Qingdao Rail Transportation Construction Management Approach

Original Language Title: 青岛市轨道交通建设管理办法

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Qingdao rail transportation construction management approach

    (December 30, 2013 the 15 adopted at the 36th Executive meeting of the people's Government of Qingdao announced on January 26, 2014 as of March 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen rail transport construction and management, protection of rail transit construction smoothly, according to the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article within the administrative area of the city track traffic construction management, these measures shall apply. Article City subway construction headquarters responsible for overall leadership functions, responsible for rail transit construction of organizing, directing, coordinating and supervising the work.

Specific work by the urban subway project construction Headquarters Office.

The municipal development and reform, planning, urban and rural construction, land and natural resources, public security, finance, auditing, supervision of workplace safety, transportation, civil air defense, law enforcement and other departments shall, in accordance with the responsibility to track traffic construction related work.

    District (municipal) people's Government shall, in accordance with responsibilities relating to rail transit construction of houses and land expropriation and compensation, compensation dispute coordination event handling, complaint letters and visits and other related work.

    And manpower of the fourth section of Qingdao Metro Group to assume the city's mass transit financing, bidding, construction, resource development and operation of corporate responsibility.

    Article fifth rail transit construction should follow the Government's lead, safety first, reunification planning, rational distribution, giving priority to development and staging building, multiple investment principles.

    Sixth no unit and individual shall support and cooperate with the rail construction may not obstruct or influence of rail construction.

    Chapter II planning and land use Transportation planning a seventh track, including rail transit network planning, transportation planning, rail traffic control planning, etc.

Rail transportation planning from City subway project construction Headquarters Office of the municipal development and reform, planning, land and resources, and urban and rural construction departments prepare.

    Preparation of rail transportation planning should be reasonable arrangements for rail traffic between different lines, mass transit and urban roads, railways, highways, aviation, ports and other public transport between transfer and joint.

Eighth of municipal planning, land and resources departments should be under the rail traffic control planning as well as passenger flow, the transfer of passengers need to reserve transfer hub for rail transportation facilities, public transport stations, motor vehicle and non-vehicle parking lots and other public facilities. Establish special reserve system for rail transit construction land.

    Land and resources departments should be according to the plan and the surrounding circumstances, for eligible land, into a land bank in advance.

Nineth allocated rail construction land according to law.

    Rail transit facilities and other sites cannot be separated, the City Planning Department proposed rail transit entrances, ventilation pavilions, cooling towers and other facilities and underground structure of planning conditions land and resources departments should be based on Government-approved plans for paid use of planning conditions such as State-owned land use right transfer contract or State-owned land use right transfer part of the approval documents.

Tenth track traffic construction land use right in the land's surface, ground or underground set up land and resources departments in accordance with the land-use law for land procedures and registration.

    Rail transportation use the space below ground level, without the limitation of the land above, without prejudice to the establishment of usufruct.

11th track traffic construction units in rail transit construction land and space, access to land and property, advertising, business resources, and the right to development.

    Rail transit construction units combined with the rail transport infrastructure development in conjunction with the use of other surface, ground and underground space, the right to land and rail transit facilities by the Department of land and resources together for land clearance. 12th rail-related facilities for public use shall land and rail transit facilities include scope of rail transit construction land.

    Expropriation and compensation by the UMT (urban) and the Department of land and resources in accordance with the Division of duties shall be organized and implemented.

    Chapter III construction

    13th track traffic construction shall comply with laws, regulations, technical specifications, implementation of infrastructure programs to ensure project quality.

    14th before preliminary design of rail construction projects, rail transport units shall for rail transit construction around existing buildings, structures, pipelines, municipal infrastructure, and investigated and documented.

15th track traffic construction during the urban mass transit construction units may damage caused by the construction of the adjacent buildings, structures and underground pipelines, special precautions should be taken.

    For rail transit construction requires entering buildings, structures, or facilities for the detection or identification of, should inform the property in advance or use the people, property or persons shall cooperate with.

16th due to rail transit construction to move modified pipeline and urban infrastructure, the occupation of green areas, migration, or cutting down trees, and shall cooperate with related departments and units.

