Guangzhou Urban Bridge Tunnel Toll Years Vote Approaches

Original Language Title: 广州市城市路桥隧道车辆通行费年票制办法

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Guangzhou urban bridge tunnel toll years vote approaches (March 18, 2013 Guangzhou 14th session Government 59th times Executive Conference considered through April 3, 2013 Guangzhou Government makes 93rd, announced since June 1, 2013 up purposes) first article for full play this city city road of traffic function, balance urban traffic flow, specification loan construction of bridge, and tunnel of charges behavior, conducive to loan of reimbursement, according to People's Republic of China Highway method, and charges Highway Management Ordinance, and City Road Management Ordinance and

    Highway regulations and other laws and regulations in Guangdong Province, the provincial Government agreed to the city's urban road and bridge tunnel toll years vote, considering the actual situation in the city, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the city registered within the year system of regional licensing of vehicles and driving in this city for a long time within the year system of regional field access by vehicles should pay a one-off annual fee (hereinafter referred to as annual pass tolls).

    Temporary entry into the field of the city within the year system of regional vehicle shall, once toll booths to pay toll (hereinafter referred to as tolling).

    Tolls levied for the reimbursement of urban roads and bridges, tunnel construction, and extracting the water conservancy construction funds management fee, in accordance with the regulations.

    Third article annual pass rate of regional scope, criteria and deadlines, implementation of approved by the provincial people's Government.

    Fourth municipal transport management Department is the toll collection and management of the Administrative Department, is responsible for implementation of this approach.

    Municipal facilities charge is toll collection and management bodies, specifically responsible for toll collection and management; commissioned by the municipal transport administration, sanctions for acts contrary to the relevant provisions of this approach.

    Fifth of municipal public security traffic management departments should be provided to the municipal transport management information on vehicles in the city to realize information resources sharing.

    Municipal construction, prices, finance and other relevant departments, in accordance with their functions, coordinate the implementation of these measures.

    Sixth toll, toll collection, by the authorities in the year pay sites and toll collection can also be commissioned by the municipal administration of toll collection agencies approved by the provincial people's Government toll is imposed by the Act.

    Toll collection, management should use information technology, vehicle owners to pay tolls.

    Seventh article of the vehicle owner should be a one-time per year paid in that year's annual pass tolls. New car home, car moving vehicle scrapping, moving out or robbery, vehicle owner shall, by presenting the relevant documents to the municipal administration of toll collection agencies go through the relevant formalities. New car door, the car moved, shall pay an annual toll from the date of registration; vehicle scrapping, move out, suspended from the date of registration shall pay an annual toll vehicle robbery, issued by public security organs above the county level to prove, since the date of the robbery to stop pay an annual toll.

    Already paid, can apply for a refund.

    Vehicles in the city already pay an annual toll, vehicle owners in the conversion, change within 30th of presenting the relevant certificates, toll collection and management departments, to change. Eighth to pay an annual toll of vehicles to be issued shall be the financial Bill and issued with the license plate number, category, year consistent identity.

    Vehicle annual pass should be identified for all onboard for possible examination. Nineth year frequented the city areas of vehicles in the field, you can choose to pay an annual toll or toll.

    After the tolls paid, is not refundable. Ticket one-way tolls levied according to time, ticket to enter this years vote, entered a payment again. Within the year system of regional presence in this city, 3rd Force expired, shall be to pay tolls.

    Fee bills shall be kept until the year vote, leaving the city area for possible examination.

    Article tenth military vehicles, police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and funeral vehicles, rescue vehicles, foreign consulate vehicle, disabled car and provincial provisions are exempted vehicles are exempt from tolls.

    11th annual pass ID is lost, owner shall submit written applications for replacement of vehicles, the motor vehicle driving license holders and pay bills, toll collection and management bodies, to apply for a replacement; time lost mending should be allowed to vote once toll booths to pay.

    12th annual pass logo, ticket, a person shall not lend, fraudulent use and counterfeiting.

    13th annual pass payment site, toll charges, suspension of Guangdong Province license and annual pass payment to the public places, toll station name and approval authority, authority, charges, fees, fee basis, and license number, the charges telephone, subject to public supervision.

    Article 14th tolls imposed by administrative fees regulations, pay into the city Treasury, the two lines of income and expenditure management.

    Toll collection, management should establish a sound financial, audit, statistics, document management system and reporting system, tolls are collected and paid in a timely manner. 15th city traffic management departments shall regularly publicize the toll collection, management, use and repayment of loans.

    Once the loan is paid off, should cease the levying of tolls. 16th of municipal administration of toll collection agency the right to the city within the year system of regional public car parks and toll station entrance vehicles pay tolls.

    No units or individuals may refuse to accept checks. For vehicles without paying tolls, law enforcement officials should deal with; cannot deal with or affect traffic flow, it may order the driver to specified places for treatment.

    Unpaid tolls of vehicles shall be driven into a year in the city area.

    17th article in violation of these regulations, any of the following acts, in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) are not required to pay an annual toll, ordered to pay annual pass toll, and added on a daily basis from the payable date pass tolls payable for 2 of the late fees, late fees in total shall not exceed the total annual tolls payable.

    Not required to pay an annual toll, since the date of late than 30th notice vehicle owner does not comply, the municipal transportation authorities may request the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    (B) is not required to pay tolls, except as provided shall be ordered to pay costs, and may be imposed a fine of 50 Yuan.

    (C) lend, fraudulent use of year votes in identity or used forged years identifies, inter alia provisions shall be ordered to pay costs of additional, similar models and standard 1 time pass tolls payable fine of three times the ...

    (D) lending, fraudulent use or use of forged votes, except as provided shall be ordered to pay the extra, the unit and to a fine of 100 Yuan for individuals and a fine of 50 Yuan.

    (E) no purchase of vehicles not specified routes to pass through the toll, into the pass Lane, a warning, and a 20 Yuan fine.

    18th false annual identification and vote, impede, siege and insulted, beaten by law enforcement officers or other acts in violation of these regulations shall be given administrative penalties for public security, by the public security organs in accordance with the People's Republic of China public security management punishment law punishment; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law.

    19th toll collection and management of the relevant staff negligence, abuse, favoritism, disciplined by the appointment and removal or the supervisory organs; a suspected crime, transferred to the judicial organs according to law. 20th the measures take effect on June 1, 2013. Published on December 11, 2000 by the Guangzhou urban bridge tunnel toll pass pilot scheme also abolished.