Administrative Measures For The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, The Industry Association Chamber Of Commerce

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区行业协会商会管理办法

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Administrative measures for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the industry association Chamber of Commerce (October 25, 2012, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government at the 11th session of the 112 Executive meeting November 18, 2012, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region people's Government promulgated as of January 1, 2013, 79th), first in order to standardize the industry association Chamber of Commerce organization and behavior, security industry association and Chamber of Commerce to carry out activities, play the role of industry association Chamber of Commerce in economic and social development, according to the regulations on the registration of social organizations of the State Council and the relevant provisions of laws and regulations,

    Combined with this practice, these measures are formulated. The second autonomous region within the administrative area of industry association Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter Association) the establishment, activities and supervision and management, application of this approach.

    Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

    Third people's Governments above the county level shall be the development of industry associations into local social and economic development planning, support and promote the development of industry associations. Government of the people's Governments above the county level to establish purchase trade association services.

    People's Governments and their relevant departments to delegate work related business associations, should be given corresponding grants; require industry associations provide services, can be purchased through the paid services.

    The fourth civil affairs departments above the county level people's Governments is the Trade Association of the registration authority, is responsible for the Association's registration management, annual inspection and enforcement work.

    The people's Government above the county level authorities, authorized by the people's Governments above the county level organization is the industry association's Business Manager, responsible for the day-to-day supervision and management of industry associations, business guidance and guidance work, and other relevant departments and trade associations related to the specific transaction management.

    Fifth article encourages and supports the formation of high-tech industry, environmental protection industry, in line with the direction of industrial development of new industries and industries with local advantages characteristic of industry associations.

    Encourage and support local industry, product and marketing advantages of enterprises according to law of forming a national trade association.

    The sixth industry associations should adhere to the independent Office will, self-regulation of industry management, organization, personnel, assets, financing should be separated from State organs, enterprises and institutions.

    On-the-job national public officers shall not be part-time in the industry association.

    Seventh trade association activities should comply with national laws and regulations and relevant policies and regulations and shall not engage in profit-making business activities and must not harm national interests and public interests. Industry associations should be according to the provisions of the regulations on the registration of social organizations of the State Council Development Association.

    Trade associations carrying out activities in accordance with the articles of Association, no organization or individual may illegally interfere.

    Association establishing and perfecting the grass-roots organizations of the CPC under the circumstances. Eighth trade associations can be classified according to the current national industry standard or according to product type, mode of operation, the type of operating processes and services set up. 

    In accordance with the industrial classifications of the national economy class standard or in accordance with the industrial chain mode of operation, type of service, you can implement a more.

    Trade enterprises more focused, with regional economic characteristics industry or product, with the industry representative enterprises or other economic organizations can initiate the formation of trans-industry association.

    Nineth Industry Association sponsors must be within their respective administrative regions registered, licensed, honest and law-abiding, and operates more than 2 years of industry representative enterprises or other economic organizations. Tenth administrative division at the Association name should clearly reflect business, industry association or association, the Chamber of Commerce as the suffix name.

    Shall not be used with the registered society of the same name.

    The 11th Association of establishment, change, cancellation of registration in accordance with the provisions of the regulations on the registration of social organizations of the State Council Executive. 12th industry association to implement the membership system.

    Membership voluntarily, to be free; members shall perform the obligations under the articles of Association, members enjoy equal rights. Member (representative) is the Trade Association of authority of the General Assembly.

    Major issues should be addressed by the industry association member (representative) decision of the General Assembly. Convening of the general meeting or Congress, has more than 2/3 members or members should be represented.

    Member (representative) General Assembly resolutions, should represent more than 1/2 or all members attending the meeting adopted without a vote. 13th trade association is a member of the Board (representative), the executive body of the General Assembly.

    President of the Council shall (Governor-General), Vice President (Vice Chairman), the Secretary and a number of Directors, by the Member (member representatives) elected by the General Assembly.

    Secretary-General is the full-time manager of the trade association, the Council can take the form of recruitment appointment. 14th Association can set up Board of supervisors or the supervisor. Member of the Supervisory Board or the supervisor (member representatives) elected by the General Assembly.