    For rail transit construction need find buildings and structures, pipelines, municipal infrastructure, civil air defense projects, such as archives, related departments and units shall provide truthful information. 17th due to rail transit construction to move to pipeline and urban infrastructure, the occupation of green areas, migration or the felling of trees, from rail transit construction units moved to plan. Moved units according to modified plan to move reform of property rights, reported to the competent authority for approval in accordance with law, completed in accordance with the timing requirements of rail transit construction to move instead.

Property unit for heating pipeline moving change, should avoid the heating period.

    Moving cost modified by the competent authority or property units, a proposal audit departments for examination and approval by the city, by rail transit construction units shall bear; not for rail transit construction need to raise standards or increasing capacity, increase or exceed the portion of the property unit's expense. 18th track traffic construction during rail transit construction units should be combined with project work on traffic, the surrounding residents, cultural relics protection and the impact of important places, buildings, structures and other proposed road flow plan, submitted to the municipal urban and rural construction Administrative Department.

    Municipal urban construction administrative departments shall, together with the public security traffic Administration Department, on the road flow verification and research programmes, and according to the procedure for approval. 19th track traffic construction project after the completion of railway construction unit acceptance; acceptance, commissioning, trial operation period of not less than three months after commissioning qualified and according to the procedure for approval, by the operating unit for at least one year of trial operation.

    Acceptance of a test run, put into formal operation.

    20th track traffic construction units shall collect, arrange rail transportation construction projects engineering archives, within six months of the acceptance of municipal urban construction archives project files the transfer of authority.

    The fourth chapter protected area management

Article 21st rail traffic control and special protected areas.

Controlled reserves including:

(A) underground station and a tunnel structure of lateral line within 50 m;

(B) the ground and elevated station and lateral within 30 metres of the outer edges of line structure;

(C) the entrances, ventilation, transformer substation, playgrounds, cooling towers and other buildings and structures structure within ten meters of lateral edge;

(D) the lateral rail line outside the cross harbour tunnel within 100 metres.

Control set within the protected areas specially protected areas, including:

(A) underground station within five meters of lateral line and tunnel structure;

(B) the elevated station and elevated levels of engineering structures within three meters of lateral projection;

(C) ground stations and the ground line of embankment or cutting within three meters of lateral outer edge;

(D) the vehicle lateral within three metres of land;

(E) the levels of high-voltage cable trenches within three meters of lateral projection;

(Vi) entrances, ventilation pavilions, cooling tower, primary substations, the disabled helicopter lifts, buildings and structures outside the structure lines and rolling stock base of lateral within five metres of the land;

(G) the lateral rail line outside the cross harbour tunnel are within 50 metres.

    Subway construction Headquarters Office shall, in accordance with the approved rail transit network planning and mass transit construction timing, delineation of the rail traffic control and special protected areas the specific scope of protection, seek the district (municipal) Government, after examination by the City Planning Department, submitted to the municipal people's Government for approval before implementation.

22nd track traffic control protected areas and protected areas of the building should be combined with rail construction.

    New municipal infrastructure of conflicts, civil air defense engineering and rail transit construction, relevant departments shall, in accordance with the principle of giving priority to the development of rail transit construction coordination and processing.

23rd in the rail traffic control within the protected area of the following operations, planning, urban and rural construction, water conservancy, public security departments of administrative license in accordance with laws and regulations, it shall seek the views of urban subway project construction Headquarters Office:

(A) the construction of permanent buildings;

(B) the overhead like laying of pipelines or to set up a cross-line operations;

(C) blasting, excavation, pile foundation construction, jacking, anchor jobs;

(D) the excavation for construction of ponds, River canals, dig sand, water drilling wells, quarrying;

(E) at the crossing, the cross harbour tunnel section of dredging operations and anchor or drag anchor jobs;

(F) other information which may affect the safety of rail traffic construction and facility operations.

    In rail transport within specially protected areas, in addition to those already planned or existing buildings reconstruction, extension and according to law for the licensing procedures of carrying out construction works shall not be carried out other construction activities.

