Handan City Fire Safety Management

Original Language Title: 邯郸市物业消防安全管理办法

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Handan city fire safety management

    (December 27, 2012, Handan people's Government at the 68th Executive meeting January 4, 2013 140th Handan people's Government promulgated as of February 1, 2013) first to strengthen the city's fire safety management, a clear fire safety duties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on fire and the building management Ordinance, these measures are formulated.

    Article property mentioned in these measures refers to the various types of housing have been built and put into use and with the support of the equipment, facilities and venues, including office buildings, commercial buildings, residential industrial parks, hotels, factories, villas, warehouses, and so on.

    Third these measures apply to the city's property management areas. Fourth public security organs within their respective administrative areas implementation real property service enterprises to fulfill their duties of supervision and management.

    Property management administrative departments, industrial and commercial administrative departments and other units in fire safety works within the scope of their respective duties.

    Fifth business operators, residents and others should fulfil the following obligations:

    (A) with property services companies and make fire safety work, and ready for use position, their own fire safety work equipment;

    (B) to the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill, paralysed patient, guardian without civil capacity or a person with limited capacity for civil conduct fire education, and implement the necessary measures for fire prevention and protection;

    (C) housing decoration, decoration, in accordance with the relevant technical specifications for fire safety installations, electrical products, gas appliances, as well as design, laying pipe;

    (D) parked in a safe place for gas, fuel oil light motor vehicles and motorcycles, and implement fire safety measures to prevent gas and oil leaks;

    (E) within the time stipulated in the provisions of the regional, and the safe discharge of fireworks, not illegal Stockpiling, sale and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers;

    (Vi) not discharge lamp;

    (G) according to the notification issued by the property services company requires and immediate remedy fire hazards, accept the Realty service enterprise supervision;

    (H) after a fire, with the relevant departments to carry out fire accident investigation, without cleaning damage fire accident scene;

    (I) the bear fire equipment maintenance, upgrades, acquisition-related expenses.

    Article Sixth Committee shall perform the following duties:

    (A) the Organization, urging businesses and residents to comply with fire codes and regulations;

    (B) meet the residents carry out fire safety self-management duties according to law, and support the fire service the neighborhood, and receive guidance and supervision;

    (C) monitoring, assist property management companies to implement fire safety services;

    (D) according to the laws, regulations and technical standards, repairs and replacement fire facilities. Seventh article community neighborhood should established fire security accountability, developed residents fire Convention, established and implementation fire security management system; monthly on area within of units and residents residential of with fire electricity, and evacuation channel, and fire spacing, and fire facilities equipment, for many Yu once of fire security checks, urged and assist area units, and residents households carried out fire security since check self-examination, timely found and elimination fire hidden; carried out fire security publicity education, strengthening on old, and weak, and disease, and

    Focus on care for special groups such as disabled and elderly.

    Eighth community neighborhood Committee should be established in each building a volunteer fire warden and a volunteer fire-fighting advocates.

    Fire Administrator weekly fire safety inspections, fire fire safety common sense advocacy advocate is responsible for.

    Article property service enterprises shall be responsible for the service area within the mandate of the fire safety management, strict compliance with fire safety laws and regulations, carry out fire safety duties, maintenance of fire safety.

    Property management service Chief regional property management fire safety responsibility, in charge of head of regional property management fire safety managers; property services companies should set up a dedicated (and) professional fire management staff.

    Article property service enterprises fire safety responsibilities should be clearly written property services contracts, Administrative Department of property management property service enterprises fire safety responsibilities should be included in property service contract demonstration text.

    11th fire safety responsibility of property services companies people, fire safety Manager, (and) professional fire management and fire control room personnel should be determined or within 5 working days from the date of the change, fill in the table managers report on fire safety, reported to the local public security fire control institutions record or police station.

    12th property service enterprises shall each quarter on fire safety to carry out a self-assessment of the Realty Management area, fill in the table fire safety self assessment report, and reported to the local public security fire control institutions or police station.

