Huainan City Green Line Management

Original Language Title: 淮南市城市绿线管理办法

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Huainan City Green line management (September 2, 2013 City Government 16th times Executive Conference through September 10, 2013 Huainan Government makes 136th, announced since November 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to strengthening City Green protection management, established and strictly implemented green line management system, effective guarantees City Green system planning of implementation, promote city sustainable development, according to People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and City Green Ordinance and Huainan City Green Ordinance, legal, and regulations,

    This municipality actually, these measures are formulated.

    The second article of the municipal urban planning area within the green line demarcation, monitoring, management, and application of this approach.

    Article City Green line in these measures refers to urban planning area within the green range of control cable, including the line of control have been built green and plan set aside green space of the line of control.

Fourth of municipal urban construction administrative departments, green line, is responsible for the management of urban green management institutions specifically responsible for the daily management of the green line.

    Land and natural resources, real estate, urban and rural planning, environmental protection, urban administration, forestry, tourism, and water conservancy administrative departments, according to their respective duties related to supervision and administration of urban green line.

    Fifth City Green line by administrative departments for urban and rural construction, urban and rural planning, in conjunction with, according to urban planning, planning of urban green space system and urban greening, scenery, natural landscape of the present situation, protection requirements, as defined in the regulatory detailed planning, the municipal people's Government for approval.

Sixth article should come up with different types of regulatory detailed planning of urban green space boundaries, green rate control targets set and green land boundary coordinate.

    Detailed construction plans should be based on controlled detailed planning, clear green space layout, green principles or programme proposed, delineation of the green line. Seventh approved green line should be announced to the public, subject to public supervision.

    Any unit and individual have the protection of urban green areas, urban green management duty to obey, supervised City Green line management, the right to report violations of urban green management.

Eighth the following areas should be designated green line:

(A) the Park: comprehensive Park (city, regional park), community Park (community Park, community garden), theme park (children's Park, Zoo, botanical gardens, historic gardens, scenic parks, amusement parks, theme park), Ribbon parks, roadside Greenbelt;

(B) production of Green: nursery, flower, etc;

(C) the protective green block: sanitary barriers, road protection green, green belt and urban groups of urban high voltage corridor buffer zone;

(D) the subsidiary Green: green space in residential green areas, public facilities, green spaces, industrial, storage green space, traffic green space, green space, green space of municipal facilities, special green space;

    (E) other Green: on urban eco-environmental quality and residents ' leisure life, urban landscape and green space protection have a direct impact on biological diversity, including scenic spots, water reserves, country parks, nature reserves, landscape parks, forest woodlands, city Greenbelt, wetland, ancient and famous trees protection under scope, restored green space for landfill.

After Nineth Green Line demarcated according to law, and no unit or individual shall not be changed without permission.

Any of the following circumstances, in the case of green areas is not reduced, it may change:

(A) revising the layout adjustment of urban planning to urban land and bring about changes in urban green space, according to the new plan needs to change to the green line;

(B) with the demonstration of layout of urban critical infrastructure occupies urban green space, green line needs to be changed accordingly;

    (C) other necessary changes of urban green line demonstrated.

Tenth change of green line, shall, in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) adjustment city general planning, and City Green system planning, and control sex detailed planning determine of Park Green, and production green, and protection green, and subsidiary green and other green of green line defined coordinates of, by has corresponding qualification of design units prepared adjustment programme and the argument report, by City urban and rural planning, and urban and rural construction, administrative competent sector organization experts argument and environment effect evaluation Hou, reported original approval organ approved;

(B) adjustment of constructional detailed planning or building green line of planning scheme, designed by qualified producers of adjustment programmes, approved by the urban and rural construction, urban and rural planning, in conjunction with the competent administrative departments;

(C) adjust the accessory Greenbelt green control by the municipal administrative departments for urban and rural planning, urban and rural construction organization demonstrates, submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval; adjusted residential green space, subject to the owner (buyer) or 2/3 more than the owners ' consent of the General Assembly;

(D) adjustment of green parks, green spaces, protective green block, and other green spaces, the municipal urban and rural planning, urban construction administrative departments organized demonstration and environmental impact assessment, and publicity, submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval;

    (E) due to the construction of key projects and other special needs, takes green and damaged green and its facilities, cut green growing or changing land-use in nature, demonstrated by the municipal urban construction administrative departments, and followed by the units make up the Green, submitted to the original examination and approval authority for approval.

