Liaoning Province, Civilian Airport Clearance Security Measures

Original Language Title: 辽宁省民用机场净空安全保护办法

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Liaoning province, civilian airport clearance security measures

    (June 18, 2013, Liaoning province, the 12th Executive meeting of the people's Government of the 6th July 12, 2013, No. 284, promulgated by the people's Government of Liaoning province as of August 20, 2013) first in order to strengthen the civilian airport clearance security, protection of civil aviation security and people's lives and property safety, according to the People's Republic of China civil aviation law, the civil airport administrative regulations and other laws and regulations, combined with the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second approach applies to the province within the administrative area of civil airports (including civil-military use the civilian part of the airport) the clearance area protection and electromagnetic environment protection.

    Third civil airport located municipal people's Governments shall establish and improve civilian airport clearance security job responsibilities and coordination mechanisms, studies deal with security clearance to work on major issues, include clearance of civil airport security work in local safety production responsibility system, and urge the relevant departments responsible for security clearance in accordance with the stipulated safety responsibility law, exercise supervision over and management of civil airports.

    Fourth provincial production safety supervision and management departments and civilian airport where City, County (including County-level cities and districts, the same below) the Executive branch of Government to determine, on the level of government departments and civilian airport clearance security in lower level people's Governments implement comprehensive coordination and supervision of the work.

    Development and reform, economic and information technology, public security, land and resources, environmental protection, housing and urban-rural development, forestry, meteorology and other relevant departments, in accordance with the provisions of the duty, civil airport clearance security job specific duties separately.

    Regional civil aviation authority according to law within the jurisdiction of a civil airport clearance security implementation supervision and management.

    In accordance with the provisions of the air traffic management sector responsibilities, clearance for the civilian airport security management.

    Article fifth airport management group, Liaoning province, Dalian Intl Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as airport management group) in accordance with the relevant provisions of national and provincial, bear is a member of a civil airport clearance-protection work.

    Sixth regional civil aviation administrative bodies, local city and county governments where the civilian airport and the relevant departments, airport clearance should be enhanced security awareness, education, and increasing citizen awareness airport clearance and protection. Airport Management Corporation and airport is located in township (town) people, streets and village (neighborhood) committees should do airport clearance security within the area of information, education and other related work.

    Find clearance security clearance security risks or hazards, and should report higher level people's Governments or appropriate authorities.

    Seventh regional civil aviation regulatory agencies, Government, and civilian airport is located, shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State civil airport obstacle clearance protection zone, will be included in the municipal urban and rural construction planning and land-use planning, and to the public.

    Civilian airport is located the county people's Governments shall, in conjunction with the airport management group, at the civilian airport obstacle clearance protection zone warning mark.

    Article eighth airport management group should be based on the technical standards on civil airport flight zone and civilian airport master planning, preparation of obstacle clearance limit, upon approval by the civil aviation Administrative Department under the State Council, reported to the civilian airport is located the municipal development and reform, housing and urban-rural development, land and resources administration departments.

    Civil airport overall plan adjustment, obstacle clearance limit should also be adjusted accordingly. Nineth airport construction, expansion, and municipal people's Governments shall, where the airport before commencement of Works 6 months, issue a public notice in the local media and posted on the area around the airport. May affect the airport clearance security buildings and installations, obstacles such as trees, lights, sector organizations related to entrusted by the municipal people's Government or the clearance and disposal.

    Losses, it shall pay compensation or take other remedial measures.

    Airport construction, expansion announcement, no unit or individual shall not be obstacle clearance protection zone at the airport built, planted or setting affect the security clearance of obstacles. Article tenth approval obstacle clearance protection zone of the airport construction projects, it shall seek the views of regional civil aviation authority. Regional civil aviation authority shall receive within 20 working days from the date of request for comments written replies; law requires hearings, inspection, testing and expert review, approved by the regional civil aviation administrative agency heads would be appropriate to extend the response time.

    However, as otherwise provided by laws and regulations, in accordance with its provisions. Obstacle clearance protection zone of the airport construction, reconstruction and expansion of the security facilities of construction projects shall be simultaneously with the principal part of the project design, construction, inspection, put into use simultaneously.

    Investment in safety facilities shall be incorporated into the construction project budget estimates.

    11th in airfield clearance protection zone is prohibited to engage in the following activities:

    (A) construction of a shooting range, a strong explosives warehouse and over civilian airport obstacle clearance height restrictions affecting the safety of flight, such as buildings or other facilities;

    (B) amount of substances such as smoke, dust, flame, gas;

    (C) set the effects of airport Visual Navaid or pilot line of sight of the lights, signs or objects;

    (D) the plant affect flight safety or affecting civilian airfield facilities used by plants;

    (E) the birds flying up unmanned free balloons, captive balloons, kites lifted off, lamp and other objects as well as airships, gliders, and powered parachute flight;

    (F) storage of explosives and blasting over height obstacle clearance protection requirements or job;

    (G) the burning of crop stalks, produces a lot of smoke waste material;

    (H) discharge of fireworks, Fireworks;

    (IX) surrounding bounds within 5 metres of the airport, build buildings, planting trees, digging, stacked objects, or activities that affect the operating of civil airport security;

    (10) other acts that affect the airport obstacle clearance protection stipulated by the State.

