Handan City Catering Service Health Check Management

Original Language Title: 邯郸市餐饮服务从业人员健康检查管理办法

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Handan city catering service health check management

    (March 1, 2013, Handan people's Government of the 71st General Meeting March 5, 2013 143th Handan people's Government promulgated as of April 1, 2013) first in order to regulate the city's catering service health check management, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Food Safety Act and its implementing regulations, the management of food safety supervision in catering services, such as the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second administrative area of the city within the food service industry in China's health inspection procedures apply.

    Third municipal food and drug supervision and management is responsible for the city's food service industry employees ' health check monitoring, guidance and specific is responsible for congtaiqu, Hanshan district, and southern Hebei, Fuxing district area, economic development zone, Handan employees health inspection within the food service industry.

    Other counties (cities, districts), food and drug supervision and administration departments in China responsible for the Administration in the food and beverage services industry regulatory health check.

    Article fourth bear restaurant health inspection service practitioners medical and health institutions shall meet the following conditions:

    (A) health checks for license to practice medical organizations or preventative health screening qualifications;

    (B) it has legal personality, ability to independently assume civil liability;

    (C) commensurate with the health screening checks, tests, facilities, equipment and hygiene conditions;

    (D) attending physicians and competent technician or equivalent title of professional and technical personnel;

    (E) has a comprehensive health screening system;

    (Vi) configuration of digital photographic and printing equipment, to apply for a health inspection certificate collection and print the avatar of the person;

    (VII) other conditions stipulated by the food and Drug Administration Department.

    Fifth institutions have health checks should apply to the local food and drug supervision and Management Department, by the food and drug supervision and administration in accordance with the principle of reasonable layout, convenience checks, strict tests to determine. Food and drug supervision and management departments at the county level shall, in determining the tester body within 15th municipal food and drug supervision and Administration Department for record.

    Municipal food and drug supervision and management departments to the public on a regular basis to take food and beverage service practitioners medical and health institutions of health check list.

    Sixth shoulder health inspection bodies shall comply with the following provisions:

    (A) in accordance with the provisions of the inspection items are checked, produce real results and communicate inspection results in writing to the health inspector in the 10th and local food and drug supervision and Management Department;

    (B) use produced by the municipal food and drug supervision and Management Department of the catering service health check form;

    (C) according to the price charge standard charge health check fees specified by the Department;

    (D) accept and cooperate with the supervision and inspection of the food and drug administration;

    (E) other matters stipulated by laws, rules and regulations.

    Seventh catering service employees shall conduct annual health checks, made of the health certificates for food service employees in Handan city.

    Catering services head of unit, food safety managers, cooks and support staff, waiters, purchasers, decontamination, warehouse personnel post staff shall conduct health examinations.

    Catering service providers shall, in accordance with the People's Republic of China food safety law provisions of 34th, creation and implementation of employee health management systems, establish health files.

    The eighth city and County Food and drug supervision and management departments should establish health management information platform for catering services and catering services provided by regulators to provide enquiry service.

    Food and drug administration, health check Tester institutions, food service businesses should check for health-related information by security measures.

    Nineth practitioner health checks should be carried out in accordance with the following items:

    (A) previous history;

    (B) the liver, palpation of the spleen;

    (C) skin checks;

    (D) the perspective of the chest;

    (E) dysentery, typhoid bacteria checks;

    (Vi) clinically suspected or within one year with a history of other intestinal infectious diseases, need to add a corresponding laboratory;

    (G) the liver function tests, found abnormal ALT should be checked HAV-IgM (hepatitis a), HEV-IgM (hepatitis). Tenth restaurant service employees an annual health check.

    In case of public health emergencies and other special cases, municipal food and drug supervision and management departments to increase screening frequency.

    11th health check unqualified staff, food service enterprises shall be adjusted to another does not affect food safety in catering jobs.

    Suffering from dysentery, typhoid, viral hepatitis a, hepatitis e and other gastrointestinal infections, and people with active tuberculosis, Pyogenic disease or exudative skin diseases that hinder food safety personnel shall not engage in direct contact with food.

    12th with the way the 11th article cured diseases listed in the food and beverage service workers, working with direct food contact demand recovery, should renew the health certificate. 13th health inspectors check the article disagrees with the results, starting from the day of receipt of the results of health examination apply to the institutions bear the health check within the 7th review.

    Original institutions bear the health check should be accepted in a timely manner, and to review conclusions in the 15th. 14th restaurant service employees health certificate is lost, shall apply to the issuing unit replacement in a timely manner.

    A health certificate is valid for one year.

    15th food service workers at work should be accompanied with health certificates for city-wide unified coding.

    Health inspection certificate shall not be altered, forged, altered, sold, leased, lent or transferred.

    16th discretionally engages in health inspections, health examination results is not recognized, there is illegal income shall be confiscated, with illegal gains more than 1 time penalty of three times, maximum of 30000 Yuan.

    17th health check for breaches of article sixth of this approach (a), (b), (d) provides, with a warning serious or it refuses, fined not more than 3000 and disqualified to take health check can be.

    18th health inspection agencies in violation of these regulations the 13th article, fails to make conclusions of the review, ordered to make in the 10th, and may give a warning or a fine below 500 Yuan.

    19th restaurant Enterprise practitioners disobey the 15th article, do not wear the uniform in the city during coded health inspection certificate and give a warning and order them to correct, and liable to a fine of less than 500 Yuan.

    Altered, forged, altered, sold, leased, lent health inspection certificate, penalty of between 1000 Yuan.

    Catering enterprises in violation of these regulations section 11th 20th article, do not employ qualified staff, to order the employer to correct within, and to a fine of less than 3000 Yuan, resulting in serious consequences, constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    21st in violation of the catering unit as provided herein, in serious or significant impact, local food and drug supervision and management departments can circulate in the news media.

    22nd citizens, legal persons or other organizations are finding the bodies bear the health check fraud, false results issued by health inspectors unit not required health checks, you can report to the food and drug administration, food and drug supervision and management departments should promptly accept and investigation, according to law.

    23rd food and beverage service workers certified healthy when inspected, the food and Drug Administration for its results in the current year to be recognized.

    Food service employees have been checked in accordance with the means health, relevant departments in practising registration client personnel shall not be required to double-check. 24th article this way come into force April 1, 2013.