Administrative Provisions On Safety Of Large-Scale Mass Activities Of Hefei City

Original Language Title: 合肥市大型群众性活动安全管理规定

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Administrative provisions on safety of large-scale mass activities of Hefei city

    (January 8, 2014, people's Government of Hefei city, the 23rd Executive meeting January 30, 2014, people's Government of Hefei city, the 173th published since March 1, 2014) Chapter I General provisions

    First in order to strengthen safety management of large scale mass activities, protection of citizens ' personal and property security, maintain social order and public security, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated. Provisions of this article apply to organizing large-scale mass activities in the administrative area of the city of security management.

Safety, fire protection, assemblies, processions and demonstrations as well as other laws and regulations provide otherwise, from its provisions.

Large-scale mass activities referred to in the preceding paragraph (hereinafter referred to as event), is a legal person or other organization organized by the public each date expected toll of more than 1000 people participated in the following activities:

(A) sports activities;

(B) theatrical performances such as concerts, concert activities;

(C) exhibitions, fairs and other events;

(D) a park, Lantern Festival, temple fairs, flower, Fireworks and other activities;

(E) activities such as career fairs, lottery ticket sales;

(Vi) other major events that affect public safety.

    Theaters, parks, scenic spots, hotels, Conference Center, entertainment, commerce sites, various institutions in its daily operations held within the framework of commercial performances, visits, conferences, and cultural entertainment, product promotions, entrance examination and consulting activities, safety management according to the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations.

    Article events safety management should follow safety first, prevention policy, adhere to the contractor is responsible for, the principle of government regulation.

    Fourth city, County (City) and district people's Government led the event safety within their administrative areas, establishing integrated mechanisms of coordination and information-sharing platform, urged relevant government departments to perform their duties of supervision and management, coordinating and solving major problems in big events.

Fifth safety management work of public security organs are responsible for large scale events.

    Safety, quality and technical supervision, construction, health, food and drug, communications, culture, sports, urban management and other departments and Government emergency response agencies, in accordance with the relevant regulations and the Government's responsibility, safety supervision and management of large-scale activities.

    Chapter II security responsibility Sixth event organisers are responsible for the security of its hosting activities, whose main owner is active security responsibility.

Operators, site managers and other units involved in large-scale activities pursuant to the relevant provisions of security responsibilities.

Sponsor refers to the sponsor of the event.

Contractor refers to specific organizational units or organizations in organizing large scale events, the charge refers to the contractor's legal representative or head of the routine work.

    Site Manager is the all or actual possession, use, and management of places to rent, loan provided to the contractors in organizing large scale events in the form of units or individuals.

Article seventh event contractor shall perform the following security functions:

(A) the security risk forecasting of events, football games, Fireworks, per date, estimated attendance of more than 20,000 people of theatrical activity, shall entrust a professional assessment of security risk assessment bodies;

(B) the development of major event security and organizing drills and emergency plan for the programme of work;

(C) to establish and to implement the safety responsibility system of large-scale activities, identifying security responsibility, clear responsibilities, develop security measures;

(D) has achieved major event security services for security officers and other security personnel;

(E) development, implementation of major event security budget, working for the security of major events to provide the necessary funding, facilities, equipment, site;

(F) organize the implementation of large-scale activities site safety management, security check, find and eliminate security risks;

(G) the safety awareness of the personnel participating in major events, discourage and prevent prejudice to the order of events in a timely manner and report crimes to police authorities in a timely manner;

(H) the protection of temporary facilities, equipped with adequate fire-fighting equipment and devices;

(IX) through the news media, live radio, ticket endorsement forms, to participate in activities promote informed traffic control, public order, ticket management, security checks and requirements;

(J) to accept the guidance of public security organs and other relevant government departments, supervision and inspection;

(11) with the necessary security screening equipment, places to get into major security checks of persons, goods and vehicles, for refusing to undergo a security check, should be denied access;

    (12) by public security organs approved personnel capacity, the number of designated area control, sale of tickets.