    12th article City Government should organization area civil aviation management institutions, and Government about sector and airport management group, determine airport clearance reserves extraterritorial airport around regional built built (frame) built real, planting tall trees, discharge launch of firecrackers, and Fireworks, and Fireworks, rose put no driving of free balloon, and Department left balloon and kite, and kongming lamp, other launch objects of limit height or regional, and to social announced.

    13th obstacle clearance protection zone at the airport, but tall buildings may affect flight safety, the owner shall be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State flight obstacle lights and marks, and remain in the normal display state. Article 14th units or individuals outside the obstacle clearance protection zone, up unmanned free balloon or balloon, to meteorological departments above the county level should rise to apply.

    Meteorological departments should be made from the date of acceptance of the application within the 2nd approve or not to approve the decision and notify the applicant accordingly.

    Rose unmanned free balloon, should meteorological departments rose placed 2nd at the proposed document, apply to the local air traffic management and air traffic management departments shall, in relation to the rise in 1st to approve or not to approve the decision and notify the applicant.

    Rose unmanned free balloon non-normal operation from captive or tethered balloons accidents rose units or individuals should immediately to air traffic management sector and the competent meteorological reports.

    15th article in airport clearance protection regional border bordering of area using airship, and hot air balloon, and glide machine, and power umbrella, aircraft engaged in aviation flight of units or personal, need delineation temporary flight airspace of, should in intends using temporary flight airspace 7 a work recently to air traffic management sector proposed written application; accepted application of air traffic management sector since received application of day up 3rd within, made approved or not approved of decided, and written told applicants.

    16th management group should be set up at the airport the airport obstacle clearance protection zone of regular inspection system. Airport obstacle clearance protection zone within the inspection, at least once a week; barrier-free area within the airport inspection, at least once a day.

    Inspection should include the following main elements:

    (A) check for new, high buildings and structures and the natural growth of plants;

    (B) check for the trees, smoke, lights, kites and balloons, which affect clearance environmental conditions;

    (C) checking the validity of obstruction marker lights, markers and obstacles.

    Inspection shall be recorded and archived.

    Article 17th pigeon Association shall do Association and club management, education and supervision of their feeding, flying pigeon and organizing competitions and other activities, comply with the relevant provisions, to avoid affecting the security clearance at the airport.

    18th civil airport located Radio Authority shall, in conjunction with regional civil aviation administrative bodies in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards, designated and adjust civil airport electromagnetic environment protection area, ensure normal civilian communications facilities and equipment at the airport, limit electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic obstacles, and to the public.

    Airport management company shall promptly update the airport electromagnetic environment protection area, report to the local municipal authorities for the record.

    19th at the civilian airport electromagnetic environment protection in the region is set, the use of civil aviation radio (stations), radio after management should seek the advice of regional civil aviation authority, according to the relevant provisions of the State radio regulatory approval.

    20th air traffic management and airport management group should be air route radio station, radio electromagnetic environmental monitoring management institutions to build civilian airport communications systems. When the civil aviation dedicated radio frequency interference, regional civil aviation authorities and airports management group shall immediately take the investigation measures, to eliminate; cannot be eliminated, and radio management bodies should inform airport is located.

    To inform the radio control bodies should take steps to investigate and punish.
21st management group should be set up at the airport the airport electromagnetic environment protection area around inspection and found the following affect the behavior of airborne electromagnetic environment, shall immediately report the regional civil aviation administrative bodies:

    (A) the electromagnetic environment of high voltage transmission lines built on the air, overhead wires, railways, highways, radio transmitting equipment testing launch sites;

    (B) storage of metal deposit;

    (C) the laws and regulations of the other Act and the regulations. Articles 22nd civil airport clearance security responsibilities of relevant government departments, airport clearance security plans and measures of supervision and inspection should be developed, to periodically check the clearance security job.

    The violations and problems discovered in the inspection shall be promptly dealt with according to law, and supervise their rectification.

    23rd violates this way 11th section of sudden events occur that affect flight safety, discovery should immediately notify the airport management company, managed by airport group company report to the local police, received a report of the public security organs shall take effective measures, excluding flight safety hazard.

    After public security organ handling, matters do not fall within its jurisdiction, shall be transferred to the provincial production safety supervision and management departments in a timely manner or civilian airport is located city and county administrative sectors identified in further processing.

    24th article violates this article 11th, 14th and 15th article, the civil airport in accordance with the State Council regulations, the general aviation flight control Ordinance provisions will be punished.

    25th at the airport, staff of the relevant departments of the Government clearance security job, any one of the following acts by the supervisory organ or the appointment and removal shall be given administrative sanctions in accordance with personnel management permission constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) not in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of administrative licensing;

    (B) does not perform its duty of supervision and inspection;

    (C) do not impose compulsory administrative measures or administrative penalty according to law;

    (D) used his position to seek illegitimate interests;

    (E) other acts of abuse, malpractice, neglect their duties.

    26th army and the combined area protection and headroom of the civilian part of the airport electromagnetic environment protection, in addition to complying with relevant provisions of these measures should also comply with the relevant provisions of the State Council and the Central Military Commission. 27th article this way as of August 20, 2013.

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