Administrative Measures For The Pontoon Bridge In Henan Province

Original Language Title: 河南省浮桥管理办法

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Administrative measures for the pontoon bridge in Henan province

    (June 20, 2013 5th meeting consideration of the people's Government of Henan province by July 3, 2013, 153th, promulgated by the people's Government of Henan province as of September 1, 2013) the first pontoon to standardize management, maintaining the order of operations, ensure transport safety, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the administrative area of the Yellow River, huaihe River, in the province shayinghe River and other navigable river pontoon on the mainstream of the civil construction, operation, management and related activities governed by this approach.

    Pontoon bridge in these measures refers to both sides of the River, floating facilities, used for passenger and freight transport.

    Third pontoon construction and management of security first, prevention, convenient to the masses, according to principles of management and who is in charge of who is responsible for territorial management and security management mechanism.

    Fourth Boardwalk the county people's Governments shall establish and improve the Boardwalk security management system, develop pontoon emergency contingency plans, coordinate pontoon construction and management of major issues.

    Boardwalk where Township people's Governments should make clear, a principal in charge of area of bridge safety management, implementation of ferry safety responsibility system, urging pontoon ferry companies ensure ferry safety.

    Fifth Administrative Department of transportation responsible for pontoon ferry operating approval and operation safety supervision and management, waterway traffic management of its institutions to implement specific management responsibilities.

    Yellow River Authority is responsible for the yellow (Qin) River on a pontoon bridge-building programme carried out examination and approval, supervise and administer the bridge erection and dismantling, the pontoon construction project acceptance.

    Water Administrative Department is responsible for the yellow (Qin) river channel other than on the mainstream of the pontoon bridge-building programme carried out examination and approval, supervise and administer the bridge erection and dismantling, the pontoon construction project acceptance.

    Development and reform, public security, industry and commerce administration and safety supervision and management departments in accordance with statutory authority to perform administrative duties to the Boardwalk.

    The sixth province development and reform Department, the provincial Department of transportation administration in the preparation of transport development plans, bridge-building in transport development planning should be. Seventh is proposed to build a boardwalk from units or individuals shall have proof of identity, proposed to build a provincial transport Administration Department, where the pontoon pontoon bridge-building applications.

    Department of transportation administration shall, within 5 working days after receipt of the application, on the pontoon construction whether the application meets the transport development plan review and signing.

    Article eighth pontoon construction applications comply with the transport development plan, units or individuals proposed to build a pontoon bridge-building programmes should be developed, and follow the river course management rights, water conservancy administrative departments at and above the county level in accordance with law or the Yellow River Authority (hereinafter referred to as river authorities) submitted to the examination and approval.

    Nineth pontoon bridge-building programme should include the following main elements:

    (A) construction, construction units, administrative units;

    (B) project location (location);

    (C) the date and duration of use;

    (D) social and economic benefits;

    (E) the bridge length, width, structure, design load;

    (Vi) the implementation arrangements;

    (VII) flood and ice run protection measures and accountability;

    (VIII) occupying construction projects within river management;

    (IX) other matters that should be stated.

    Tenth pontoon bridge-building programme when approved, Boardwalk construction units or individuals shall take the relevant approval document from the proposed to build a pontoon bridge where provincial Government Department of transportation administration to apply for water transport business license.

    Section 11th for sea transport business license shall submit the following materials:

    (A) sea transport business license applications;

    (B) bridge-building programme approval;

    (C) construction of the pontoon bridge technical description, maps, floor plans (including both ends of the bridge channels);

    (D) the business name prior approval written notice;

    (E) head office locations, lists;

    (F) appropriate practitioners and security managers of information;

    (G) the safety management system;

    (VIII) other materials stipulated by laws and regulations. 12th traffic Administrative Department shall, within 30 days after receipt of the application, the sea transport business license application review and make a decision to approve or not to approve.

    Approved by the decision, sent to sea transport business license; were rejected, notify the applicant in writing and state the reasons.

    Make sea transport business license applicants, waterway transport law to the Administrative Department for industry and commerce business license registration, receive a ferrying business license before they can engage in construction and operation activities.

    13th construction of Boardwalk shall not narrowing the channel, without changing the project location (location), should not affect the hydrologic and river observations, flood control and management of construction projects within river management, river management within water may destroy the facility, shall not use material for flood control.

    Boardwalk shall not establish a permanent bridgehead buildings between the two sides.

    14th pontoon should set non-motor vehicle and pedestrian, car, safe traffic signs and speed limits, limit load, weight limit, limit high, limit distance, width limit signs and personnel safety warning signs. Boardwalk on both sides should set the secure fence, equipped with adequate lifesaving, fire, lighting equipment.

    Pontoon electricity lines and their laying shall comply with the relevant technical rules. 15th pontoon ferry Enterprise shall be equipped with towing vessels, pontoon sets video monitoring and metering device.