Eighth sponsor entrust other unit to host large events, you should select qualified and have appropriate skills and conditions of contractors.

    Sponsor shall support and urged the contractors to implement security and safety measures, shall not be made to the contractor could jeopardize the event security requirements.

Nineth large arena managers shall perform the following security functions:

(A) the site plan major activities are provided to the contractors, personnel security, secure channel, import and export as well as the power supply system, special equipment inspection reports and other information;

(B) the periodic inspection of fire control facilities, equipment, maintenance and updates in a timely manner, make sure that the active sites, installations comply with building, fire and health safety standards;

(C) safety buffer channel, region, set the guide indicates identity, with security checks, admission officers count equipment;

(D) ensure that video surveillance equipment in good working condition, video surveillance covers the main import and export and the active zone, video surveillance video last over 30th;

(E) provide parking space, is responsible for the parking lot security management and order Guide, and to cooperate with the relevant departments to maintain traffic order;

(F) protection of power supply, water supply, gas supply, telecommunications and other key parts safety and normal operation of major facilities;

    (G) the site may not be available to contractors in organizing large scale events that are not obtained security clearances.

    Tenth major event site security staff should be familiar with safe work programmes, emergency plans and contingency measures this position, skilled use of fire fighting equipment, familiar with emergency exits and evacuation routes.

11th events participants shall abide by the laws, rules and regulations, subject to on-site security staff of the management, command and guidance shall not be any of the following acts:

(A) refuse to undergo security checks, forced their way into the exhibition;

(B) the carrying of explosive, inflammable, radioactive, toxic, corrosive, dangerous goods, illegal possession of guns, ammunition, controlled apparatus;

    (C) the discharge of fireworks or other objects in the exhibition, displaying insulting slogans, banners and other items, throw, laying siege to event organizers, participants and other persons.

    12th article security security services the company shall strictly implement security programmes, carrying out security responsibilities; its field management personnel should be qualified through events safety management training, induction.

Article 13th event admission security checks work units shall in accordance with the safety inspection service agreements with the contractors, as well as the requirements of public security organs, develop security programmes and emergency contingency plans, with professional security personnel, and safe and effective security apparatus, equipment, large venue inspection of persons, vehicles and goods.

    Security inspection personnel shall strictly enforce the security audit programme, suspicious substances, prohibited items and criminal acts immediately to report to the public security organs, and in accordance with the programme requires advanced disposal. Security risk assessment body shall, in accordance with article 14th event safety standards and the actual situation to carry out risk assessment.

    Risk assessment report should include the security incidents of possibilities, security risks, risk prevention and control recommendations and so on.

    15th ticketing company should be approved in accordance with the public security organs of personnel capacity, tickets in designated areas, training of the ticket, received public security organ for supervision over ticket.

16th the public security organ shall perform the following duties:

(A) develop events safety management standards;

(B) receive, review event security clearance application materials submitted by the contractor, implement security clearances;

(C) the development of safety oversight programme and emergency plans;

(D) to guide the education and training of security staff;

(E) establish a record of adverse event safety information system;

(F) organizing places for police, fire departments, such as the security checks;

(VII) guidance, supervision and inspection of the implementation of security;

(H) the regulation imposed on event tickets;

(IX) maintenance activities in and around law and order, traffic order;

(J) the timely disposal by law may lead to accidents or endangering public security emergencies and other unexpected events;

    (11) to investigate and punish criminal acts in the events.

17th of municipal and County (City), the district people's Government departments shall perform the event functions of supervision, and make publicity on safety knowledge.

Safety Supervision Department is responsible for large-scale activities supervision and administration of production safety, acceptance for temporary facilities supervision and contractor organizations, involved in the rescue and investigation of security incidents during the event.

Quality supervision departments responsible for site safety supervision of special equipment.

Construction departments are responsible for major events facilities built design and expert supervision and inspection work and structures, removal of safety supervision.

