Urban Traffic Management In Zhejiang Province, A Number Of Provisions

Original Language Title: 浙江省城市交通管理若干规定

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Urban traffic management in Zhejiang Province, a number of provisions (Zhejiang Province Government 12th times Executive Conference considered through September 26, 2013 Zhejiang Province Government makes No. 316, announced since November 1, 2013 up purposes) first article to ease city traffic hold blocking, improved city traffic and people home environment, promote city construction and traffic coordination development, according to People's Republic of China urban and rural planning method, and People's Republic of China Road traffic security method and People's Republic of China Road traffic security method implementation Ordinance, legal, and regulations of provides,

    Combined with the facts of the province, these provisions are formulated.

    Second city should be building a resource-saving and environment-friendly, coordinating structure, safe and efficient transportation system.

Third municipal people's Government is the main body responsibility for urban transport development.

City people's Government and the relevant departments should be combined with the city's traffic characteristics of integrated urban development and transport infrastructure planning and construction, supply and demand balancing traffic, optimize facility use, strengthening the integrated management of urban transport. Cities should give priority to the development of public transport.

    Large cities should be actively developing rail transit, rapid bus (electric) vehicles, such as large-capacity public transport system.

Fourth city people's Government, transportation, urban planning, land resources, construction, public security, civil air defense, development and reform, finance, city administration and other departments shall, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to strengthen coordination, joint of city traffic management and ease traffic congestion.

State organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other organizations should strengthen civil traffic and travel information, education, news media, educational institutions should be regularly organized activities related to public awareness and education.

    Promoted and supported by public transport, walking and biking, shuttle, smart rent a car, car, peak travel, reduce the amount by vehicle, balanced traffic distribution.

Fifth compilation (including modifications, the same below) master plan, County (municipality) regional master plan, according to urban public transport should be supporting and guiding principles of urban development, overall development of urban layout and traffic.

    Preparation of the master plan, the County (municipality) regional master plan, should fully take into account transport demand and traffic load capacity, determines the intensity of land development, function and structure to avoid large numbers of people in the absence of convenient transport of excessive concentration in smaller areas, avoiding residential areas and the long distance separating working areas arising excessive motorized trips. Sixth people's Governments of cities shall organize the preparation of urban transportation system planning, specific work by the town and country planning Department together with development and reform, transportation and public security departments are responsible for implementing.

Validity term of urban transportation system planning with overall urban planning, County (municipality) regional master plan is consistent with the planning period. Preparation of urban transportation system planning, scientific development trend of urban traffic, and manpower of urban roads, public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, parking, transportation, transportation hub, external transport and traffic management system functions such as configuration, general layout, urban transportation development.

    Urban integrated traffic system planning of specific preparation, in accordance with the requirements in guidelines for national execution. Seventh municipal people's Governments shall organize the preparation of urban public transport planning.

Planning should be based on urban public transport planning based on urban integrated transport system. Urban public transport planning should be to provide accessible, fast, affordable and safe public transport services for the overall objectives, determining the structure of urban public transport, Division of labour, the scale, clear layout of public transport networks and stations, technical requirements, land control standards and total vehicles equipped with standard, facilitate the transfer of traffic to promote integrated development of urban and rural public transport.

    Proposed construction of urban rail transit, should determine the layout of the network and the rolling stock base and control requirements, and so on.

Eighth municipal people's Governments shall, in accordance with the city's comprehensive traffic system planning and public transportation planning requirements, increase public transport facilities and the construction and maintenance of facilities investment.

    Migration, the demolition of facilities for public transport stations, should ask the Transportation Department approval.

Nineth land for urban people's Governments should guarantee transportation facilities, and to give priority to public transport facilities.

    Municipal people's Governments should support public transport facilities by way of aboveground and underground space exploitation and development benefits for public transport infrastructure and make up the public transport operating losses.

Article tenth municipal people's Government development of urban public transport should be included in the public finance system, in accordance with the provisions of the national and provincial, take the following measures for financial, tax, price, support and promote the development of public transport:

(A) for public transport vehicles (including bike) the acquisition and replacement of equipment such as financial subsidies;

(B) for urban public transport industry oil, gas and other energy price subsidies;

(C) the operation of urban rail transit enterprise adopts a preferential price;

(D) the tax reduction or exemption of ships travel on public transport by law;

(E) exemption of urban public transport enterprises new bus (electric) vehicle acquisition tax;

(F) for low fares, relief and take Government-directed tasks and other forms of policy-related losses as well as enterprises in technological innovation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, business remote line inputs to give appropriate subsidies, compensation;

(VII) other support measures at the national and provincial regulations. People's Governments of cities shall establish relevant system, considering the number of passengers, business mileage, quality of service and policy-related factors such as loss, determines the scope of the Government subsidies, compensation and standards, funding shall be in full and on time.

Financial departments shall, together with the transport and price sectors of urban public transport enterprises of financial accounting and cost accounting exercise supervision. Transportation Agency of the Government of the city shall, together with the fiscal, pricing and other departments on a regular basis for quality evaluation of urban public transport enterprises.

    Evaluation results should give the city and public transport subsidies, subsidy and compensation are linked.

11th city people's Government and the relevant departments according to the city public transport operation, delineation or increasing public transport lanes, priority lanes, implementation of the public transport priority measures such as improving the punctuality of public transport.