    24th track traffic construction, building lines of control protected areas and reserves within the 23rd activities these measures and operations shall, before construction in conjunction with the rail construction to develop CRC facilities protection, arguably meet the requirements of protection of rail transit facilities, before construction. 25th construction units responsible for controlling rail traffic reserve and security inspections of special protected areas, other construction jobs may affect the safety of rail transport, should be stopped, and related units to eliminate prejudice.

    Construction units or individuals refused to adopt, rail transport units shall promptly report to the urban and rural construction, water conservation, transportation and other sectors, relevant departments should be investigated in a timely manner.
The fifth chapter funds

    26th track traffic construction combined government investment and raise funds.

To encourage rail transit construction units through bank loans and issuing enterprise bonds and other financing means raising railway construction funds, ensure rail traffic construction development.

    Encourage enterprises and other organizations in and outside investment in rail transit construction, investors ' legitimate rights and interests protected by law.

27th rail transit construction funds, including:

(A) the level of budget funds;

(B) the subway construction funds;

(C) the subway along the sides and around the site are within 500 metres of land transfer income and related property development profits income funds and other government resources;

(D) along the district (municipal) Government paid pursuant to the provisions of the Metro funding;

(E) national, provincial arrangement issued to subway construction in which the funds of the project;

(F) Bank loans and obtained through financing of Metro funding;

    (VII) other funds for rail construction.

    28th rail transit construction funds shall, according to the city development planning and mass transit construction plan schedule and annual investment plans, relevant departments to determine the investment plan implementation.

    29th the Municipal Finance Department, the level of Government, is responsible for the implementation of mass transit fund raising, bear the investment responsibility for the coordination of district (municipal) Government rail transit construction funds in place on time. Article 30th the Government investment in rail transit construction funds into Metro account management and accounting, introduction of earmarking, and works progress stages makes.

Through other channels such as bank loans to raise rail transit construction funds by railway construction unit management and use in accordance with the relevant provisions. Qingdao metro rail transit and the construction progress and project implementation plans and other factors, the preparation of the next annual Metro project investment plans and repayment plans, according to the procedure for approval.

    Municipal Finance Department in accordance with assigned annual funds the program budget, Metro special account funds allocated in a timely manner.

31st of municipal finance sector rail transit construction funds, management and supervision of financial activities.

    Audit Department of rail transit project budget implementation and audit the accounts, and the whole process tracking audit of construction projects.

    32nd track traffic construction project approval fees, administrative fees, and after approval by the financial departments, approval of the people's Government at the relief.

    The sixth chapter security and emergency preparedness

    33rd track traffic construction and prospecting units, design units, construction unit, supervisor's safety in rail transit construction engineering and other units, must comply with the safety provisions of laws and regulations, establish and improve the safety management system and ensure safety production of rail transit construction project shall bear track traffic construction project safety production responsibility.

    34th track transport units shall organize relevant units in the feasibility study stage to the safety assessment of, the engineering for security monitoring and security checks during the construction, construction projects prior to a test run after the completion of the safety assessment.

35th rail transit construction project safety equipment must be in accordance with safety management and quality management provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and rail transit project designed, built and put into production and use.

    Other construction and mass transit projects connecting, connecting parts should be designed with the rail transit design specifications and safety requirements. Article 36th track traffic construction units shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the dangerous parts of specific construction program for the preparation of the project, and affix the safety check results signed by the Technical Director, Chief Engineer for construction implemented by a full-time safety Manager on site supervision.

    Beyond a certain size of dangerous parts project, special construction plan expert should be organized.

    37th more construction units operating in the same region to carry out construction, likely to endanger the safety of produce, safety management agreement must be signed, defining their responsibilities for safety production management and security measures to be taken, and assign full-time safety Manager for safety production inspection and coordination.

    38th track transport units shall entrust the monitoring units and third party monitoring of quality inspection units and quality testing and monitoring and inspection measures to ensure safety.

    39th rail transit construction units must be based on relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the requirements of safety management technical specifications, establish early warning and response coordination mechanism, a sound accident prevention, reporting and investigation system.

40th of municipal subway construction Headquarters Office shall, jointly with relevant departments and units to develop rail transportation emergency plans, in terms of procedure submitted to the municipal people's Government announced.