    Pressure for pontoon boats and other facilities, equipment should meet the State standards, and shall obtain the corresponding inspection, registration certificates.

    Pontoon ferry enterprise should be dismantled and re-erected the pontoons bearing boat apply for additional tests.

    16th pontoon ferry enterprises shall, in accordance with provisions of article submission to Department of transportation administration statistics. Pontoon ferry Enterprise shall establish a pontoon safety data archive, archive material and to ensure that complete, accurate and valid.

    Surveillance video data retention period shall not be less than 30th.

    17th floating bridge was constructed must be approved by the channel after acceptance by the competent authority, may be put into use.

    Pontoon ferry enterprises shall, in accordance with the State standards and norms, routine inspection, maintenance of bridge and its facilities, and imposed on the pontoon safety supervision throughout the day to ensure boardwalk in good technical condition, provide quality services for vehicles and personnel, and responsible for the safety operation. 18th against the passenger car, more than Boardwalk limited tonnage vehicles, overloaded vehicles, transportation of highly toxic chemicals by pontoon. Pontoon ferry companies should stop the forbidden vehicles through the Boardwalk. Over 19 non-operating passenger vehicles and heavy vehicles, and vehicles transporting flammable, explosive and other dangerous goods, introduction of cycling one-way pass Boardwalk.

    Pontoon ferry enterprise security managers should direct.

    19th pontoon ferry company emergency response mechanism should be established, according to the pontoon bridge erected the actual situation of the waters, and corresponding flood control, ice prevention, prevention of unexpected danger of severe weather and other emergency plans and drills on a regular basis.

    20th Boardwalk security incidents, pontoon ferry companies should immediately activate emergency response plans, to take prompt measures to organize rescue, and report to the waterway traffic management agencies and departments.

    21st in case of flood, flood, or wind, fog, snow and other weather effects and other serious safety situation, pontoon ferry companies should immediately cease operations.

    22nd case of water diversion and sediment, flood and ice run protection and other special situations, pontoon ferry defused enterprise should follow the River Authority's Boardwalk.

    Pontoon ferry companies should strengthen the Organization and management of Boardwalk during the dismantling, erection, and requires pontoon dismantled by the river authorities, set up programmes to ensure safety.

    23rd pontoon ferry companies cease operations or dismantling of pontoon, shall report to the local waterway authorities, and set the outage at the road leading to the bridge crossing identification.

    Pontoon ferry companies terminate operation, it shall be cancellation of waterway transport industrial and commercial registration and business license, and shall be published. 24th sea traffic management agencies should establish and improve bridge safety supervision and inspection system, strengthen supervision and inspection of pontoon safety and inspections on a regular basis.

    When you detect security risks, shall order the pontoon ferry immediately eliminate elimination cannot, be ordered to stop operations.

    25th River Authority shall in accordance with the water and sediment regulation, flood control, ice prevention requirements in advance to Boardwalk ferry companies provide water and sediment, flood prevention, information on ice jam flood control, river authorities should be immediately removed as needed pontoons or the restoration of the decision to set up and supervise the implementation. 26th article violates these rules, without units or individuals engaged in bridge construction, river authorities, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Water Act penalties 65th article.

    Violation of these rules, without units or individuals engaged in bridge operation, by waterway authorities above the county level in accordance with the domestic penalties the 33rd article of the regulations on administration of waterway transportation.

    27th pontoon ferry company in violation of this article 14th or 16th article, by waterway authorities above the county level rectification; fails to mend, of up to between 5000 and 1000 Yuan fine.

    28th pontoon ferry companies in violation of these regulations, any of the following acts, the waterway traffic management agencies above the county level shall order rectification, and a fine of less than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 Yuan:

    (A) are not equipped with video monitoring, metering devices and towing vessels;

    (B) failure to establish safety management systems and security management staff;

    (C) failure to establish emergency mechanisms pontoon or not to report security incidents;

    (D) the tonnage of passenger car, exceeded pontoon qualified vehicles, overloaded vehicles, transportation of highly toxic chemicals by Boardwalk action to stop, or not implementing the requirements of vehicles motorcycles one-way pass.

    29th pontoon ferry enterprises that violate the provisions of this article 22nd, failing to timely removal pontoon, by the River Authority fines of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Article 30th administrative departments of transport, waterway transport authorities, river authorities and staff of one of the following acts, to managers directly responsible and other persons directly responsible shall be given administrative sanctions constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) the safety supervision and management system has not been established;

    (B) not in accordance with the statutory conditions of approval pontoon construction programme and water transport business license;

    (C) exercise supervision over water transport business license is not checked;

    (D) failing to perform security management responsibilities or found safety problems are not dealt with according to law in a timely manner;

    (E) other acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties. 31st article this way come into force on September 1, 2013.

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