11th no unit or individual is allowed to arbitrarily change the green nature, are not allowed to take up green spaces, are not allowed on the Green construction, section XI shall not be stopped in the Green River, taking Earth or rocks, setting garbage dump and waste water as well as other activities that constitute destruction of ecological environment. To temporarily occupy green space due to special circumstances, it shall temporarily occupy green space and approval procedures.

To temporarily occupy green space shall not exceed a maximum period of 2 years.

Approved to occupy green space could not be restored, their occupation or to the nearest green space in offsite construction and occupy an area equal; or landscaping by the city administration building, occupied by units or individuals bear the cost. Planning Green Green construction is not done in the near future, should be strictly protected and controlled.

    Within the green line in the city, does not meet the requirements of buildings, structures and other facilities should gradually move out or dismantle.

12th city new construction, renovation or expansion projects when the approval for land for construction or construction project planning, urban planning administrative departments should be based on the controlled detailed planning and urban green space system planning, supporting green area of approved construction projects, green rate and fall short of the standard, and define the green line. Construction should follow the green line regulation, entrusted have qualified design units supporting greening engineering design, and submitted to the municipal urban and rural construction Administrative Department to review. Following a review in conformity with the provisions and stamped with the Special seal for green design review.

    Green design is not examined or reviewed do not meet requirements, the urban and rural planning and construction project planning permit shall not be issued by the Administrative Department, the municipal urban construction administrative departments shall not be stamped with the Special seal for green design review shall not be issued construction permits. 13th all kinds of construction projects shall comply with the requirements of the green indicator and the delineation of the supporting construction of the green line green.

Supporting greening project for the construction of Huainan city, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the regulations on urban landscaping construction. After the completion of the construction project should be handled by municipal urban construction administrative departments supporting the construction of greening project for acceptance, acceptance of the stamped seal of acceptance of green engineering.

    Acceptance or acceptance is not qualified, the municipal urban construction administrative departments shall not handle acceptance formalities completed, construction works shall not be delivered.

    Article 14th construction unit of real estate development, construction project should be telling the public its rate of green space, green area of constructional detailed planning or construction general layout plan set forth the scope of the green line, green line must not be outside the scope of other green or temporary green space as its matching Green propaganda.

    15th to encourage urban underground space of land within the green line hybrid application and hedging facilities for disaster prevention on the ground, its construction projects and pipeline or facility construction programme should be submitted to the municipal urban and rural planning, urban construction administrative departments agreed to by the municipal greening administration according to the regulatory requirements for technical standards, ensure that planted trees to grow.

    16th of municipal urban construction Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with urban and rural planning, urban management, and land and resources administrative departments for administrative enforcement, urban planning area of urban green line control and supervise the implementation, supervision and inspection and report to the municipal people's Government.

17th under any of the following acts, the relevant administrative departments shall punish:

(A) without changing the nature of the urban land use within the green line;

(B) unauthorized occupation of land inside the green line;

(C) the law for the development and construction of the green line in the city;

(D) the destruction of urban terrain within the green line, landform, water, scenery of landscape and ecological environment;

    (E) other violations of city management behavior of the green line.

    18th green line management, and relevant competent administrative departments and their staff there is dereliction of duty, abuse, acts of favoritism, investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

    19th lines of Fengtai urban green management in accordance with the measures implemented. 20th these measures come into force November 1, 2013.