    President of the industry association (Chairman), Vice President (Vice Chairman), the Secretary, the Director shall not serve concurrently as a supervisor. Board of supervisors or the supervisor on the industry association's business activities and financial management and supervision and to Member (representative) to report to the General Assembly.

    Supervisors may attend meetings of the Council, the Executive Council.

    15th trade association representatives of industry, services industry, industry coordination and self-discipline to basic functions, reflect industry, membership appeals, and communication links with the competent units of the people's Government, or of the industry and present industry views and proposals, participate in the formulation of the amendment development programs, industry standards and conditions of access, promote development of the industry.

    16th trade association shall perform the functions of industry representatives, as necessary to carry out the following activities:

    (A) conduct industry research;

    (B) on behalf of the Association to carry out sectoral collective bargaining;

    (C) on behalf of the Association or to assist Government and business authorities filed anti-dumping, countervailing, anti-monopoly law, anti-dumping, countervailing, anti-monopoly investigation;

    (D) participation in the activities of the anti-dumping;

    (E) rights.

    17th trade association shall provide the services industry, according to the need to undertake the following activities:

    (A) in accordance with its mandate to carry out statistical work, the collection and dissemination of information;

    (B) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State founded professional newspapers and Web sites, for economic and technological exchanges and cooperation;

    (C) organizing talent, technology, management, regulations and other training;

    (Iv) legal, policy, technical, management and marketing consulting services;

    (E) participating in industry certification, identification and promotion of new technologies and new products, and other related work;

    (F) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State organizing the various fairs and exhibitions.

    18th industry should be coordinated among members of the Association, members and non-members, members and consumers in production and operating activities generated by the dispute, coordinate the industry association and other industry associations or organizations, supervision and guidance of the industry's products or services, pricing, fair competition, assist the competent units of the people's Government and industry management.

    19th the self-discipline of the industry associations should establish a sound management system, develop and organize the implementation of the guidelines and rules of professional ethics of the industry about, improve a self-discipline management mechanism, promoting integrity, industry checks, advance implementation of national standards, industry standards or local standards.

    20th industry association dues collection standards and methods by Member (representative) decision of the General Assembly.

    Industry associations organize exhibitions, fairs, seminars, training activities, such as paid services can be implemented and the rate shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State and public charges and payments, and no compulsory fee or charge does not provide service.

    21st industry association should be in accordance with State regulations to establish a sound financial management system regularly to Member (representative) financial income and expenses of the report to the General Assembly, members oversee; prepare the annual financial report on the accounts and check times of the year the registration administration organ for the record.

    Founding Conference of the Association held the 22nd article, Member (representative) general election of the Assembly, the annual meeting, or cross-registration activities regional activities shall be subject to approval the competent business unit and reported to the registration authority in writing for the record.

    Foreign-related activities, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the approval.

    23rd industry association may have the following behavior:

    (A) develop rules or by other means to monopolize the market, impeding fair competition to the detriment of consumers, legitimate rights and interests of non-members or the public interest;

    (B) maintaining prices, market segmentation way limit members to carry out legitimate business activities or to participate in other social activities;

    (C) the discriminatory treatment between the members;

    (D) the law of income distribution to Member or investing member companies in profit;

    (E) other behaviors prohibited by laws and regulations.

    Industry Association should be implementing national provisions of article 24th financial management system, and accept supervision by the financial sector; sources of assets belonging to the State-funded or donated by the community, shall be subject to the supervision of audit institutions.

    Industry change, alteration or cancellation of the legal representative of the Association shall conduct financial audits. 25th Association shall, in accordance with provisions of article to the registration authority and the competent business unit reporting, and accept the supervision and inspection.

    Industry associations are not in accordance with the provisions for annual inspection, registration administration organ shall order the prescribed period of time subject to annual inspection fails to receive annual checks, the registration authority shall be warned or ordered to cease their activities. 26th article this way come into force on January 1, 2013.

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