Administrative Measures For The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Highways

Original Language Title: 广西壮族自治区高速公路管理办法

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Administrative measures for the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, highways

    (December 25, 2013 people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 12th 21st Executive meeting January 26, 2014, people's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the 101th published since March 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen the construction and management of highways, promote the development of the highway to protect highways in good condition, the safe, open, and protect legal rights of investors, managers and users of the highway, according to the People's Republic of China Highway Act and related regulations, combined with this practice, these measures are formulated.

    Article in this autonomous region within the administrative area of highway planning, construction, maintenance, operation, use and management, application of this approach.

    Third highway development should follow the scientific planning and rational distribution, ensuring quality, ensuring smooth, protect the environment, construction and conservation principles.

    Fourth State from policy, funding, land use and other support for the highway development.

    Fifth to encourage investment in domestic and foreign economic organizations according to law, construction and management of highways, their legal rights are protected by law. Sixth State transportation departments of the region's Highway, highway management of its organization in accordance with these rules high administrative functions.

    Freeway Management agencies included in the budget requirements for the administrative functions according to the law.

    Article seventh province development and reform, industry and information technology, public security, industry and commerce administration, quality supervision and other departments and Governments, and relevant units along the highway, shall be in accordance with the Division of responsibilities, highway planning, construction, maintenance, operation, management, and protection and other related work.

    Planning and construction of chapter

    Eighth Highway planned by the State Transportation Department according to the national highway network planning and the needs of the economic and social development of the autonomous region in conjunction with the relevant departments on the establishment, reported to the municipality for approval promulgation and implementation. Nineth domestic and foreign economic organizations to invest in accordance with the provisions of the highway concession.

    Highway BOT project tendering and selection of investors under law and by the Department of transportation signed a franchise agreement with investors.

    Expressway construction in accordance with the provisions of article tenth project legal person responsibility system, the bidding system, project supervision system, the project capital system, contract management system, the construction project environmental impact assessment system and the responsibility system of engineering quality.

    11th highway construction should follow the capital construction program, specification for design, construction and supervision of the implementation of the national provisions and technical standards to ensure proper design and construction period to ensure project quality. 12th highway construction projects should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of condition of work safety of construction projects demonstrate and safety assessment. Preliminary design of highway construction projects, safety facilities of Expressway construction project should be designed, and safety articles.

    Safety facilities of Expressway construction projects completed or assessment should be carried out after the test run is completed. 13th Highway protection, drainage facilities, security, surveillance, communications, toll collection systems, maintenance management, road management, road safety management duty enforcement barracks, overload detection, traffic count and other special places, facilities, and business services should be synchronized with the main project of highway construction project design, construction of synchronous, synchronous acceptance.

    Has built highways in accordance with national and relevant regulations of the State construction systems, sites and facilities provided for in the preceding paragraph, by managers be responsible for building the highway. 14th ought to avoid damage to other road and highway construction facilities cannot avoid, shall not be less than the repair of the road and facility infrastructure technical standards, or appropriate financial compensation.

    Using other roads needed for highway construction, highway managers shall cooperate with the other. 15th Freeway Management agencies should establish and improve Expressway management archives of freeway, highway, highway affiliated facilities investigation to verify, register.

    Highway construction after the completion of the project, the construction unit shall, in accordance with records management laws and regulations and transportation departments under the State Council, to highway construction projects related to the transfer of authority files and data.

    Chapter III service

    16th managers shall, in highway operation, charges for services, activities, and improve the service functions, as well as facilities such as traffic safety, environmental protection, monitoring and charging. 17th managers enjoy the highway toll right, advertising management and services to operate. Highway rights transfer shall comply with the provisions of the relevant laws, rules and regulations.

    Individual right to the transfer of Highway advertisements, services and facilities management or management of a name of a delegate, shall be reported to the highway authority record. 18th Manager should be approved by the autonomous regional people's Government fees and charging duration charge tolls. Laden vehicles shall be in accordance with the provisions of the autonomous regional people's Government about the heavy toll paid tolls.

    Managers for weight measurement scales shall in accordance with the relevant provisions of the standards, regular maintenance, calibration, ensure its measures conform to specified requirements. 19th the Turnpike toll in the whole area, promoting the use of electronic parking and other Point-of-Sales System. Not connected not charging.

    Highway-NET toll collection and the specific measures formulated by the State transportation departments and supervise their implementation. 20th State Highway management agency responsible for Highway-NET toll collection program in the autonomous region, reported to the Organization after the approval of the Transport Department of the autonomous region. Expressway construction and management shall, in accordance with the charging scheme of interconnection requirements and improve highway fees, communications, monitoring, and other facilities, the State Highway Administration after passing the tests into a region-wide networked Expressway toll collection system.

    Freeway Management agencies in accordance with national and relevant regulations of the autonomous communities to manage networked toll collection system. 21st State Highway Administration organized network communication resource scheduling in networked systems.

