas students in Guangzhou as patent applications address, apply for and obtain patents overseas, may apply to the Municipal Department of human resources and social security funding.

    Article 21st stationed overseas students in Guangzhou Municipal science and technology and information technology sector business park or municipal high-tech incubator, rent relief and other support to qualified high-tech achievement transformation and industrialization projects, priority, venture capital, SME loan guarantee support.

    22nd overseas students Pioneer Park, for overseas enterprises to provide services of intermediaries, to the municipal science and technology and information technology sectors to apply for service support system of financing to improve overseas students pioneer environment, improving the quality of services for overseas enterprises.

    Article 23rd the Municipal Government to encourage and support students studying innovation base construction.

    Overseas enterprises, overseas students Pioneer Park and receiving overseas units could declare their overseas talents in Guangzhou innovation base.

    Accredited overseas talents in Guangzhou innovation bases or national-level innovative entrepreneurial base, municipal finance for appropriate funding and matching funds.

    Highest rated 24th municipality Guangzhou ten outstanding returned overseas, recognition and reward on the city's economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development have made outstanding contributions to students.

    25th City Department of statistics returned statistics system should be established, returned for statistical information released to the community.

    Municipal human resources and Social Security Department returned information base and personnel abroad information, share resources, provide support for personnel selection.

    Article 26th city by our other financial assistance to students, cannot enjoy the financial support of these provisions.

    27th students working in Guangzhou during the labor dispute with the employer, can apply to the labor arbitration, arbitration.
28th article this relates to project funding and funding provided by the municipal human resources and social security, science and technology and information and intellectual property sectors in accordance with their respective functions, together with the municipal financial Department in these provisions are implemented within 1 year separately.

    29th these provisions come into force October 1, 2012. Released on December 25, 1999, the Guangzhou City, encouraging overseas students to harvest regulations repealed simultaneously.

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