Gansu Grassland Grazing Methods

Original Language Title: 甘肃省草原禁牧办法

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Gansu grassland grazing methods

    (November 20, 2012, Gansu Provincial people's Government, the 117th Executive meeting November 22, 2012 95th release of Gansu province as of January 1, 2013) first in order to protect the ecological environment, promoting the sustainable use of the Prairie, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law of grassland, grassland, Gansu province Ordinance and other laws and regulations, and relevant regulations of the State, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second provincial grassland grazing activities within the administrative area of the application of this approach.

Grassland grazing in these measures in article, refers to a certain period on grassland as defined by enclosing nurtures and measures for protection against grazing.

    The province focused on serious degradation, desertification, salinization and desertification of grassland and ecologically fragile area, important water resource conservation area implementation of grazing on the grassland.

Fourth in the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for the administration of grassland grazing.

Competent administrative departments of people's Governments above the county level grassland and Prairie Grassland grazing within the regulatory authority responsible for the administration of organizations working to implement and supervision and management, requirements are included in the financial budgets.

    Grassland grazing within the Township people's Government responsible for implementation, full-time Prairie supervisory and management personnel, and strengthen supervision and management.

    Article fifth villagers ' committees should be actively formulate village regulations and guide farmers and herdsmen protect grassland vegetation, and improve the ecological environment of grassland.

    Sixth provincial administrative departments under the prairie grasslands early warning surveillance, delineation of the grasslands grazing.

Article seventh delimitation of grazing on the grassland under the people's Governments at the county level, publication grazing, grassland grazing area of the main entrance, Fence, livestock activity areas to set up boundary markers, fences, signs and other facilities.

    Grazing should be clear of grassland grazing areas four to limits, duration of grazing, and so on.

    Article eighth no sabotage, theft or unauthorized mobile grazing of grassland area of boundary markers, fences, signs and other facilities. Nineth County grassland grazing into target management responsibility system should be. County and township and village, village and household shall enter into a grassland grazing management responsibility.

Responsibility shall include the following:

(A) four to boundaries, area of grazing grassland, grassland type;

(B) the grazing period;

(C) enclose the responsibilities and obligations of nurturing grasslands;

(D) duties of supervision and inspection;

    (E) for breach of contract.

Article tenth Township people's Government in implementing the National Grassland ecological protection grant incentive policies, employing one or two grassland management, unified management of public welfare jobs, one-year term.

    County-level regulatory authority responsible for the prairie grasslands management training and work guidance.

11th grassland grazing area in the village of grassland management shall perform the following duties:

(A) information protection laws, regulations and policies;

(B) to inspect the guanhuqu grasslands;

(C) oversee contractors carry out grazing of grassland responsibilities;

    (D) the Suppression and timely reporting of grassland grazing pasture, destroying fencing facilities, reclamation and illegal occupation of grasslands and other acts. Article 12th grazing of grassland ecological protection assistance can enjoy the incentives of farmers and herdsmen grazing subsidies policies.

Grazing grants shall have been contracted to households (including lianhu) grazing in pasture areas directly to the home. Grazing subsidies granted to implement public announcement system at village level, public organizations by the township government, publication period of not less than 7 days.

Publication contents include the household names of farmers and herdsmen, contracted grassland area, grazing area subsidies, subsidies standards, funding and so on.

    Farmers and herdsmen to publicized dispute, dealt with by the Organization publicized timely verification of the Township people's Government.

    13th integration of county-level people's Governments shall involve in pastoral areas, livestock, herdsmen of various funds and projects supporting development of farmers and herdsmen in grassland grazing areas House feeding.

    14th competent administrative departments of people's Governments above the county level grassland grazing on grassland steppe vegetation restoration in the region the dynamic monitoring and prediction, and regularly reported to the people's Governments at the corresponding level and higher authorities to monitor results.

    15th prohibition pasture when the original need to remove grazing from Prairie administrative departments under the people's Governments at the county level report of monitoring results, the Prairie province people's Government examination and approval by the Administrative Department, published by the people's Governments at the county level lift.

16th people's Governments above the county level Prairie administrative departments and town people's Governments shall establish and improve the grassland grazing area the inspection system, reporting system and information system to strengthen supervision and inspection of grassland grazing.

    For acts in violation of these rules, citizens have the right to report receiving the report in grasslands and grassland supervision and administration by the Administrative Department shall promptly investigate.

    Article 17th acts in violation of these measures, People's Republic of China Law of grassland, grassland, Gansu province Ordinance have penalties, from its provisions.

18th national staff have one of the following acts, by the competent authority directly responsible for personnel and heads of major sanctions, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) the interception, misappropriation of grassland grazing subsidies;

    (B) approved the use of grazing grassland without permission. 19th article this way come into force on January 1, 2013.