    Highway-NET toll collection, traffic monitoring, emergency management, administrative management, and needs related to public service platform construction scheduling using the network of communications resources, managers should be provided free. 22nd State Highway administrative departments are responsible for wide area networked toll collection of highway tolls for clearing and settlement. Toll requirements for clearing and settlement by the managers together, according to toll allocating a certain percentage of their income that year made, set aside by State departments of transportation Highway management consultation, and managed by managers in the allocation of State Highway agencies. According to provisions in budget management requirements, earmarks.

    State Highway management should regularly inform the managers of public funds prescribed in the previous balance and usage, and accept their supervision.

23rd traffic Highway shall not hinder the highway toll payment traffic order of the following acts:

(A) broke the card;

(B) intentionally blocked toll crossing;

(C) harassment, insults, threats, assault and pay personnel;

    (D) other highway traffic order of pay.

Article 24th vehicle traffic shall pay tolls in accordance with the provisions of the highway shall not be any of the following acts:

(A) Exchange access access for documents or the use of forged documents;

(B) to jump point, red point, mat pound, around the points, or in other ways interfere with normal weight measuring instruments;

(C) the use of forged, altered, stolen vehicles to pay preferential certificates;

(D) counterfeiting legal free vehicles;

(E) the fake fresh agricultural products the green channel free of vehicles; (Vi) refused to pay by other means, to escape sex, pay tolls.

    25th traffic flow management should be based on the need to open a sufficient number of toll crossing, if necessary, by adjusting the access charge level crossing, enables portable charging machine and other emergency measures to ease the vehicle.

    Article 26th Manager shall establish and perfect rules and regulations, adherence to the law, honest service, public service standards and charges, subject to public supervision.

    27th managers should strengthen service areas, parking areas and other services, facilities management, provide safe and convenient for the driver and conductor, civil service. 28th managers should not be closed, stopped and service areas, parking areas and service facilities.

    Jobs need to be closed for maintenance of service areas, parking areas, shall report to the highway authority and 5th announced to the public in advance.

    29th managers should be at the highway toll station entrances, service areas, important sections set up electronic information cards, bulletin boards or otherwise timely dissemination of traffic information and traffic information.

    Article 30th management for highway maintenance, charges practitioners professional ethics education and training to ensure employees have the necessary professional knowledge, familiar with the relevant regulations and rules, master operation skills.

    31st transportation, public security, fire, business, food and drug administration, quality supervision, industry and commerce administration, taxation, environmental protection departments should strengthen supervision and inspection of Expressway operating service activities. 32nd since the highway on both sides of extraterrestrial origin outside facilities set within 80 metres, should be left to state transportation departments under central planning.

    Setting the highway advertising facilities shall conform to the requirements, shall not affect highway safety, and shall go through the relevant formalities.

    The fourth chapter of highway maintenance Article 33rd managers shall, in accordance with the Transportation Department provides technical specifications and procedures, highway maintenance and highway landscaping, beautification and Highways within the soil and water conservation work, guarantee often are in good technical condition.
Freeway Management agencies shall, in accordance with national and State regulations imposed on highway maintenance supervision and inspection, urging managers to perform maintenance duties.

    34th article business managers should according to national and autonomous regions about provides on Highway and subsidiary facilities for conservation inspections, and making inspections records; found Highway and subsidiary facilities has collapsed, and pit slot, and water destroyed, and uplift, effect vehicles security passage of case, should timely set warning logo, and organization power repair; on three class above bridge, and a, class tunnel, and dangerous culvert, should timely take maintenance reinforcement, and overhaul, measures excluded danger, and report autonomous regions Highway management institutions.

    Managers should be in accordance with specification requirements, timely and clear the road of debris such as traffic barriers, eliminate unsafe driving factors such as water, keeping the expressway pavement clean and smooth. 35th Manager should be in accordance with national and relevant regulations of the autonomous communities to set up and maintain traffic signs, markings, traffic signs and markings clearly, accurately and in good condition.

    Due to changes in Expressway road network and traffic management needs of managers to adjust signs and lines, shall report to the highway authority.

    Article 36th Manager shall, in accordance with national and relevant regulations of the autonomous communities prepare annual maintenance plan of Expressway, State Highway management and conservation plan filings. 37th managers should strengthen the conservation and construction site management, timely processing of traffic jams due to maintenance operations; management bodies and the public security organs traffic management departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities for highway maintenance section to strengthen supervision and inspection, maintain normal order of maintenance and traffic safety of Expressway.

    Maintenance operations should be taken to protect the environment, the construction of trash, debris and other waste should be unified piled outside on the road, and a dumping ground for environmental protection work.

    38th Freeway Management agencies and managers shall, in accordance with relevant regulations of the State and the autonomous communities to establish interconnection between damage and traffic flow, highway maintenance information system and run conservation information timely to the public highway.

