Counselor Of The Yunnan Provincial Government Work

Original Language Title: 云南省政府参事工作规定

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Counselor of the Yunnan Provincial Government work (July 4, 2013 Yunnan Province Government 13th times Executive Conference considered through July 19, 2013 Yunnan Province Government makes 185th, announced since October 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to specification and strengthening Government counselor work, guarantees counselor law perform duties, play counselor participate in, and built statements brainstorming, and advisory country is, and democratic supervision, and United Front Fellowship of role, according to State Government counselor work Ordinance (following referred to Ordinance), combined this province actual,

    These provisions are formulated.

    Article provincial government staff working in the administrative area, application of the Ordinance and these regulations. Third counselor, working bodies competent provincial staff officer working state (City) competent staff officer working bodies established people's Government of the people's Governments at the corresponding level counselors.

    Provincial institutions guidance counselor work State (City) counselor working body of the work. Counselor of the fourth implementation of appointment system.

    Counselor, appointed by the Governor, the State (municipal) counselor by State (City) long appointment.

    Eligible within a fifth Counselor from the administrative organs, enterprises and institutions working workers, as well as other social organizations in personnel selection.

    Staff officer from the selection in the members of the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation, can also be selected from the Communist Party of China experts and scholars.

    Provincial and State (City) counselor of the number determined by the people's Governments at the corresponding level in accordance with the needs.

    Counselor of the sixth fifth shall comply with the regulations provided for in article terms and conditions of the following:

    (A) counselor of the love of work, with a strong sense of professionalism and social responsibility;

    (B) economic and social development;

    (C) in the field of professional high visibility;

    (D) has strong research capabilities, able to complete the staff recommendations and research reports.

    Chief staff officer of the first external age and the maximum age in accordance with the fifth article of the Ordinance shall apply.

    First appointed staff officer retirement at age 55 shall apply, shall complete the appointment process before reaching the retirement age prescribed by the State.

    Chief staff officer of a province or State (City) cadres, which shall not exceed the maximum age, province or State (City) cadres ' term of maximum age. Article seventh appointed staff officer shall, in accordance with the provisions of article sixth of the procedure and the following procedure: (a) staff officer working in conjunction with the departments concerned in accordance with the fifth of the article and the conditions laid down in article sixth, in the context of Counsellor of the recommended candidates, determined in accordance with the people's Governments at the corresponding level number of counselors, Counselor of the research study candidates. Counselor of the recommended candidates are members of the democratic parties and personages without party affiliation, in conjunction with the study on the United Front working Department determined is the Communist Party of China experts and scholars, in collaboration with the Organization departments to determine.

    Counselor determined that candidates study for reviewing.

    (B) the people's Governments at the corresponding level of the validation after the staff officer appointments, appointment decisions issued a timely appointment ceremony was held, issued and signed by the head of the people's Governments at the corresponding level key appointment letters.

    (C) to the public list of counselors.

    Eighth staff officer first appointment term expired in accordance with the regulations of article seventh renewal, renewal for a period of not more than two consecutive terms.

    General staff officer to continue to employ candidates proposed by the staff officer working bodies.

    Staff officer first engaged not to continue to employ or to continue to employ term expires the expiry natural departure.

    Nineth staff officer under the Ordinance should be article tenth of the duties and the following functions:

    (A) to the administrative investigation on major problems in economic and social development, comments and recommendations;

    (B) to the level people's Government made a major decision to make suggestions and proposals;

    (C) implementation-level people's Governments and their departments perform duties of supervision and focus on reflecting the actual situation and problems, comments, suggestions and criticisms of seeking truth from facts;

    (D) closely linked to the community, and reflect the interests of social groups;

    (E) in accordance with the notice requirements to participate in this level people's Government, the Chief staff officer of the relevant working bodies to hold conferences or organized networking etiquette, Foreign Affairs, the United Front and other relevant activities;

    (Vi) to undertake other tasks assigned by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, staff officer working bodies.

    Staff officer duties to make suggestions and recommendations, mainly take the form of Counselor recommendations and research reports in writing.

    Counselor of the tenth article of the 11th of the Ordinance of the rights the following rights:

    (A) according to the needs to perform his duties, and to the units and individuals understand the situation;

    (B) invited to attend the relevant meetings of the NPC and its Standing Committee and CPPCC the same level;

    (C) invited to attend plenary meetings of the people's Government, Executive meetings or participate in special workshops and departments of important meetings;

    (D) invited to participate in major events organized the people's Governments at the corresponding level.

