Shijiazhuang Municipal Water Conservation Measures

Original Language Title: 石家庄市节约用水办法

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Shijiazhuang municipal water conservation measures

    (December 3, 2013, 13th session of the Standing Committee of the people's Government of the 13th through January 2, 2014, 186th in Shijiazhuang city people's Government release as of March 1, 2014) directory

Chapter I General provisions

Chapter II administration of water

Chapter III of recycled water and rainwater utilization

Chapter fourth safeguard

Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection

The sixth chapter legal liability

    The seventh chapter by-laws

    Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen water management, rational use of water resources, construction of water-saving society, according to the People's Republic of China water law, the Hebei provincial implementation of People's Republic of China approaches the water law and the regulations on management of water resources in Shijiazhuang city, the Shijiazhuang municipal water supply water conservation regulations, combined with the city's actual, these measures are formulated.

    Article in the administrative area of the city of water and water management, these measures shall apply.

    Article, practice a strict water resource management system, adhere to economic and social development compatible with the carrying capacity of water resources water policy to improve water efficiency target, unified allocation of surface water, strict control of groundwater, encourages the use of recycled water and rainwater, the implementation planning water use, water conservation, facilitating construction of water saving society.

Fourth municipal water conservancy administrative departments are the city's water-saving management, unified supervision and management is responsible for the city's water conservation work.

Counties (cities), District Water Conservancy administrative departments are the Department of water management within the administrative area, is responsible for the supervision and management of water conservation, and so on.

Development, planning, construction, gardening, urban management, quality monitoring, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, health, business, business and other relevant departments according to their respective responsibilities, with the water conservancy administrative departments of water management, and in the formulation of industrial development program fully into account and adopt advanced and the science of water saving technologies and measures.

    Water supply enterprises shall assist the water conservancy administrative departments good management of water within the water.

Article fifth Township people's Government and the neighborhood offices shall do a good water conservation work within their respective jurisdictions, develop water conservation propaganda organization, promoting the construction of water-saving type villages, community; found violating these rules of behavior should be stopped and reported to the relevant authorities.

    Villagers ' committees, neighborhood committees assist the Township people's Governments and street work saving water; found violating these rules of behavior should be discouraged, and report to the relevant departments.

Article sixth units and individuals have the obligation to save water.

    To save water and water conservation in the management of the units and individuals who made outstanding contributions to, and whistle-blowers to report verified significant waste water, give encouragement and reward.

    Chapter II administration of water Seventh administrative areas of the city to implement water supply volume control.

Municipal water-saving Administrative Department shall, jointly with relevant departments, according to the regional function and the requirements of sustainable development, decomposition of total quantity control of water indicators.

    City and County (City) and district water management should be based on the total amount control of water indicators, annual water use plans and their implementation.

Eighth annual water water management should be based on plans, industry water quota and life, production and operation of the unit with water needs, the approved water's water program.

    Public water supply units according to the water management Department of the water plan given to the water users water plan and water regularly water plan evaluation, adjustments to reported to the Department of water management. Nineth public water supply unit with water users water supply contract signed, specify the rights and obligations of both parties.

    Water users of water violations, notice by the water management departments, to stop water supply of water.

    Tenth water unit within the administrative area of the city migrated, time should be given to the municipal or district or County water management applications approved water plan.

11th water metering, demand. , Water supply units shall install metering facilities consistent with national standards, and enhanced measurement inspection and routine maintenance of facilities to ensure accurate measurement.

, Units of measurement shall be in accordance with the regulations on water facilities for regular calibration and metering facilities damage is found, shall be repaired or replaced.

    Water no water metering facilities, installed by the water management department ordered, and date of the water himself, according to the engineering design of water or water intake equipment rated flow wide run calculation of quantity of water, until the installation of water-metering facilities so far.

12th urban domestic water consumption by the progressive introduction price ladder system.

New residential facilities shall, in accordance with a table, outdoor water meter set requirements for the design and construction. Original houses had not yet implemented a transformation of one table, except due to a transformation affecting building security and other reasons, a transformed from water supply companies, the user shall cooperate with.

    Requirements in accordance with the relevant provisions.

13th water unit (Hu) there are two types of water properties and above categories, you need to do different water price, each Party shall install metering facilities.

Water units install metering facilities, not elsewhere classified, by the standards of the highest water price in water category fees.

    Producing and water machines, in the residential car washing services, landscape-environmental water consumption should be a separate install metering facilities, standards and related water price to pay.