    39th has completed implementation of Expressway maintenance margin system, the specific measures shall be formulated separately by the State Transportation Department.

    The fifth chapter management

    40th highway authorities should strengthen supervision and inspection of highway, shall investigate and handle stolen, damaged highways, Expressway and ancillary facilities, and manage highway construction control zones to protect highways to normal traffic, maintenance of Highway management and users ' legitimate rights and interests according to law. 41st Highway Management Agency Executive supervision and inspection of special vehicles should be in accordance with the requirement of unity of signs and warning lights.

    Freeway Management agencies in the area perform on the highway supervision and inspection task a unified sign vehicle exempt from tolls. 42nd areas Highway, subject to the land boundary. People's Governments along the highway to highway construction support and assist in the lawful use of land in highway construction projects will start construction before ratification, acceptance issued by the land use certificate.

    Freeway standard of land expropriation for: both sides of Highway ditches (Swales and slope foot berm) not less than 1 m beyond the rim; endless ditches on both sides of the highway, highway curb stones or Swales slope above the top of not less than 5 m; origin outside the vertical projection of Expressway bridge surface of not less than 1 m. 43rd highway construction control in accordance with the levels measured in the direction of the area, delineated criteria for highways out extraterrestrial origin of 30 meters, belongs to the interchange or major bridge for its extraterrestrial origin to 50 meters out.

    Highway curve inside of the scope of the control areas according to meet the requirements of driving sight distance. 44th newly built or rebuilt highway construction control area, along the highway of the road safety regulations for the protection of the people's Governments above the county level shall, in accordance with regulations and announcements.

    Highway operator and management organization based on delineation of the scope of the control areas should be set up boundary markers, stakes.

    45th in highway construction inside the zone, except for Highway protection needs, prohibited the construction of buildings and structures on the ground; outside the highway construction control in construction of buildings, structures or other facilities, highway construction control zone shall not be violated, over, above or under the ground range. 46th managers shall, in accordance with the provisions in the highway and its bridges, the entrance to the tunnel and related facilities across the highway vehicle limit load, height limits, limits width, length limit sign.

    More than the standard vehicle shall not be driven on highways and bridges, tunnels. 47th State Transportation Department of Highways within the State of overrun testing site to make unified plans and settings. Setting and cancellation of fixed overload detection site shall be approved by the autonomous regional people's Government. Freeway Management agencies can be provided for in the preceding paragraph fixed overload detection sites implementing vehicle overload detection and processing. Without affecting traffic in the past cases, or in a highway toll station entrances, service areas, parking areas using mobile testing equipment for vehicle overload detection and processing.

    Freeway Management agencies according to the weighing instruments, monitoring systems record information can overload of illegal acts shall be punished according to law.

    The sixth chapter of emergency management

    48th Freeway Management agencies, managers shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities to establish and improve the highway emergency response and emergency management system, improve monitoring, early warning, rescue and emergency mechanism, set up emergency rescue team, equipped with the necessary equipment and materials, improve emergency response capacity. 49th State transportation departments should develop region-wide vehicle rescue site layout planning, guidance Highway operators are in accordance with the planning requirements rescue site and publicize the rescue services to the site, items and prices and other information. Parties may select a management setting bailout rescue site, you can also select other social aid agency aid. No unit or individual shall not be compulsory for aid agencies, nor hinder and block parties commissioned by aid agencies to enter service.

    Vehicle rescue service should be consistent and in conformity with the relevant provisions, in accordance with the approved standard, it may not increase items, expanding the range of fees, improve standards. 50th case of highway was seriously damaged, bad weather conditions or a major traffic accident and serious vehicle safety and traffic situations, the public security organs traffic management departments shall, where appropriate, take the speed limit traffic, shut down highway traffic control measures. Autonomous region public security organs traffic management decided to close down the highway, State Highway Administration comments shall be solicited, managers should actively cooperate with and for traffic control information in a timely manner to society announcements, prompts the vehicles.

    Close highway is eliminated, shall promptly restore highways to normal traffic.

    The seventh chapter legal liability

    51st acts in violation of these rules, laws and regulations on penalties from its provisions.

    52nd disobey article 32nd, set the advertising facilities do not meet the requirements of, and managed by the Highways Agency ordered corrective action and may be fined not more than RMB 30,000 yuan.

    53rd disobey article 45th, outside the highway construction control in construction of buildings, structures or other facilities, intrusive highway construction control area above the ground, or ground floor, managed by the Highways Agency ordered corrective action and may be fined not more than RMB 30,000 yuan.

    The eighth chapter by-laws

    54th closed, the entire interchange, all controlled access highway management in accordance with the measures implemented. 55th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2014. October 15, 2009 issued by the autonomous regional people's Government of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, highway regulations repealed simultaneously.

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