Administrative Provisions On Fire Prevention Facilities In Gansu Province

Original Language Title: 甘肃省建筑消防设施管理规定

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Administrative provisions on fire prevention facilities in Gansu province

    (October 11, 2013 Gansu Province Government 26th times Executive Conference discussion through October 16, 2013 Gansu Province Government makes 106th, announced since January 1, 2014 up purposes) first article to strengthening building fire facilities of management, ensure building fire facilities normal run, prevention fire and reduced fire against, guarantees personal, and property security, according to People's Republic of China fire method and Gansu province fire Ordinance, legal, and regulations, combined this province actual, developed this provides.

    Second fire control facilities within the administrative area of the province configuration, repair, maintenance, testing, monitoring and other management activities, these provisions shall apply.

    Building fire protection facilities mentioned in the third article of the regulations refers, in accordance with national standards, industry standards, under construction (structure) configured in automatic fire alarm system, an automatic fire extinguishing system, fire hydrant system, smoke extraction system and emergency broadcasting and emergency lighting, evacuation, fire separated facilities. The fourth public security fire control institutions of the people's Governments above the county level shall be responsible for supervision and management of building fire protection facilities.

Police station of superior public security organ determines the unit conduct daily monitoring of the management of building fire protection facilities.

    The people's Government above the county level construction, safety, business, home, education and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to do a fire prevention facilities management related work.

    Fifth article of any units and individuals have of keeping fire control safety, protecting fire control facilities obligations, damage, misappropriation or unauthorized dismantle and stop use fire control facilities.

    The sixth new construction, renovation or expansion of the building (structure), the construction unit shall, in accordance with national standards, industry standards, and configuration of fire control facilities.

The seventh public security fire control institutions supervision and inspection of key units for fire safety in building fire protection facilities, not less than once a year; for other units of building fire protection facilities should make annual supervision plan, organize the supervision and in accordance with the plan.

    Public security fire control institutions shall against residential property service enterprises to fulfill their responsibility of building fire protection facilities management, organize supervision; police station in accordance with the relevant provisions of the guidance, on the area of daily supervision and inspection in the residential building fire protection facilities.

The eighth public security fire control institutions supervision and inspection of building fire protection facilities should include the following:

(A) the allocation of building fire protection facilities;

(B) the health of building fire protection facilities;

(C) the operational procedures, management of building fire protection facilities systems development and implementation;

(D) the operation of building fire protection facilities, fire safety training of managers;

(E) fire control room duty conditions;

(F) the repair, maintenance, inspection of building fire protection facilities;

(VII) establishment of building fire protection facilities management archives;

    (H) pursuant to the relevant provisions require the supervision and inspection of other circumstances. The Nineth property unit is responsible for fire prevention facilities administered by the buildings.

    Contracting, leasing, commissioned operation management of buildings, should be clear responsibility for fire prevention facilities.

    Tenth two or more property or use the share of building fire protection facilities, fire prevention facilities owners or users should be shared with the evacuation routes and safety consultation, fire facilities and fire Lane, entered into an agreement to define the fire prevention facilities management responsibilities, determine those responsible or entrusted to a unified management.

    11th residential property service companies should be responsible for within the scope of management of building fire protection facilities, management and maintenance on a regular basis, provides fire safety services.

12th property in the fire prevention facilities or units under its management shall perform day-to-day management responsibility of the following:

(A) development of fire prevention facilities inspection, repair, maintenance, testing, management systems and procedures, and is identified in accordance with the requirements set;

(B) fire-fighting equipment configuration and operation in building case management file;

(C) organize the implementation of fire prevention facilities on the inspection, repair, maintenance, testing, true and accurate records, and archived for future reference;

(D) the Organization of building fire protection facilities Operations Manager for fire safety training;

    (E) other responsibilities stipulated by laws, rules and regulations. 13th construction units shall in accordance with the national standards, industry standards set the fire control room.

Fire control room shall strictly implement relevant regulations of the State, a 24-hour double shift systems, staffs certified.

    Watchkeeping personnel should strictly implement the management of fire control room and emergency procedures, familiar with the functions of the fire-fighting linkage control room equipment and facilities, with the corresponding skills.

    14th fire prevention facilities in the property unit or management unit should develop a fire control facilities repair and maintenance plan, regular maintenance, maintenance and fire control facilities at least once a year to ensure good working condition.

    15th equipped with automatic fire suppression systems, fire alarm systems and mechanical smoke control system of high technical performance of building fire protection facilities, such as unit, it shall entrust a qualified socio-technical services for repair, maintenance and testing.

    16th engaged in building fire protection facilities repair and maintenance, testing the fire technical service agencies and practitioners, shall have corresponding qualifications, eligibility, corresponding legal liability for the services provided by, and accept the supervision of public security fire control institutions and other relevant departments.

    17th article in violation of the provisions of the acts, laws and regulations have been provided from its provisions. 18th article of the regulations come into force on January 1, 2014.

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