    13th Realty service enterprise should be routine maintenance of building fire protection facilities to ensure sound and valid year entrust a qualified testing agency a comprehensive detection of automatic fire-fighting equipment, to the local public security fire control institutions or police stations to report test results, and prominent positions in the unit to public.

    14th when there is a fire, property management service shall organize tenants, residents and others warning the first time, the first time for fire self-rescue, start the fire-fighting equipment, the first time the first time through fire exits and the relevant officers in the first match, and assist the public security fire control institutions in fire accident investigation.

    15th property services companies should take to put up banners, establishment of billboards and other forms of businesses, residents and other staff conduct regular fire safety publicity and education, improve its checking ability to eliminate fire hazards, early fire fighting capacity, the ability to organize evacuation capacity and awareness-raising. In the 16th non-residential production, storage and sale of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.

    Units and individuals using inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, property services companies should urge them to strictly comply with the relevant fire safety regulations.

    17th Realty Management Enterprise shall perform the following duties on fire control security:

    (A) establish a uniform fire safety system;

    (B) to manage the public parts and use fire control facilities maintenance and management, provides fire safety services;

    (C) organize public parts of fire safety inspections, checks and eliminate fire hazards;

    (D) to occupy closed, congestion, evacuation routes, emergency exits, fire lane and other offences shall be prohibited and guaranteed access to the evacuation routes, emergency exit, fire engines, ensure that fire service installations and equipment as well as fire safety signs-sound and effective;

    (E) the property rights in a timely manner, inform the consumer-related cases and major issues concerning fire safety, urge them to undertake fire safety duties, or use the area for potential fire hazard of the Elimination of their respective management;

    (Vi) for refusing to eliminate fire hazards shall be promptly reported to the local public security fire control institutions;

    (VII) fire safety education training, set a minimum of two fixed fire awareness signs;

    (H) the development of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drills are regularly organized, guided by the local public security fire control institutions or police stations, security services or fire organizations volunteer fire department established, conduct our daily business training organization fighting fires from the beginning;

    (I) the fire control room must arrange 24-hour duty, automatic fire-fighting equipment operators must be certified;

    (J) the laws, rules, regulations and property management services other fire safety duties stipulated in the contract.

    18th Realty management company uniform fire safety management system should include the following:

    (A) fire safety education;

    (B) fire safety inspections, checks;

    (C) evacuation facility management;

    (D) fire (control room) on duty;

    (E) fire-fighting equipment, equipment maintenance and management;

    (Vi) rectification of the fire;

    (VII) Organization of fire security service organization management;

    (H) fire-fighting and emergency evacuation drills;

    (I) the fire safety work rewards and punishments;

    (J) other fire safety management.

    19th property services companies and businesses, residents and other personnel shall abide by the following provisions:

    (A) without changing the building's interior structure and fireproof partitions;

    (B) not illegal use of flammable, combustible building materials decoration;

    (C) not to damage, misappropriate, enclosure, separate, remove or stop use fire control facilities;

    (D) shall not be occupied, blockage, closure of evacuation routes, emergency exit, fire rescue and fire prevention space, fire lane venue;

    (E) shall be set to affect fire fighting and rescue of obstructions such as overhead lines, billboards shall not block exhaust window (s);

    (Vi) without changing the fire inspection fire acceptance record, determine or nature;

    (G) without prejudice to the fire safety of other acts.

    20th fire-fighting equipment maintenance and inspection expenses shall be borne by the owner, pursuant to the relevant provisions apply for the use of special maintenance funds. Are included in the major fire hidden fire-fighting equipment, Realty service enterprise or owners of a public security fire control institutions or police stations issued by the legal instruments apply to the maintenance department in charge of funds use of funds.

    Maintenance fund authorities shall endanger the safety of housing emergency handle.

