Zhejiang Province File Backup Management

Original Language Title: 浙江省档案登记备份管理办法

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Zhejiang Province file backup management

    (December 17, 2012 order No. 306 of Zhejiang Province, announced February 1, 2013) first in order to strengthen management, ensure archive information is true, complete, valid, in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law and the People's Republic of China archive law of measures for the implementation of such laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article file backup in the administrative area of the province of implementation and supervision, these measures shall apply.

    Article file backups in these measures refers to archive records on a regular basis by the administration organs, mass organizations, enterprises and institutions and units related to key construction projects (hereinafter referred to as units) archives and the management on the basis of implementing electronic backup of important files organized activities.

    Files in these measures, including text, graphics, audio, digital and other forms of history.

    The specific scope, by archives Administration Department of the people's Governments above the county level in accordance with national and provincial regulations to determine.

    Fourth people's Governments above the county level shall strengthen the leadership of file backup, guaranteed funds and coordinate the resolution of major issues in the work.

    Archives Administration Department of the people's Governments above the county level are responsible for file backups of work within their respective administrative regions; State General Archives in accordance with these rules assume an archive backup operations.

    Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with the responsibility to file backup-related work.

    Fifth unit shall submit each year to the level archives Administration Department of archives management of the entity, registered by the archives Administration Department on the following matters:

    (A) archive category, total volume, database name and capacity;

    (B) when sorting and filing;

    (C) whether measures have been initiated by the archive backup;

    (D) other matters.

    Sixth archives Administration Department should be submitted to the unit's records management be verified on a case, and according to the value of archives and the national archives disaster prevention request, puts forward the archive backups and archives related to security management recommendations.

    Article belongs to one of the following ranges of files should be backed up country otherwise provides, from its provisions:

    (A) custody for more than 30 years of archives according to law;

    (B) be included in the basic professional archive catalogue of the national archives;

    (C) investment by the Government and has the typical and representative archive of key construction projects;

    (D) other important files that should be backed up.

    Files listed in the preceding paragraph, units have special facilities such as archives, according to the relevant standard specifies the security requirements for the management, handling file archives Administration Department agreed, you can no longer back up.

    Archive backup cycles archives registration by the archival Administrative Department according to the archive's value and safety, data volume and frequency, related standards, and backup costs and other factors.

    Provincial Archives Administration Department shall, in accordance with security, the principles of necessity, effectiveness, archive backups and cycle, as defined by specific provisions.

    Article eighth unit shall be determined according to the archive administration of archive backup scope, period, to copy the relevant files in electronic form, form an archive backup data submitted to the national archives.

    Archive backup data shall conform to the archives Administration Department in accordance with the relevant criteria to determine the format and quality, its content should be with authenticity and integrity. National General Archives receives an archive backup data, archive backup data should be detected.

    Does not meet the requirements, the State shall inform the relevant authorities in accordance with the regulations required to submit general archives.

    Nineth national General archives should be in accordance with the requirements of the national and provincial archives information construction, and synchronized planning, building, operating an archive backup management platforms and security facilities, strengthen safety management, to guard against attack, paralysis, tampering, viruses and espionage capabilities. Tenth unit, archive administration and national comprehensive archives in the file in the backup job should be strictly enforced secrecy, implement security measures, do a secret archive of security work.

    Specific measures by the provincial archives administration in conjunction with the provincial Security Department under the national, province, relevant provisions out.

    Article 11th units, commissioned by the national General Archives intermediary agencies engaged in digital processing of non-confidential documents and other technical work.

    Intermediary service institutions and their staff shall keep secret and not to complete the work commissioned for any purpose other than matters or provide others use information learned in their work.

    Archives Archives intermediary service administrative departments should strengthen the monitoring of staff training guide and intermediary services, promote the quality and level of service.

    12th Administrative Department shall develop the archives information emergency and disaster emergency plans, clear responsibilities and measures.

    Archive of information security incidents, the national General archives should immediately activate emergency response plans, to take emergency measures to provide data recovery services.

    13th archive backup data is protected in accordance with law, non-consent of the submitting unit, shall not provide to the community access and use of the national archives, otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    14th national General archives can be requested by the unit, the files content is consistent with the archive backup data to provide written proof.

    15th acts in violation of these measures, laws, rules and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

    16th archive registration these measures are not in accordance with the provisions of article back up, rectification by the archives Administration Department; it refuses, and recommends that the authority directly in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given treatment or disposal.

    Submission to national General Archives of falsifying or tampering with data for archival backup, archives Administration Department recommends that the authority directly in charge of personnel and other persons directly responsible shall be given treatment or disposal.

    Article 17th archives Administration Department, the national General Archives staff with one of the following, by the authority shall be subject to processing or disposal:

    (A) file backups work carried out in accordance with the provisions;

    (B) forgery, tampering, damage to archive of backup data;

    (C) in violation of regulations, providing access to archive of backup data for others;

    (D) other acts of neglect, abuse.

    18th archive intermediary service organizations and their employees has any of the following circumstances, the archives Administration Department in accordance with the People's Republic of China archive law of article 24th of second and third and the People's Republic of China archive law implementing measures article 28th of the punishment shall be imposed; losses caused, shall be ordered to pay damages:

    (A) the destruction, loss, alteration, forgery, stealing, reselling archives or archives of backup data;

    (B) unauthorized offer, copy, publish, destroy files or archive of backup data.

    19th article this regulation units outside of the Organization and the personal archives of the State and society is of great conservation value, encourage their reference archives registration voluntary backup as provided herein. 20th these measures come into force February 1, 2013.

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