Health authorities responsible for the supervision of activities related to drinking water and place public health, infectious disease prevention and control, monitoring and controlling work, provide emergency medical protection, to the timely response of public health emergencies, and medical treatment.

Food and drug departments are responsible for large event catering services food safety supervision, monitoring, response of food safety emergencies.

Public transport service Transport Department is responsible for events support.

Department responsible for theatrical performances and cultural activities Organizer eligibility and program review.

Responsible for sporting activities in the sports sector for approval or for the record.

Urban Management Department is responsible for large-scale events around the public areas within the city order and sanitation supervision.

    Government emergency response agencies of Government-directed or event organisers and other applications, coordination of emergency support.

    Chapter III safety management

18th event of the following circumstances, contractors should be events before the 20th day, public security organs, to apply for security clearances:

(A) venue across the counties (cities) and districts;

(B) the date, estimated the number of participants in more than 5000 people.

Other large activities outside the provisions of the preceding paragraph, contractor shall be events to the events before the 20th day of the County (City) and district public security organs to apply for security clearances.

    The events belonging to the municipal public security authorities with security clearances, city public security organs think by County (City), the public security organs to implement security management is more appropriate, may appoint a County (municipality), district public security authorities with security clearances.

19th event estimated the number of participants, refers to the Organization, coordination, protection, directly involved in the activities of the relevant staff and audiences and is expected to sell tickets or organized.

    Exhibitions, fairs and other events with mobility, expected number of participants refers to the largest number of people while at the event.

20th host applications for large activities when security clearances, shall submit the following materials to the public security organs:

(A) major events security clearance application form;

(B) the contractor responsible for the legally constituted proof and security identity;

(C) the programme of events and their descriptions;

(D) contractors hosted more than 2 events submitted jointly sponsored agreements, agreements should define their own security responsibilities and primary responsibility for security people;

(V) major event security programme of work;

(F) the venue Manager agreed to provide documentation of activities;

(G) the place fire safety acceptance;

(H) shall be subject to prior approval of the relevant departments in accordance with regulations, approved documents submitted;

    (IX) other materials related to the work of the major event security.

21st event, safe work programme shall include the following information:

(A) the time, place, content and form;

(B) the security risk or safety risk assessment, site plan;

(C) head of security work, contacts, the number of security staff, jobs, tasks and identifying marks and signed with security services security services agreement;

(D) the place of fire safety measures;

(E) the review comments of makeshift facilities design and construction units duplicate of business license, qualification certificate, and proof of identity of the legal representative;

(F) the venue can accommodate the number of people and expected the number of participants;

(G) the definition and identification of the security buffer zone;

(H) the ticket management solutions, including total number of ticket types, styles, and selling plans, security and ticketing company basic information such as description, identification measures;

(I) security screening equipment availability, security measures for admission personnel, goods, vehicles;

(J) the number of vehicles is expected to participate in activities, parking lot sets, locations, and parking, management capacity, dispersion measures;

(11) the situation of public order maintenance, personnel;

    (12) the emergency response plan. 22nd public security organ after receipt of the application, shall, on the spot or within the 5th law's decision to accept or not to accept.

Application materials are incomplete or do not meet the requirements of these provisions, the public security organ shall inform all applicants need to supplement the content at a time on the spot.

Public security organ to the admissibility of the application for review shall be effective as of the date of acceptance in the 7th, to check the places, to meet the conditions of security, make the licensing decision; do not meet the conditions of security, not to permit a decision and give written explanations.

    Public security organs after making the decision, should be event-related communications from relevant government departments.

The 23rd under any of the following circumstances, the public security organs not security clearance:

(A) the contractor does not have legal status;

(B) activities violating laws, regulations and other rules, or against social ethics;

(C) premises, facilities do not meet safety requirements;

    (D) security responsibilities is not clear, is not.

24th for the security clearance of the large-scale activities, contractors are not allowed to change the time, place, content or expand the scale of organized events.

