Taiyuan Housing Safety Management Measures

Original Language Title: 太原市房屋安全管理办法

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Taiyuan housing safety management measures

    (July 31, 2013, Taiyuan City people's Government 9th Executive session on August 16, 2013, Taiyuan City people's Government promulgated as of October 1, 2013, 83rd) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the security management to ensure housing safety, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Second city has been built on State land use and attached building (structure) safety management procedures apply.

    Per capita housing owners, users, stakeholders should abide by these measures.

    Article III safety management for housing in these measures refers to for the protection of building structures using security and management activities, including the safety appraisal of housing safety, housing and dangerous housing governance.

    Fourth housing safety management should follow regular inspection, scientific identification, prevention, combining prevention with treatment principles.

    Fifth of municipal and County (city, district) people's Governments shall strengthen the safety management of housing leaders, to organize and coordinate the relevant departments to do safety management for housing.

    Sixth municipal real estate administration is the safety management of municipal housing authority, may appoint a municipal housing management agencies responsible for safety management work.

    The County (city, district) property management departments are responsible for the safety management work in the administrative area, and municipal real estate management business guide.

    Housing, urban management, public security fire-fighting, financial, planning, pricing, business, environmental sanitation and other relevant departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, cooperative housing security management related work.

    Article seventh city, County (city, district) property management departments should establish and improve housing security management system, strengthen supervision and inspection of housing security.

    Chapter House safety

    Article eighth owner, users should be carried out according to the housing situation on a regular basis the housing safety inspections and timely maintenance, in the rain and snow, the flood season and all kinds of disasters, timely reinforcement and repair work, ensure the safe use of housing. Nineth housing use shall, in accordance with the Housing Authority to design structures and use reasonable housing to ensure the structural safety of housing.

    Discovered during use safety hazard or danger, shall notify the owner for processing; serious danger unable to notify homeowners, houses people should deal with.

    Article tenth against homeowners, and relevant responsible persons allowed to engage in the following acts against safety of buildings:

    (A) the demolition of houses bearing beams, columns, slabs and infrastructure;

    (B) the demolition of houses bearing wall hole or excavation on the bearing wall cabinets, doors and Windows, etc;

    (C) more than housing design standards, increase load;

    (D) on the House floor was dug holes or expanding the hole;

    (E) to increase the use of space of housing lower housing ground floor elevation;

    (Vi) demolition shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, theaters, sports arenas (Museum) in large buildings such as quakeproof, fire the whole function of non-load-bearing structures;

    (VII) other acts that endanger security. 11th house owners, article tenth of users really necessary, should be filed to the security management, and entrusted the security and authentication institution identification.

    Identified needs strengthening, the original design or design with the appropriate level of qualification units of housing safety evaluation report proposed strengthening design scheme, the reinforcement can be modified.

    12th article interested parties have the right to require risk owners, users or any other person to take security measures and elimination of danger. Citizens, legal persons or other organizations found and attached building (structure) is at risk has the right to complain to local property management department or other relevant departments, to report.

    Relevant departments should be processed in a timely manner, and with a response.

    Chapter House safety appraisal

    13th House safety appraisal in these measures, refers to the structure of the House finish damage and use situation is endangering the security of identification, assessment. 14th House safety appraisal by a lawfully established housing safety evaluation agencies.

    House safety appraisal agencies made conclusions is that the security situation of the basis and evidence.

    15th House safety assessment should be carried out in accordance with the following procedure:

    (A) accept the application;

    (B) the initial investigation and find out the House's history and the status quo;

    (C) site survey, test, record data and situations;

    (D) in checking and finishing materials;

    (E) a comprehensive analysis of argument, and make comprehensive judgments, and proposed recommendations;

    (F) issue identification document, property management Department.

    After 16th housing delivery, with one of the following circumstances, owner or person shall apply to the security identification identification:

    (A) to design working life to continue to use;

    (B) schools, theaters, sports arenas (Museum), shopping malls, restaurants and other public places to reach its design life of 50% House;

    (C) serious aging or decay component of housing, houses tilted, connect component out of or failure, stress component breaks, structure of exception;

    (D) damaged by natural or man-made structure deformation, strength, stability, reduce the bearing capacity of the structure;

    (E) due to expansion, addition, repair load changes or conditions change, structure damaged;

    (Vi) other circumstances that require identification.

    17th under any of the following circumstances, the construction units in engineering before construction, shall apply to the security identification identification:

    (A) the distances within twice the depth of the housing;

    (B) the depth of distance three times within the site is a high sensitivity of liquefaction of soil, soil and the excavation of more than three meters involves lowering the underground water level of housing;

    (C) the civil air defense projects, rail transportation project planning and control within the boundaries of the protection of buildings (structures);

    (D) the blasting, the requirements of the safety regulations for blasting blasting seismic safety distance of houses;

    (E) other construction may jeopardize the building (structure).

