Shanghai Agricultural Machinery Safety Regulations

Original Language Title: 上海市农业机械安全管理规定

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Shanghai agricultural machinery safety regulations (July 19, 1993 40th announced on December 19, 1997, Shanghai Municipal People's Government of Shanghai Municipal People's Government amended on December 20, 2010 54th released by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the 52nd of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government to amend the Shanghai Municipal agricultural accident management interim provisions 148 municipal regulations amendment of decision on May 7, 2014, released by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government so that 16th of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government to amend

    8 pieces, such as the Shanghai port shoreline management decisions of the municipal regulations amended and republished) first in order to strengthen the agricultural machinery and driving, safety supervision and management of the operator, protect people's lives and property safety, promoting the development of agricultural production, according to the relevant regulations of the State, considering the actual situation in the city, these provisions are formulated.

    Second agricultural machinery in these rules refers to agricultural production activities related to farming and primary processing of products such as machinery and equipment.

    Article in which are operating inside the city limits of agricultural machinery and its drivers, operators and persons associated with farm machinery operation, shall comply with this regulation.

Article fourth Shanghai Municipal Agriculture Committee is the agricultural machinery safety supervision authorities.

    Farm machinery safety supervision organs at all levels are responsible for the concrete implementation of these provisions. Article fifth before using tractors, combine harvesters, the owner shall take proof my ID card and machine sources, farm machinery safety supervision organization applying for registration, obtaining plate, driving the rear can be used for the job.

Driving permit should be onboard, may not be lent, altered or forged.

    Tractors, combines, used during registration is changed, the owner shall apply for registration of change.

    Article sixth of tractors, combine harvesters need to move that is not registered, tractors, combines, all shall apply to agricultural machinery safety supervision for temporary license plates, and in accordance with the requirements of the drive.

Article seventh agricultural technology should be maintained in good condition, let neat, safety equipment is complete and valid.

    On-road tractor shall conform to the regulations of the State motor vehicle safety conditions, and the public security organs traffic management management.

Farm machinery safety supervision organization shall, in accordance with provisions of article eighth, on periodic technical inspection of agricultural machinery. Farm machinery safety supervision organization at the time of purchase of agricultural machinery to handle the clearance procedures for the new, technical inspection should be carried out; who has applied for a number of agricultural machinery, annual technical inspections should be conducted annually.

    Farm machinery safety supervision organization according to the needs of agricultural production, do not carry out regular tests on agricultural machinery.

    Nineth driving agricultural machinery, personnel should be trained, and farm machinery safety supervision organization examination, after receiving a driver's license or certificate, driving or operating machinery.

Article tenth tractor and combine harvester driven into should meet the following conditions:

(A) at least 18 years of age;

(B) health conditions comply with the safety requirements;

    (C) have a corresponding safe driving skills.

    11th agricultural machinery driving, the operator shall abide by the relevant security procedures and systems for agricultural machinery, attend certification, subject to security checks, and safety education.

    12th on the road driving agricultural machinery, should abide by the State and the city's road traffic management rules and regulations.

    13th farm machinery accidents of concrete processing procedures and practices, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State and this municipality.

    14th using agricultural machinery in the fields, yards, and when engaged in various operations on a country road, in violation of the provisions as well as agricultural machinery safety procedures, rules of driving behavior, commits an illegal act. 15th for illegal persons by the Shanghai Municipal agricultural Commission or district and county administrative departments of agriculture warned in serious, punishable by fines of less than 200 Yuan.

Otherwise provided by laws and regulations, from its provisions.

The Shanghai Municipal agricultural Commission these provisions can be given administrative punishment, commissioned by the Shanghai Municipal agricultural machinery safety supervision of its exercise.

    Because of his violation be given administrative penalties for public security, should be submitted to the public security authorities. 16th Shanghai Municipal agricultural Commission or district and county administrative departments of agriculture administrative penalties, it shall issue a written decision of administrative penalty.

Collected and confiscated money shall issue a municipal finance department confiscated property of the printed receipt.

    Confiscation of revenue turned over to the State Treasury according to stipulations.

Article 17th of specific administrative act undertaken by the parties, in accordance with the People's Republic of China administration reconsideration law and the People's Republic of China administrative litigation law of the provisions may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.

    Parties within the statutory time limit does not apply for reconsideration does not sue, or carry out a specific administrative act, departments to formulate specific administrative acts in accordance with the People's Republic of China administrative litigation law of the provisions apply to the people's Court for compulsory execution.

    18th article of the rules by the Shanghai Municipal agricultural Commission is responsible for the interpretation. 19th article of the regulations come into force on August 1, 1993.