Timing events require changes, contractors should be held at the scheduled time to 5 working days before the change an application security clearance decisions taken by public security organs, public security authorities agreed with the change in time for change; change of venue, content or scale, contractor shall, in accordance with the provisions to apply for security clearances.

Events cancelled, contractors should be held at the scheduled time is 5 working days notify the security clearance decisions taken by public security organs, and return the event safety license.

    Contractor changes, cancel the event, participants shall timely inform the activities and properly handle the aftermath, eliminate social adverse effects.

After the 25th police security clearance decisions taken, and shall, together with the safety, quality supervision, construction and other sectors of activities, facilities, security check, record check and process the results, and signed by the inspection and checking the archive.

    Inspectors found major events are unsafe, shall order the relevant units within corrections, and will be informed promptly of any relevant public security organs.

26th under any of the following circumstances, the public security organs may order immediate cessation of major events:

(A) found to be prohibited by laws and regulations;

(B) fails to mend or unable to rectify security risks;

(C) the sale ticket or if participants exceed the approved security capacity;

(D) the scene of a major security risk, do not stop accidents may occur;

(E) public order, traffic chaos, seriously affect the normal activities carried out;

(Vi) without approval of the public security organs, contractors without change of timing, location, size and content;

    (VII) other emergencies that endanger social order and public safety. Article 27th police security before it will permit the contractor cannot be sold a ticket.

    After obtaining the security permission of public security organs, contractors are not allowed to change the ticket information, without changing the regional ticket number.

28th organisers set the stage and other makeshift facilities shall entrust a qualified design, construction, and 20th on event day organized by the safety inspection and construction sector recognized experts to review the design, assessment by before the construction and design of safety supervision and construction of makeshift facilities Department. Infrastructure build is complete, contractor shall organize experts, the construction unit acceptance and issue inspection reports, safety authorities and the construction sector to monitor the acceptance and signing oversight. Unqualified acceptance, shall not be put into use.

    Acceptance of makeshift facilities should be completed in the event 1 is currently working.

    29th contractors, site managers and other large participants violate the State Council regulations on safety of large-scale mass activities, such as laws and regulations and these provisions and penalties, counted bad safety records by public security organs.

    The fourth chapter legal liability

30th contractor in violation of the provisions of article seventh, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, 11th and regulations, failure to perform safety-related duties, the public security organ shall order correction within; fails to correct or not according to request rectification, penalty of between 10,000 to 30,000 by public security organs.

Contractors are in violation of the provisions of article 27th, by a public security organ penalty of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Contractors are in violation of the provisions of article 28th, or makeshift facilities are unsafe, the safety authority shall order correction within overdue rectification is not correct or not in accordance with the requirements, safety supervision departments to impose a penalty of more than 10,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.

    31st place Nineth Manager in violation of the provisions of article, and fourth to seventh rule, failure to perform safety-related duties, the public security organ shall order correction within; fails to correct or not according to request rectification, penalty of between 10,000 to 30,000 by public security organs.

32nd 12th security service company in violation of the provisions of the rules provides that failure to perform safety-related duties, by a public security organ penalty of between 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan.

    Security service companies did not implement security programmes, there are security risks, the public security organs a rectification, rectification fails to correct or not in accordance with the requirements and within 2 years shall not take part in major events security.

    Article 33rd safety inspections in violation of this provision of the 13th article, failure to perform safety-related duties, the public security organ shall order rectification, can be fined a maximum of between 3 million and 10,000 yuan.

    34th in violation of the provisions of any other Act, according to the People's Republic of China Public Security Administration Punishment Act and State Council regulations on safety of large-scale mass activities, such as the provisions of laws and regulations, will be punished.

    35th departments responsible for the supervision and management of failure to perform security management responsibilities, resulting in serious consequences, and related head and persons directly responsible shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

    The fifth chapter supplementary articles

    36th city, County (City), events organised by their district people's Government according to law without the safety licence system, but it should be clear and specific to operators in accordance with the provisions implementing the corresponding security responsibilities. 37th article of the regulations come into force on March 1, 2014.

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