    Public transport lanes, lane set of priority, in accordance with the technical requirements for the implementation of the plan of urban public transport. 12th urban public transport enterprises should improve the service standards and specifications, optimize network settings, reasonably extend their service hours, elimination of outdated vehicles in a timely manner, keeping the vehicle clean in good condition, guaranteed quality of service.

Encouraging urban public transport enterprises and other enterprises of their right under the law to conduct public bicycle rental, peak commuting and other public transport services.

Urban public transport enterprises shall advance publicity add or adjust the frequency of route, site, and morning and evening class start/end times, establish the public comments received and feedback system, subject to public supervision. City people's Government transportation departments should organize regular passenger load, according to public demand and changes, timely structural adjustment programmes of organizations to develop public transit network, and open to the public for comment.

    Programme determined after the urban public transport enterprises should implement. 13th city people's Government and the relevant departments should be based on urban integrated transport system planning, combined with the urban topography, natural conditions and urban traffic development, refinement, implementation of pedestrian and bicycle transportation system development policies and facilities layout, enhance the comfort and safety of the environment, protection of road traffic conditions and normal use.

    At high population concentration of large commercial centers, offices, public transportation and other areas, you can walk from pedestrian corridors stereo facilities under construction.

14th article new traffic flow concentrated, and on city local traffic has larger effect of following construction project, city government urban and rural planning sector should with traffic transport, and police, sector on construction project may caused of traffic effect for evaluation, for construction project planning location or developed transfer with to planning conditions provides reference according to; by provides need prepared construction project location argument report of, traffic effect evaluation should as which of specifically chapters:

(A) the large supermarkets, logistics and warehousing centre;

(B) the theater, Stadium (Museum), hospitals, schools and other public facilities;

(Iii) and on both sides of the main road in city center hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and other large commercial buildings;

(D) the large settlement;

(E) has a great impact on city traffic of other construction projects.

Construction project traffic impact assessment of specific measures by the provincial housing and urban-rural development in conjunction with the provincial Transportation Department, the provincial public security department.

    Traffic impact evaluation of construction project costs into the budget shall not be charged to the employer. 15th people's Governments of cities shall be reasonable planning, increase investment, making full use of ground and underground space, developing and building public car parks, parking spaces, mechanical stop garage parking facilities.

Encourage social forces to participate in the development, construction and management of public parking facilities.

Newly built, rebuilt or expanded urban planning areas of various types of building works, the construction unit shall, in accordance with the relevant planning and standards required to build parking facilities, and synchronize with the main part of the project design, construction, completion and delivery. Without legal approval, may not change the use of parking facilities that have been built.

Construction is a change of use ', after changing its configuration of parking spaces shall comply with the corresponding construction indicators cannot achieve the required indicators, urban and rural planning department uses not granted. Strictly control the number of parking spaces.

    Related sections in urban congestion area may not be the new road parking spaces has been set, should be phased out, specific scope and duration of road parking spaces delimit by Department and released. 16th the Government pricing, government guidance price of public parking spaces for differentiated charging policy.

Downtown parking meter fees should be higher than in other regions, in the same region road parking meter fees should be higher than the road.

    Parking use of roads should be according to the actual situation, for interim use, limited use, and non-stationary use, inter alia, to increase efficiency.
17th municipal people's Government and the relevant departments to ensure the urban traffic, according to the city's traffic conditions and construction and other factors, and may be subject to the permission of cars and other vehicles, limited stop, specific measures such as higher parking fees.

    18th article City Government and about sector should take measures, promote information and automation, technology in traffic resources shared using, and traffic organization and control, and public traffic line network optimization and traffic public service, aspects of application, strengthening vehicles scheduling, and security monitoring, and emergency disposal, and public traffic "a cartoon", and public parking spaces automatically billing, and public travel information and parking induced, management and service system of construction, and promote intelligent car rental, new traffic services of development,

    Improving urban traffic management and scientific level of efficiency, quality and service.

19th public security departments shall, jointly with relevant departments of people's Governments of cities, professional assessment of the status of urban traffic organization at the right time, according to traffic rules, in accordance with the principles of safety, efficiency and public transport priority, scientific traffic organization, intersection channelization arrangement of management, traffic signals and crosswalks, maximize the efficiency of urban road facilities. Police, city administration and other departments should carry out regular breaches of the road traffic regulation.

    According to the public security Department of urban road traffic order, determine key regulation content and scope of a given period.

On the 20th in the city road traffic accidents only caused minor property damage, and basic facts clearly, consultations should be evacuated.

    Vehicle failure but to be moved, the Parties shall immediately remove a vehicle on their own without prejudice to road traffic roadside.

21st people's Governments of cities shall strengthen the urban traffic management supervision and working and relieve traffic congestion, and its inclusion in objective responsibility, serious dereliction of duty of the unit and related personnel in accordance with relevant provisions of accountability.

Higher people's Governments and relevant departments should strengthen the lower level people's Governments and relevant departments of supervision, assessment and guidance.

    People's Governments of cities shall specify the relevant departments to collect, analyse and assess public views and suggestions to improve urban traffic, provide decision-making reference for urban transport management and development.

    22nd county seat town, traffic management, reference to these provisions. 23rd these provisions come into force on November 1, 2013.

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