    21st property services fire safety managers should be daily public service the following fire safety inspections:

    (A) the use of fire, electricity, gas and other non-violation;

    (B) evacuation channels and safety exits are unblocked;

    (C) fire-fighting facilities and equipment, fire safety sign is intact;

    (D) the key position if the employee is employed;

    (E) other fire safety issues.

    22nd property service enterprises at least once a month to organize a fire prevention inspection and fire inspection should include the following:

    (A) the system of fire safety, fire safety measures and the implementation of fire safety procedures and implementation;

    (B) the use of fire, electricity, gas and other non-violation;

    (C) construction, reconstruction, expansion and renovation projects have no violation;

    (D) evacuation channels and safety exits and fire lane was clear;

    (E) fire-fighting facilities, equipment, safety signs, and fire water sources is intact;

    (F) fire (control room) operators on duty Rota, fire safe key parts management;

    (G) the formulation and practice of fire-fighting and emergency evacuation plans;

    (H) fire-fighting knowledge;

    (IX) fire safety inspections, fire hazards and preventive measures of rectification;

    (J) other fire safety issues.

    During major holidays or major events should be in accordance with the provisions of joint inspections.

    23rd property services companies checked, found in inspections for potential fire hazard shall be immediately eliminated; cannot be eliminated, it should be immediately reported to the local public security fire control institutions or police station. 24th property service enterprises shall establish and improve fire protection archive.

    Fire record should include the security and fire safety management, fire files should be unified archive for future reference.

    25th public security fire control institutions shall set up and perfect the fire safety evaluation system, an annual assessment of property services companies, assessment results inform the Administrative Department of property management and administration for industry and commerce, and in an appropriate manner to the public and property management administrative departments should strengthen the use of evaluation results. 26th to comply with article 19th fourth requirement, illegal building structures occupied closed, congestion, evacuation routes and safety, fire lane acts, property service enterprises shall dissuade, deter; do not scatter, combat shall be promptly reported to the local public security fire control institutions or police station.

    Public security fire control institutions or police stations should be based on the People's Republic of China Fire Services Act and the People's Republic of China administrative mandatory law provisions, law forced removal or dismantlement of related obstacles, obstruction, the costs borne by the violation.

    27th property services companies have one of the following, by the local public security fire control institutions or police station under the People's Republic of China fire prevention law of the 60th of the rules shall be ordered to correct, fined a maximum of between 50,000 yuan and 5,000 Yuan:

    (A) fire-fighting facilities, equipment, or fire safety sign configuration, Setup does not meet national standards, industry standards, or not maintained in good working condition;

    (B) damage, use, occupy, separated, dismantle and stop use fire control facilities and devices;

    (C) occupied closed fire safety, congestion, evacuation routes, emergency exit, fire lane and fire rescue site;

    (D) in densely populated places on the doors and Windows settings that affect escape and firefighting and rescue the obstacle;

    (E) refusing to eliminate fire hazards.

    Individuals have second and third acts in the preceding paragraph, warn or impose a fine of less than 500 Yuan.

    28th altering fire inspection fire acceptance record, determine or use properties or change the building structure, fire, fire control acceptance check or fire unqualified acceptance of unauthorized use, in accordance with the People's Republic of China article 58th of the fire control law the provisions of the first paragraph shall be ordered to stop construction, stop or suspend and fined 30,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan.

    Construction after the completion of the construction project does not record of public security fire control institutions according to law, under the People's Republic of China article 58th of the fire control law of the provisions of the second paragraph, rectification, and concurrently impose a fine of less than 5,000 yuan.

    Article 29th of non-residential construction projects are not in accordance with the fire-fighting design files and technical standards on fire using flammable and combustible materials decoration, reduce fire construction quality, in accordance with the People's Republic of China article 59th of the fire control law provisions shall be ordered to correct or stop construction and fined a maximum of between 100,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    30th regional reference implementation of property management of the measures. 31st article this way come into force February 1, 2013.

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