    11th staff officer shall perform the 12th article of the regulations of the obligation and the following obligations:

    (A) model to comply with the Constitution, laws, rules and regulations;

    (B) the interests of national security, reputation and interests;

    (C) committed, diligent;

    (D) keep the work secret.

    Counselor of the 12th enjoy the following benefits:

    (A) enjoy the treatment prescribed by the national and provincial;

    (B) retain the original position or professional titles does not account for the original unit level;

    (C) the Counsellor of the enjoyment of personal financial assistance, which is determined by the people's Governments at the corresponding level;

    (D) the preferred treatment care.

    Article 13th chief staff officer working body of the people's Governments to ensure funding for the Counselor provides the same level, according to the actual need of government staff working, staff officer of funds into the budget at the same level.

    Establishment of a staff officer working body of the people's Governments shall strengthen the work of the Counselor of the people's Governments at the corresponding level of institution-building, with staff in conformity with staff officer duties and tasks.

    Article 14th Counselor of the established body of work of departments concerned under the and lower level people's Governments should support and cooperate with the Counselor, according to staff required to perform duties, relevant information available to staff, informed of its work, and assist in research and political consultation, counselor recommendation in time and feedback to the staff officer and staff officer working bodies to handle the situation.

    Counselor of the 15th body shall carry out the provisions of section 15th of the duties and the following functions:

    (A) the responsible staff officer of organization and management;

    (B) development of the people's Governments at the corresponding level staff work planning, the people's Governments at the corresponding level for approval;

    (C) supervise implementation instructions of the Counselor of the Government leading to recommendations, to the units responsible for the Counselor recommendation query processing, tracking and feedback the staff officer to supervise government work comments, suggestions and criticism of the handling of the case;

    (D) according to staff needs, with relevant authorities to establish a long-term cooperation mechanism, Counselor of the establishment of contact points;

    (E) the organization staff officer with the relevant authorities of the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas study Exchange and cooperation of the advisory body;

    (F) organizing staff perform their duties or take part in learning and training;

    (VII) undertake staff officer candidate recommendation, study, employment, retention and staff leave, dismissal, resignation and recognition awards;

    (VIII) is responsible for establishing specific measures for the evaluation of staff officer to perform his duties, annual evaluation of the staff officer to perform his duties.

    Counselors human relations organization 16th article should guarantee staff office space, Office equipment, vehicles, travel and documentary material and other conditions of work, important work to inform the staff of the unit's deployment, and arrangements for staff to attend important meetings and activities of the unit, provide the necessary security conditions for the staff to perform their duties.

    17th staff officer personnel in party and Government organs, public institutions and State-owned enterprises, hired personnel relations remains in the original unit, the wages and other benefits.

    Staff officer during his tenure to reach retirement age stipulated by the State, in principle, not for the retirement procedures; individual retirement demands due to exceptional circumstances, in accordance with the relevant regulations.

    Staff officer expiry of retention and no longer meet the State retirement age, by a staff officer personnel unit in accordance with the relevant provisions for their retirement procedures.

    Counselor of the 18th, one of the following circumstances, given by a staff officer working level people's Government awards:

    (A) staff officer duties seriously, with apparent success, annual performance appraisal for 3 years in a row was rated as excellent;

    (Ii) staff proposal was adopted by the people's Governments at the corresponding level, or other bodies, scientific and democratic decision-making in accordance with law for the Government to make contributions or made significant economic and social benefits;

    (C) other outstanding contributions.

    Article 19th staff officer during the term of any of the following circumstances, staff officer working body shall be promptly reported to the head of the people's Governments at the corresponding level key dismissal:

    (A) ceases to comply with the regulations section fifth and sixth in these provisions shall stipulate conditions;

    (B) because of illness or other objective reasons cannot continue to discharge the responsibilities of the Chief staff officer;

    (C) I hereby apply for outgoing.

    Counselor of the 20th of the following circumstances, staff officer body of work should be reported to people's Governments in charge of resignation:

    (A) does not perform staff duties, annual performance appraisal is assessed as incompetent;

    (B) engaged in advisory activities incompatible with the status of any adverse consequences;

    (C) for violating disciplinary or criminal responsibility.

    21st staff officer first appointment, retention, the outgoing, dismissal, resignation, examination results and awards, from a staff officer working to staff officer and staff officer for staff relations unit and the relevant departments. 22nd article of the regulations come into force on October 1, 2013.

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