Ningbo City Famous Figures In Archives Management

Original Language Title: 宁波市著名人物档案管理办法

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Ningbo city famous figures in archives management

    (December 17, 2012 Ningbo Municipal People's Government at the 16th Executive meeting on December 21, 2012 Ningbo Municipal People's Government order No. 201, published since March 1, 2013) first famous character profiles to standardize management, famous people archive resources role to play, in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law, the archives work in Ningbo city Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article Archives of famous figures within the administrative area of the city collection, preservation and use of, these procedures apply.

    Article famous people archive work under unified leadership and management at different levels to ensure complete, safe and effective use of the famous character profiles.

Fourth of municipal and County (City) district people's Government shall strengthen the leadership of the famous character profiles, requirements for the protection of famous figures ' file work.

City and County (City) famous figures ' file within the archive departments for the administration of the administrative supervision and guidance.

    City and County (City) famous figures ' file within the district archives in charge of collection, preservation and use.

Article fifth well-known figure archive file object (hereinafter referred to as file object), refers to an area, industry has made important contributions, subject, or have a significant impact, and gain social acceptance of Ningbo, Ningbo origin or in work, learning and life of Ningbo, non-nationals, including:

(A) the leaders of State organs, armed forces, political parties, social groups;

(B) the heroes and models, martyrs;

(C) business and religious circles;

(D) science and technology, culture, education, health, sports people;

(E) the Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese and foreigners;

(F) historical figure;

    (VII) to the State and society with outstanding contributions, others with important influence at home and abroad.

Sixth famous collection of character profiles, including famous people live, learn, work, to reflect their experiences, has reference value to the State and society, can be used as archives collects the following:

(A) reflect the famous biography, memoirs, resume of experience and its main activities and so on;

(B) reflect the famous duty activity articles, reports, speeches, diaries, etc;

(C) reflect the achievements of famous characters, works of art, such as books, research results;

(D) social research, evaluation of material on famous people;

(E) have direct relationships with famous people all kinds of certificates, medals, genealogy, letters, audio and video products, etc;

(Vi) famous person oral history materials;

(G) the famous collection of books and materials and other items with historical and Memorial significance;

    (VIII) other saving value of archives.

Seventh famous figures ' file file object identified by the archives administration in conjunction with the departments concerned.

Units or individuals for archiving object definition and disagrees with the scope of the archives into the Pavilion, by the city and County (City) districts in archives Administration Department to rule on not satisfied with the decision, the municipal and County (City) district people's Government for decision.

    Units or individuals are encouraged to recommend archiving object archives Administration Department.

Eighth famous figures ' file mode can take one of the following collection:

(A) the State organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations collect, arrange archives of famous people at work and to the transfer of the archives the same level according to state regulations;

(B) owners: donations, loans or sell;

(C) copy, exchange of other archives, museums, libraries, local Museum, Museum, art gallery and other preservation archive of famous people;

(D) exchange of buy, copy or scattered, lost archive of famous people;

    (E) address other forms of collection, such as consultation with the owners. Nineth articles encourage famous people archive owner, donated to the archives of the famous character profiles.

Archives should be awarded to famous people archive donor certificate.

    Archives should be active in the famous collection of character profiles, time to add famous people archive material, constantly enrich the content archives of famous characters.

    Tenth archives accept famous owners of the storage, sale, storage or sale contract shall be signed.

    11th Archives collection into a Museum of famous figures ' file should be in accordance with records management requirements and technical specifications, classifying, sorting and cataloging in a timely manner, and the use of advanced technologies, ensuring the safety of different famous figures ' file.

    12th archives should make use of modern information technology and network technology, famous figures of the paper archives and other famous figures data into digital information.

    13th between archives and archives and museums, libraries, local museums, monuments, art galleries and other units should be strengthened between famous people Archive collection, development and utilization of collaboration, resource sharing.

14th famous figures ' file in use can take the following forms:

(A) provide consulting services;

(B) provision of advisory services;

(C) carrying out academic research;

(D) the exhibition; (v) public education and commemorative activities;

    (Vi) other forms of use. 15th article transferred to the archives, donate or hosting famous figures ' file units and individuals and their heirs, entitled to know famous figures ' file sorting, storage and utilization, and on the priority, the right of free access to its archives. Should not be open to the public and the views of some of the proposed restrictions on the use of archives should uphold their legitimate rights and interests.

    No clear restrictions on the use of requirements, the archives should be made available to the public in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State.

    16th the famous figures of the units and individuals in the use of open archives, should ensure archive integrity and security, shall not be damaged, altered records, it may not provide announced, copying, archive.

    Article 17th archives Administration Department should strengthen the archives, the use of the supervision and inspection of the file, find the problem, you should urge them to rectify, ensure the integrity and security of famous figures ' file.

    Article 18th donated to the archives of important and rare famous person files or famous people units and individuals that have achieved outstanding successes in work of archives, in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law and the relevant provisions of the regulations of the archives work in Ningbo, commend or award.

    19th article violates these rules, refusing to transfer to the archives of the famous character profiles, relevant Department direct responsible personnel or other persons, pursuant to the People's Republic of China archive law on archives, Ningbo and the relevant provisions of the Ordinance, impose administrative sanctions.

20th article violates these rules, intentional damage, alteration or unauthorized offer announced, copying, the famous character profiles, the archives Administration Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law archives, Ningbo and the relevant provisions of the regulations will be punished.

    Acts prescribed in the previous toll on famous figures ' file, it shall compensate for the losses.

Article 21st of the following acts, by the archival Administrative Department and other relevant departments directly in charge of personnel or other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

(A) allowed to expand or narrow the reception range of the famous character profiles;

(B) does not open in accordance with national renowned character profiles;

(C) knowing it to save the archive of famous people at risk without taking measures, resulting in loss of the archives;

    (D) neglect, resulting in loss of famous figures ' file. 22nd article this way come into force on March 1, 2013.