Tianjin Public Indoor Air Quality Management Regulations

Original Language Title: 天津市公共场所室内空气质量管理规定

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Tianjin public indoor air quality management regulations

    (January 11, 2013 Tianjin Municipal 102th general meeting January 27, 2013 Tianjin Municipal People's Government, the 59th promulgated as of April 1, 2013) first in order to protect the public with good air quality, safeguard human health, according to the hygiene management regulations of the State Council (guofa [1987]24) provisions, combined with the municipality, these provisions are formulated.

    Article on the following indoor air quality supervision and management of the application of this provision in public places:

    (A) shopping malls, bookstores, Office building;

    (B) Exhibition Hall, Museum, art gallery, library;

    (C) the gymnasium, swimming pool, fitness room;

    (D) theaters, concert halls, dance halls;

    (E) hotels and restaurants;

    (F) hospitals, schools and kindergartens;

    (VII) shall be incorporated into the management of other public places.

    The scope of supervision of the quality of indoor air in public places, the municipal public health Administrative Department determined in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and this municipality.

    Article city and county governments should pay attention to the quality of indoor air in public places, the major issues resolved in a timely manner of indoor air quality in public places, security requirements for the supervision and administration of quality of indoor air in public places.

    Article fourth and indoor air quality management district and county administrative departments of public health is responsible for public works organization, comprehensive coordination and specific operational supervision and management of indoor air quality in public places.

    City and district departments of quality supervision, industrial and commercial administrative departments according to their respective duties, are responsible for public interior decoration materials, furniture production and circulation of products quality supervision and management.

    Building, business, education, environmental protection, tourism, sport, culture, food and drug supervision administration contribute, within their respective mandates, such as indoor air quality management in the administrative departments of public health work.

    Fifth article of the requirements listed in public places in accordance with the country's relevant provisions of health license management and the city should apply for a health permit, did not obtain a health permit, no business.

    The municipal educational administrative departments shall be schools, kindergartens, open information to inform the municipal public health Administrative Department.

    Sixth location, design, decoration, and use of public places shall conform to the national, indoor air quality, and the relevant standards and specifications.

    Seventh public and use of the legal representative or principal responsible is first responsible person for indoor air quality.

    Using units shall establish and improve the indoor air quality management systems in public places.

    Units should be staffed with full-time or part-time in public places of indoor air quality management, specifically responsible for the relevant work.

    Article eighth public building, rebuilding, expansion, shall conform to the relevant hygienic standards and specifications, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the provisions of the municipal public health Administrative Department of preventive health and review procedures.

    Review of preventive health programs and specific requirements set by the municipal public health Administrative Department. Nineth business shall not be closed during the public interior decoration.

    Local decoration, operators should take effective measures to ensure non-decoration business area of indoor air quality. Decorative renovation of schools and kindergartens shall entrust a professional body before using an indoor air quality testing, and test results be published.

    Does not meet the air quality standards in schools, kindergartens, prohibited the use, corrective inspection before use.

    Tenth public indoor decorating and refurbishing materials and devices must comply with State and city standards, products with quality inspection certificates and identity in Chinese names, specifications, types, production plants, such as name, address, and prohibiting the use of State of decoration materials and equipment has been officially eliminated.

    11th indoor air circulation unit shall keep the public in public places to ensure indoor air quality.

    Ventilation, a device in a public place without alteration, demolition and for other purposes.

    Public places to set up the toilet should have a separate exhaust ventilation facilities, keep clean and odor-free.

    12th public central air conditioning ventilation system shall comply with centralized air-related requirements of sanitary norms and regulations, and 1 every 2 years to prevent airborne diseases health testing or evaluation, testing or evaluation qualified before they can continue to run.

    13th using units shall establish a training system on indoor air quality in public places, legal knowledge and public health practitioners-organizational learning-related health knowledge and evaluation, failed to pass the examination shall not be arranged induction.

    14th use establishments shall set up indoor air quality archive, and archive the information according to relevant regulation.

    15th business in public places shall be marked in the region of toxic and harmful substances and odor-causing items.

    Hospitals, schools and other units for medical treatment, teaching, scientific research needs to store the goods, shall, in accordance with the relevant provisions of strict management.

    16th public units shall in accordance with hygienic standards, specifications for indoor air quality testing, testing not less than 1 year; test results do not meet the health standards, the specification should be timely rectification.

    Public users do not have detection capability, shall entrust a professional body for detection.

    Public entities shall prominently publicized test results.

    17th of municipal and district and county administrative departments for public health shall take the site health monitoring, sampling, inspection and copying files, interviews and other methods, in accordance with the relevant health standards and requirements, to supervise and inspect the quality of indoor air in public places, the relevant units and individuals shall not refuse or conceal.

    18th use establishments have any of the following circumstances, by city or County Health Department be ordered to rectify; fails to change, below 1000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan fine on the supervision and inspection of resistance, fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fines; serious cases can be ordered closed by law, until their hygiene license withdrawn:

    (A) the quality of indoor air in public places does not meet national standards and requirements and continue to use;

    (B) failing to establish indoor air quality management system, equipped with indoor air-quality management personnel and part-time, or indoor air quality management system has not been established;

    (C) failing organizations health practitioners conduct legal literacy and knowledge of public health training, or arrangement without legal knowledge and knowledge training and examination of public health practitioners work;

    (D) is not in accordance with the provisions on central air conditioning ventilation system for cleaning and disinfection or detection and hygienic evaluation of nonconforming use or unauthorized stop use, removal of ventilation equipment;

    (E) public places, renovation and expansion projects are not for preventive health examination procedures.

    19th of municipal and district and county administrative departments of public health staff in the supervision and administration of quality of indoor air in public places of abuse, negligence, malpractice, on the persons directly responsible shall be given sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 20th article of the regulations come into force on April 1, 2013.

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