Shandong Province On Account Of Acts Of Ordinary Primary School Accountability Measures

Original Language Title: 山东省对违规从事普通中小学办学行为责任追究办法

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Shandong province on account of acts of ordinary primary school accountability measures (October 21, 2012 Executive meeting of the people's Government of Shandong province, the 133th review on November 5, 2012, Shandong provincial people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013, No. 255) first in order to further regulate the normal primary and secondary school, promoting quality education, according to the People's Republic of China Law on education, the People's Republic of China Law on compulsory education and the People's Republic of China on administrative supervision law and the laws and regulations such as the compulsory regulations of Shandong province,

    Combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article people's Governments at all levels and the departments concerned, ordinary primary and secondary schools and in violation of education and related laws, rules, regulations and policy provisions of the Education Act, in accordance with these measures of accountability.

    Third violation school accountability adhere to hierarchical accountability, mistakes will investigate, illegal responsibility commensurate with the degree of violations, education and punishing combination, accountability and improvement work principles.

    Article people's Governments and relevant departments at all levels have one of the following circumstances, the superior administrative departments of people's Governments, education and administrative monitoring Office ordered corrective action and criticized; directly responsible for executives and other persons subject to administrative processing to give out to work, and in accordance with the relevant regulations of the corresponding punishment:

    (A) without the implementation of quality-oriented education as the Government and the administrative departments of education merit significant content;

    (B) to divide the school into key school and non-school;

    (C) violations of the standards is equipped with primary and secondary school teaching and administrative staff;

    (D) education, training and tutorial institutions running irregular, resulting in adverse effects;

    (E) is not determined by the implementation of national and provincial education systems, content requirements, or violation of the requirements of local curriculum and special education classes in schools;

    (Vi) not according to subjects and the number of standardized, unified exam of any organization, or not in accordance with the regulations of various types of examinations, causing serious consequences;

    (G) test or race as the basis for compulsory school attendance and education;

    (VIII) issued a study task, without statistics, publicize, or promote studies number, rate, with excellent exam results and other information, based on, test scores or graduation rates for schools, teachers ' ranks, rewards and punishments;

    (I) have not timely, full, balanced education funding arrangements, or intercept or appropriate or divert fees, service charges, fees and additional education fees;

    (10) without approval of the Department authorized by the provincial government or a provincial government, allowed to develop or approve education fees, raising charging standards and expanding range of fees;

    (11) the unauthorized change or change the nature of public schools in disguise, or disguised in the name of improving the reform of school fees;

    (12) given to the school fees task, or break the rules to raise money to teachers, students;

    (13) to schools, students, compulsory supplementary information or disguised a push subscription, selling publications, learning tools and other supplies;

    (14) the charge does not stop or stop ineffective;

    (15) other violations of school behavior. Fifth article General elementary and middle schools has following case one of of, by County above Government or its education administrative sector ordered corrected, depending on plot give informed criticism, and revoked education class honors title, and adjustable reduction admissions plans, and stop admissions of administrative processing, plot serious of, law give administrative punishment; on directly is responsible for of competent personnel and other directly responsibility personnel depending on plot give out work post of administrative processing, and according to about provides give corresponding disposition: (a) public school violation provides held or participation held private school of


    (B) the senior high school of Arts and Sciences or elective classes teaching not according to stipulations;

    (C) compulsory public schools passed the exam means without conditions attached, as a basis for selection of students or classes;

    (D) separation of class and non-class, without the approval of educational administrative departments at or above the provincial level establish classes;

    (V) repetition held public high school class or featured the repetition of previous students enrolled;

    (Vi) not in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial Qi courses, full time, or violation of regulations to adjust teaching and improve the difficulty of the course;

    (VII) conduct courses on students ' independent study schedule, or failing to arrange teacher and student schedules and the winter and summer vacations, statutory holidays;

    (VIII) failing to ensure that students at the school sports day lasts one hour or more;

    (I) organizing or participating in districts without the approval of the municipal educational administrative departments at or above the exams, exams, or other activities such as competitions, grading;

    (J) statistics, released without authorization or market studies number, rate, with excellent exam results and other information, in violation of required test scores, students ' test scores or graduation rates as evaluation teachers, students, classes of the main standards;

    (11) the students ' comprehensive quality evaluation of deception;

    (12) public charge basis in accordance with regulations, projects and standards, does not use financial instruments, in violation of two lines of income and expenditure management system, or with nominal charge of admissions admissions-related costs and charge students is not in accordance with the provisions of the settlement;

    (13) the coercive or tantamount to forcing their students to order supplementary information, publications and learning tools and other supplies;

    (14) for in-service teachers to participate in paid-for lax supervision of tutorial activities;

    (15) without the approval of relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level, lease, sell, transfer schools, teaching facilities and equipment and site or change its use;

    (16) other violations of school behavior.

    Sixth ordinary primary and middle school teachers and other staff members of any of the following circumstances, the people's Governments above the county level administrative departments of education or school shall be ordered to correct, depending on the circumstances give notice of criticism, transferred from the administrative processing of jobs and given appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the regulations:

    (A) lectures, assignments of the contravention;

    (B) discrimination against students, corporal punishment of students, corporal punishment or other degrading the dignity of the Act;

    (C) in paid tutoring sessions or mobilize and organize students paid tuition;

    (D) used his position to receive the parents, student belongings or personal gain through other means;

    (E) without justifiable reason not to obey the people's Governments above the county level administrative departments of education or school teachers and supporting arrangements;

    (Vi) other violations of school behavior.

    Seventh under any of the following circumstances, it shall be given a heavier responsibility:

    (A) interfere with or obstruct the investigation and treatment of irregular running;

    (B) combat, vengeance, investigators or frame complainants, informants;

    (C) twice a year there is more illegal behavior of running;

    (D) illegal school behavior cause bad influence;

    (E) other circumstances that shall be given a heavier responsibility.

    Eighth under any of the following circumstances, be given a lighter or mitigated punishment or be exempted from accountability:

    (I) adverse consequences of running effectively prevent illegal;

    (B) the active correction, repair the damage, the Elimination of adverse effects;

    (C) the property charged voluntarily surrendered in violation of regulations;

    (D) to cooperate with the investigation;

    (E) other circumstances that can be given a lighter or mitigated punishment or be exempted from liability.

    Nineth administrative handling of people's Governments at all levels, by the higher people's Government, the decision of the administrative supervisory organs; the Government's relevant departments, administrative processing of ordinary primary and secondary schools, and monitored by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, administrative bodies or the competent departments.

    Responsible for the irregular running of administrative processing, appointment and dismissal by the responsible organization or agency decisions; on account of running punishment of those responsible, monitored by appointment and removal or administrative bodies.

    On account of administrative or disciplinary action the responsibility of running the leader has the right to make recommendations.

    Administrative penalties for illegal school behavior, by the people's Governments above the county level educational administration or other competent authorities decisions.

    Tenth levels of people's Governments and relevant departments, relating to education in ordinary schools pay laws, rules, regulations and policy fees, price authorities to investigate and punish.

    11th a citizen, legal person or other organization running these rules infractions has the right to complaint and reporting.

    People's Governments at all levels, the administrative departments of education, administrative supervisory organs, ordinary primary and secondary schools shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions, to investigate the complaints, report processing.

    12th breaking school accountability decisions should be made in writing and shall be served.

    Citizens, legal persons or other organizations real complaints, reporting, should be informed of their results. 13th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2013.

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