14th water management departments should strengthen the direct from the Earth's surface, underground access to water resources in water-metering facilities inspection, charging water fees on time.

Supply unit should improve the system of water metering and meter, accurate records of water collect water on time.

    Water units and individuals shall coordinate with the water management unit staff look-up table, and water supply charges.

15th water unit water indicators should be in accordance with the water management Department of water, water management unit with water periodically.

Public tube network water of water units beyond water index water of, except truly paid water outside, and by following standard paid increases water: Super plans water 10% following (containing 10%) of, Super with part increases 1 time times; Super plans water 10% above, and 20% following (containing 20%) of, Super with part increases twice times; Super plans water 20% above of, Super with part increases three times times.

    Self-provided water water water water unit is out of water indicators, in addition to pay water fees, according to the Hebei water resources fee collection management of use provisions.

    Chapter III of recycled water and rainwater utilization

16th reclaimed water is treated municipal sewage and waste water purification, water quality up to the national standard classification of urban wastewater reclamation and reuse, can be used in a range of non-drinking water.

Wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities refers to wastewater collection, treatment, water supply, measuring and testing facilities, and other ancillary facilities.

    Recycled water for landscaping, road cleaning, car washing, construction, landscape, industrial production, and water of acceptable quality standards.

17th new large-scale cultural, education, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, office facilities as well as residential building area of 30,000 square meters, should be supporting in the construction of water recycling facilities.

Encourage large public construction projects, residential property such as units or property management unit to build the appropriate scale of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities.

    Encourage continuous wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities concentrated in residential construction.

    Article 18th should build, but you can use other wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities of water supply, water saving management and verification, you can not separate construction of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities, subject to the necessary wastewater recycling pipelines and auxiliary facilities, and the use of reclaimed water.

    Article 19th of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities design, construction units commissioned by the owner with the appropriate qualifications.

    20th to encourage units and individuals to a sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, such as construction of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities, reclaimed water management activities.

    21st recycled water shall be lower than the price of tap water price percentage determined depending standards formulated by the Department in charge of price. 22nd reclaimed water management units in the course of business, shall be fitted sheet measures, according to the volume of charges without interruption of water supply or water supplies.

    For facility maintenance and other reasons need to stop water supply should be 24-hour advance notice to water users.

Article 23rd property in wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities or operations management unit shall establish and improve water management systems and work procedures to ensure normal operation of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities, and routine testing of water quality as specified.

    Water management Commission with regular water quality testing qualified unit testing, ensure the quality reuse water conforms to the national standard classification of urban wastewater reclamation and reuse.

24th landscaping, road cleaning, vehicle washing, infrastructure construction, landscape, water for industrial production, you should first use recycled water meeting national standards.

Providing car wash water shall install metering facilities with water, construction of water recycling facilities; not constructing sewage recycling facilities, implementation of the recycled water distribution system.

    Residential areas, the landscape-environmental water consumption of the units, use of recycled water, reclaimed water should be used, you may not use tap water or groundwater; not capable of using recycled water, a separate installation of metering facilities, standards and related water price to pay.

25th rainwater means for building roofs and pavement harden led to increased runoff in the region, taken on rainwater collection, infiltration, storage, processing, use and other measures.

    Rainwater harvesting facilities refers to rainwater collection installations, infiltration facilities, storage facilities, treatment facilities, storage facilities, and related subsidiary facilities in General.

26th in line with one of the following conditions of new construction, renovation or expansion projects, the construction unit shall build supporting facilities for rainwater collection and use:

(A) the civil construction, industrial building construction (structure) occupies an area of surface hardening and more than 1500 square meters of construction projects;

(B) the total land area of more than 2000 square metres of parks, squares, green spaces and other public works projects;
(C) urban roads and viaducts and other municipal projects.

    27th has established enterprises, units, residential areas and parks, squares, green areas, urban roads, viaducts and other municipal infrastructure, with construction sites, property unit, management units or Realty Management Enterprise shall, in accordance with the gradual filling construction of rainwater harvesting facilities.

28th article of rainwater utilization project design, construction, and should be combined with reclaimed water facility construction, follow the construction project does not increase after ground hardening regional rainwater runoff and drainage volume principle, strictly in accordance with the relevant national and local regulations, building rainwater harvesting facilities.

