Guangdong Province, Old Preferences

Original Language Title: 广东省老年人优待办法

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Guangdong Province, old preferences

    (December 4, 2013 12th 16 meeting of the people's Government of Guangdong Province on January 16, 2014 198th promulgated by the people's Government of Guangdong province from March 1, 2014) first in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, carrying forward the virtue of respecting the old and helping the Chinese nation, according to the People's Republic of China protection of rights and interests of the elderly Act, the protection of rights and interests of the elderly in Guangdong Province Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the facts of the province, these measures are formulated.

    Second elderly people mentioned in these measures refers to the citizens over 60 years old.

Article preferential treatment in the elderly always proceed from the practical needs of the elderly, adhere to the principle of Government-led, social participation.

Relevant departments of the people's Governments above the county level and preferential treatment in the elderly should be strengthened to ensure the enjoyment of social security, social welfare and social services commensurate with the level of local economic and social development.

    Community should be carried out through a variety of recreational activities of the elderly, boot older volunteers based on their own knowledge, skills and experience, their personal expertise to help the social integration of older persons, and realize the worthiness of the elderly, be happy. Article fourth of older persons with their resident identification card or other valid entry permits on Government sponsored or controlled by parks, scenic spots, cultural centres, museums, art galleries, science museums, memorials, libraries, cultural centers (stations), theaters, exhibition halls, stadiums, enjoy free treatment or preferential treatment.

Promote non-governmental investment sponsored or owned parks, scenic spots and other tourist attractions for geriatric appropriate offers.

    The elderly free or concessionary public services, should set clear sign, logo, to provide safe and convenient service and meet the physical characteristics, habits of the elderly facilities, staff or service personnel should inform related regulations on preferential treatment to older people.

Article fifth urban public transport, road, rail, waterway and air passenger transport should be given priority in the elderly to buy tickets, in and out of stations, ticket, pick-up and drop-off services, conditions of transport shall set the elderly only.

Distance bus station, train station waiting room in the elderly should be set up or the elderly only.

    Travel on urban public transport of the elderly enjoy preferential measures developed by the prefecture-level city people's Government.

Article sixth advocated postal, telecommunications, banking, restaurants, stores, electricity, water, fuel, maintenance and other service sectors, according to industry characteristics, priorities, preferences and other services for the elderly, and their apparent preferential treatment in place of mark, mark.

    Free use of public toilets in the elderly.

Article seventh senior education shall encourage and support social forces to participate in development, and expand the scale of all types of older universities.

Residence in Guangdong Province, administrative region of poor senior citizens enrolled in University of the third age, enjoy a tuition discount.

    Strengthen the construction of grass-roots elderly associations, elderly Association to play in safeguarding the rights of older persons, participation in public affairs, organization and participation of older persons in economic and social construction and carrying out the role of sports activities.

Eighth people's Governments at various levels should finance, tax, land, finance and take measures to encourage and support enterprises, institutions, public organizations to run old-age institutions, facilities, operations, perfect home based, community based agencies for the support of old-age service system.

Encourage and support professional services organizations and other organizations and individuals, for the home life of the elderly, emergency rescue, medical care, psychiatric, counseling and other forms of service.

Government to invest in old-age care institutions should give priority to safeguard the economic hardships of widows, disabled, elderly services needs.

    On household registration in the elderly in financial difficulty within the administrative area of the province, the people's Governments above the county level shall give step by step service subsidies.

    Nineth articles encourage and the elderly is closely related to the daily life of service and people's Governments at all levels and relevant departments to establish care for the elderly services and assistance call information network connection, to achieve full coverage of the daily needs of the elderly and assistance services in the region.

Tenth people's Governments at various levels should establish and improve the Medicaid system, rural five-guarantee, minimum living guarantee of older persons, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Guangdong province into the scope of Medicaid.

On household registration in the province within the administrative area of rural five-guarantee the elderly, enjoy minimum living guarantee of the elderly, the loss of labour capacity of older persons with disabilities, low-income elderly seriously ill patients such as the elderly, low-income families to participate in Medicare's personal contributions to urban and rural residents, the Government be fully funded.

Governments at all levels can practice, residence within the area of urban and rural residents to participate in people over 70 years of medical insurance insurance funded conditional collective economic organizations to participate in the medical insurance for the elderly in urban and rural residents should be given subsidized, subvented. All medical institutions should provide convenience for hospitalizing, gradually setting up dedicated lanes for priority treatment and other services.

    Basic medical and health institutions shall be established for the area of 65 years of age or older health records, free supply of 1 times a year including the lifestyle and health assessment, medical examination, examinations and health guidance of health management services.

11th people's Governments at various levels shall rescue the poor into the special difficulties of the elderly groups range of household registration in the administrative area, living alone for a long time, the economic difficulties of the elderly should be based on the degree of disability care allowance.

    Household registration in the administrative area of rural five-guarantee within older people, enjoy minimum living guarantee of the elderly, difficult old age allowances, imposed after the death of the body cremated, by domicile Government provides free basic funeral services. 12th in line with priority housing housing conditions of older persons in the province the scope of protection.

Among them, the living alone with no income or low income rental public housing, rent free.

    Household registration in the administrative regions of the province of older persons in their property rights or lease housing demolition (expropriation) in place, under the same conditions can enjoy priority treatment of floors.

    13th people's Governments above the county level shall establish a local household registration above 80 years old system of government subsidies.

    14th military management in Guangdong from 60 years old retired veteran cadres in accordance with the regulations of the local preferential policies. 15th article violates these rules does not perform the obligation of treatment the elderly departments or organizations, the relevant departments should give criticism and education, correction.

    State law negligence, cause damage to their legitimate rights and interests, law by his entity or his upper level organs ordered corrective action and shall be subject to punishment constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 16th article of the rules take effect on March 1, 2014.

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