Rail traffic construction and construction units should be under the rail traffic construction such as emergency preparedness, rail transit construction situation and there may be a security risk source, preparation of the deep Foundation pit of instability, tunnel collapse large ground area of settlement, leakage, and other special emergency plans, according to the relevant provisions of the State records.

    Rail traffic construction and construction units should organize regular emergency response training, emergency rescue drills at least twice a year. 41st track traffic construction when the incident occurred, the construction units must take immediate measures to prevent harm to expand, and in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on emergency responses, such as the regulations on safety production management of construction project law and regulations and the relevant provisions of the plan to the district where the event occurred (town) people's Government and municipal subway construction Headquarters Office, and work safety, urban and rural construction sector report.

    Incident to the district (municipal) Governments and related departments upon receipt of the report, should be based on the extent and development of the event, start the appropriate level of emergency response, rescue, and emergency support, rehabilitation as soon as possible.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

42nd article violates these measures regarding rail transit planning, land use and construction regulations, urban management, urban and rural construction, and other departments will be punished according to law.

    Construction, and survey, and design, and construction, and supervision, and monitoring, and quality detection, units has violation construction legal, and regulations, and regulations behavior of, by urban and rural construction administrative competent sector in accordance with management permission according to People's Republic of China building method construction engineering quality management Ordinance construction engineering safety management Ordinance, legal regulations of provides, be fine, and closed reorganization, and reduced qualification grade, and revoked qualification certificate, administrative punishment; constitute crime of, on directly responsibility personnel law held criminal.

    43rd article construction units not on for construction engineering construction may caused damage of adjacent buildings, and structures and underground pipeline, take special protection measures of, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, according to construction engineering safety management Ordinance of provides ordered closed reorganization, and at 50,000 yuan above 100,000 yuan following fine; caused major security accident, constitute crime of, on directly responsibility personnel law held criminal, caused loss of, law bear compensation responsibility.

    44th operations violates the provisions article 24th of this approach, not prior to construction in conjunction with the rail construction units of developing rail transit facilities protection programmes, by the relevant Department ordered corrective action and conduct penalty of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan for non-management of 1000 Yuan fine.

    45th article construction units violation this approach 36th article provides, points part items engineering construction Shi not arrangements full-time safety management personnel site supervision of, ordered deadline corrected; late not corrected of, according to construction engineering safety management Ordinance of provides ordered closed reorganization, and according to People's Republic of China safety method of provides sentenced fine; caused major security accident, constitute crime of, on directly responsibility personnel law held criminal.

    Article 46th disobey article 37th, construction of two or more units are in the same job is likely to endanger the safety of the other activities in the region, did not sign the safe production management protocol or does not specify a full-time safety Manager for security checks and coordination, a rectification; fails to mend, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Law on safety in order to suspend the provisions.

    47th article track traffic units, and construction units violation this approach 40th article provides, not by provides developed related plans, or not by provides organization walkthrough of, ordered deadline corrected, according to Qingdao City Safety Ordinance of provides on its main head at 2000 Yuan above 10,000 yuan following fine; late not corrected of, according to Qingdao City Safety Ordinance of provides ordered discontinued closed reorganization, can and at 5,000 yuan above 20,000 yuan following fine.

    48th article violates these rules cause CRC facilities damage or affect the normal construction of rail traffic, the violator shall bear corresponding responsibility.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

49th article rail transport in these measures refers to the subway system, light rail systems, such as the use of dedicated rail-oriented operation of urban public passenger transportation systems.

Rail transit construction projects in these measures refers to rail transit construction project, Assistant Engineer, connected with the rail surface and above-ground rail transit engineering and rail transport services within the scope of construction works.

    CRC facilities mentioned in these measures refers to railway tunnels, tracks and overhead lines, land lines, stations (including entrances, passage, ventilation Pavilion), mechanical and electrical equipment, vehicles and Depot system, (the), control centers, and other facilities set up for protection of rail transit operation. 50th these measures come into force on March 1, 2014. September 25, 2010, published by the people's Government of Qingdao City track traffic control regulations (Qingdao municipal people's Government order No. 206) repealed simultaneously.