(A) the ground hardening using type for the roof of a building, after its rainwater into storage facilities should be concentrated, or into ground water areas, such as green space, permeable pavement and the storage infiltration replenishment;

(B) ground hardening using type for the courtyards, plazas, parking lots, parks, sidewalks, walking street construction project, you should first selection permeable pavement materials in accordance with the construction standards or convergence of building facilities, the introduction of rainwater infiltration replenishment in flooded areas, or into storage facilities utilization;

    (C) the ground hardening using type for the city infrastructure such as roads and viaducts, rain should be combined with the greenery along the irrigation of its pavement, design and construction of rainwater harvesting facilities. Article 29th of collecting rain water is mainly used for afforestation, road cleaning, flushing and landscape environment and replenishment of groundwater.

    Reuse of rain water shall conform to the provisions of the current national standards.

    Article 30th recycled grey water and water distribution pipes, water tanks and other facilities outside surface should be painted a light green and with no running water, underground water supply pipelines connected directly, the outlet must be marked with the "no drinking water" and other obvious signs.

    Chapter fourth safeguard 31st new construction, renovation or expansion projects directly from surface and underground water, the construction unit shall make water resources assessment.

Not submitted a certified report on water resources assessment, government investment authorities approval, approval, unauthorized construction or production should be ordered to stop. New construction, reconstruction and extension project of water-saving facilities shall be simultaneously with the principal part of the project designed, built and put into use.

Planning and design units should be in accordance with the standards and norms in national, provincial water conservation, water-saving facilities design, and a separate volume.

Water-saving facilities are completed, the construction unit shall declare to the water management inspection.

    Water-saving facilities apparatus, process, equipment, metering facilities, water circulation and recycling systems, reuse of reclaimed water systems and rainwater systems. 32nd of Governments at various levels should set up special funds, funds for reclaimed water, rainwater utilization and water-saving projects subsidies and water quality inspection, testing and other towns.

    Specific measures shall be formulated by the water supplies Department, in conjunction with the Ministry of finance. 33rd industrial water unit shall adopt advanced technologies, processes and equipment, increases the number of circulating water, improve water reuse. Utilization of water must meet the State standards in business.

Does not meet the required standards, the water management authority shall order its deadline to carry out technical transformation.

    Indirect cooling water should be recycled, recycling rate shall not be less than 98%.

Article 34th with water as the raw material production enterprises shall use water-saving production processes and technologies, reduce the loss of water resources.

In groundwater, drinking water in tap water as the raw material manufacture units or individuals shall install metering facilities alone, according to standard payment-related water price, water production rate shall not be less than 70% of the raw water; install water recycling facilities, to recycle the water, may not be directly discharged; without water recycling facilities, no unit or individual is allowed to provide water.

    Before the implementation of these measures have been installed on-site, drinking water equipment for sale, the relevant units or individuals shall be installed within 6 months from the date of implementation of the measures of tail water recycling facilities. 35th people's Governments at various levels should be based on the State of water resources in the administrative areas to guide agricultural production and business operation entities and individuals reasonable adjustment of crop planting structure, developing high efficiency water-saving agriculture, limiting and compression, low efficiency of water consumption of crop cultivation.

    Actively promote the use of micro-irrigation, pipe, membrane under furrow irrigation, water saving irrigation in Canal seepage control techniques, reduction of flood irrigation, improving the efficiency of irrigation water. 36th new construction, expansion, reconstruction of agricultural irrigation project and new irrigation wells, at the time of applying for license for water, water-saving irrigation project proposal shall be attached or other water-saving measures.

    Completed irrigation projects should be systematically completed water-saving transformation. 37th water management should be carried out in conjunction with relevant departments of agricultural water saving irrigation experiments, the implementation of irrigation water measurement, installation of metering equipment and improvement measures.

Water supply water supply water must install metering equipment.

    Strengthening the management of agricultural irrigation systems and construction of intelligent monitor and control system of water saving irrigation in farmland, improve management level of irrigation water.

    38th agricultural to non-agricultural use of water should be to the water management Department to deal with change, re-water indicators and categories according to the nature of new water pricing charge. 39th article promoting the construction of farmer water users Association, the implementation of autonomous management of water use, self service.

    Support grass-roots water management organizations, such as the water users Association water conservation work carried out pursuant to articles; grass-roots water management organizations can be authorized to undertake matters relating to water management.