    Application for identification of the owner of the House and shall cooperate with the interested.

    18th state-owned mining enterprise should be in the mining region and attached building (structures) carried out inspections and safety appraisal of housing with regular body for identification.

    This way, the 19th article 16th House, without identification or certified safety conditions are not met, shall not be used as public places or establishments.

    20th House safety appraisal of the applicant shall submit the following information:

    (A) the safety appraisal of applications for housing;

    (B) housing, housing rental certificate or other proof of ownership;

    (C) the applicant's legally valid documents;

    (D) geological survey, design, construction, completion, housing renovation, decoration, remodeling, adding layers and other related technical information;

    (E) the safety appraisal of housing other information needed.

    Applicant is not the owner or occupier shall provide authorization.

    The applicant was unable to provide the preceding paragraph (d) the provision of information, by an accreditation body scene detection.

    21st engaged in housing safety evaluation should be carried out by at least two professional appraisers, identification of particularly complex projects, you can hire an expert or invite the relevant sector.

    Housing safety identification shall be executed in accordance with the relevant national standards.

    22nd House safety appraisal instrument should use standard terminology.

    Identification of dangerous houses, notice of accreditation bodies shall make and issue of dangerous buildings belonging to non-dangerous housing, should authentication documents stated qualification process, conclusions and attention.

    Article 23rd House safety appraisal Agency shall, in accordance with municipal authorities approved the appraisal fee fees charged.

    The fourth chapter of dangerous buildings management

    Article 24th of dangerous buildings in these measures refers to structure has been severely damaged or dangerous components of bearing, and may lose their stability and bearing capacity of structure cannot be guaranteed safe houses.

    25th was identified as a risk House, in accordance with the following provisions:

    (A) the use by homeowners or people adopt strengthening measures, short-term use, should be in accordance with the conclusions require housing. (B) in accordance with town and country planning requirements, not in shacks (old city) within the area of dangerous buildings, moved out of use shall, in accordance with the conclusions of requirements, governance by the homeowners.

    People move out of dangerous houses as their only live in the House, to the county people's Governments to apply for temporary housing or public housing, housing after treatment and then, using human should be move out of the temporary housing or public housing, and fetch. (C) does not meet the requirements of urban and rural planning of dangerous buildings, should stop using total demolition. Removal does not cause damage in a timely manner, by the owners or occupiers of property management and housing is responsible for. Identified significant risks of housing, homeowners or occupiers refuse to facilitate the relocation, the Government and the competent authority may take enforcement measures within the law.

    Straight tube houses belonging to the Government property, by the Government relocation belonging to units of housing, coordinated by the unit address belonging to private houses and compensated by the Government in accordance with the residual value of the House or to compensate for the value of relocation.

    Overall removal of housing, removal may result in adverse consequences, real estate management departments shall, in accordance with the provisions of relevant experts to conduct a risk assessment.

    Article 26th city, County (city, district) property management Department shall strengthen the supervision on the control of dangerous buildings, vast stretches of houses exceeded design life or have been identified as dangerous buildings should be incorporated into the old city reconstruction or renovation of shanty project.
27th adjoined dangerous owner of the House shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of States for adjoined houses.

    28th dangerous houses all houses, users should set clear danger signs.

    Homeowners of dangerous housing crisis in a timely manner, there is difficulty in the crisis, measures should be taken.

    Certified for security breaches, but not dangerous houses, homeowners should promptly eliminate security risks.

    29th to rescue the housing crisis needs to go through the relevant formalities, the relevant authorities should be handled in a timely manner.

    30th of dangerous buildings or its appendages shall not set up billboards, billboards, signs and power supply and communication lines, such as hanging, State.

    Have set up billboards, billboards, signs and power supply and communication lines, such as suspension, State House, was identified as a risk House, from the date of appraisal as a risk House, be removed, relocated by their owners.

    The fifth chapter legal liability

    31st identified by the security agencies identified as dangerous housing, effectively the crisis measures taken by homeowners, insurance is not checked or damage is not repaired, causing losses to others, shall bear the responsibility.

    32nd owner or user violates the provisions of article tenth, a rectification by the property management sector, if the circumstances are serious, and a fine of between 5,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

    33rd article violates these rules, safety appraisal of housing activity, ordered to stop the House safety appraisal by the real estate management sector activity, and a fine of 10,000 yuan.

    34th article violates these rules, housing that does not meet the security criteria as a public place or place of business, a rectification by the property management sector, and to a fine below 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    35th property in safety management for housing management and staff failed to perform their statutory duties, negligence, malpractice, shall be given administrative sanctions by the relevant administrative organs constitutes a crime shall be investigated for criminal liability.

    The sixth chapter supplementary articles

    On the 36th article of the collective ownership of land has been completed and delivered and attached building (structure) safety management in accordance with the measures of execution.

    37th army housing, religion and heritage buildings in security management, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. 38th article of the rules take effect on October 1, 2013.

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