    40th of green space in urban areas, trees, flowers should be used, such as sprinkler irrigation, micro-irrigation, water-saving irrigation methods such as drip irrigation, improve the efficiency of green water.

41st, establishing and perfecting the high water consumption, the project focus and per unit of water control mechanism, strengthen water monitoring and management; strictly controlled water as raw material manufacturers, golf, luxury bathing facilities and other high-consumption projects development.

    Luxury bathing facilities mentioned in these measures refers to the commercial Administrative Department announced public bathing facilities outside the baths for the convenience.

42nd water or water-saving management should gradually water as raw material for production enterprises, golf courses, swimming pools, luxury bathing facilities and other high water consumption units to install water data transfer equipment.

    In accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph to install water data remote transmission device of high water consumption and water users, it may not stop use, damage or demolition.

43rd article banning the production, sale, use of high water consumption of the country has been officially eliminated equipment, products, and do not meet the standards of water saving water.

    Municipal water-saving Administrative Department shall, in conjunction with the city of quality and technical supervision departments, timely announced to the society recommended the State of "water-saving appliances directory" and "has been officially eliminated water appliances directory". 44th supply units shall improve their water supply facilities, pipe networks and fire hydrants, fire-fighting water column of the daily inspection and maintenance record of inspections and maintenance, improved monitoring and maintenance management.

Renovation of old, old network and facilities in a timely manner, and reduce the rate of water supply pipe network leakage.

    Public water supply units shall publicize the repair call failure should make prompt repairs.

    Article 45th water management departments and units should establish water resources real-time monitoring, resource optimization and information management system for water saving, improving statistics and reporting system of water information.

Article 46th units shall take measures to strengthen the management of water conservation with water, do the following:

(A) establish and improve the responsibility system for water conservation, and construction of water-saving unit.

(B) the establishment of water-saving or designate a specific responsibility for water conservation work of the specialized agencies, establishment of water accounting, statistical analysis on water, clear water plan, water-saving goals, measures, and once every 4 years or rational water use analysis for water balance test.

(C) strengthening the maintenance of water facilities.

(Iv) save water campaign.

    Public institutions should practise strict economy, strengthening internal management to save water, to eliminate waste, lead in water saving products, equipment, processes, improve the level of saving water.

47th news media should strengthen water conservation campaign, broadcast and published water conservation public service announcements.

Water conservation knowledge educational administrative departments shall be included in the content of school education.

    Restaurants, theaters, stadiums, hospitals, schools, galleries, museums, libraries, waiting room, Terminal, travel agencies and other public places and units should actively advocate water conservation knowledge.

    48th Government shall organize the relevant departments to carry out study on the science and technology of water-saving and water-saving technology integration resources, encourage units and individuals to develop water-water equipment and water saving technologies, processes, equipment and products.

    Fifth chapter of supervision and inspection

    49th water management sector, as well as other relevant departments should perform their duties according to law, strengthen supervision and inspection of water supply, water saving water.

50th water conservation supervision and inspection personnel when performing their duties of supervision and inspection, and the right to take the following measures:

(A) access to the site to conduct, to investigate water saving management, internal network and facility operation and other relevant information;

(B) requesting the unit or individual under inspection clarification on water-related issues;

(C) requested by units or individuals for examination the relevant documents, licenses and materials;

(D) ordering the inspection units or individuals to stop illegal activities, meet statutory obligations. Supervisors and inspectors in carrying out their duties of supervision and inspection, shall produce their certificate of administrative law enforcement.

    Relevant organizations or persons on supervision and inspection work should cooperate, and may not refuse or obstruct.

    51st water management authorities should strengthen daily supervision and management of the water intake more per unit of water, increase the frequency of checks of high water consumption, waste water processing in a timely manner to found; needs to the authorities, should carry out joint inspections.

    The sixth chapter legal liability

52nd in violation of these rules, any of the following acts, rectification, overdue change, be punished by the water management departments in accordance with the following provisions:

(A) violation of article 22nd, without interruption or stoppage of water supply, fined a maximum of between 5000 and 2000 Yuan.

(B) contrary to article 23rd, cease operation of wastewater reclamation and reuse facilities without permission, fined a maximum of more than 2000 Yuan and 10,000 yuan.
(C) contrary to article 38th, unauthorized change of agricultural use, of 20,000 yuan fine.

(D) contravenes section 42nd paragraph, fine of 10,000 yuan.

    The seventh chapter by-laws 53rd these measures come into force on March 1, 2014.