Autonomous Regional People's Government Decision On The Repeal And Modification Of Some Government Regulations

Original Language Title: 自治区人民政府关于废止和修改部分政府规章的决定

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Autonomous regional people's Government decision on the repeal and modification of some government regulations (May 27, 2014 Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Government makes 64th, announced since announced of day up purposes) to law advance administrative approval system reform and Government functions change, further inspired market, and social of created vitality, adapted I district economic social development of requirements, according to CPC Central Committee on full deepening reform several major problem of decided (in the sent [2013]12,) and Communist Ningxia Hui autonomous region, Committee on deepening reform promoted economic social development several problem of decided ( Rather the Party [2013]66) requirements, the autonomous region people's Government to clean up the existing effective government regulations.

    After cleaning, it was decided that:

    A, 7 Government regulations be repealed.

    B, 6 pieces of government regulations that some provisions be amended.

    This decision shall come into force as of the date of.

    Autonomous regional people's Government decided to abolish Government rules and regulations

    First, the collection of forest fees and management of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (released August 22, 1988 the municipality)

    Second, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, water collection, use, and management of (October 23, 1989 the Government published)

    Third, the implementing rules of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, management of security in the hotel industry (published June 28, 1990 autonomous region people's Government)

    And the secondary vocational and technical education in Ningxia Hui autonomous region published 29th municipality regulations)

    Five, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, land appreciation tax collection management policy (released September 30, 1995 the municipality)

    Six, the management of drinking natural mineral water resources in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (January 5, 1996 the Government announced)

    Seven, the provisions on foreign investment in exploration and exploitation of mineral resources in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (March 20, 2002 the Government announced)

    Autonomous regional people's Government decided to revise Government regulations First, the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, village or town planning, construction and management measures for the implementation of article 16th of the first paragraph is amended as: "take on town planning and construction in the area of the unit, you must have the relevant construction qualification certificate or certificate of qualification, shall be borne in accordance with the provisions of the scope of the construction tasks.

    ” 31st article is revised as follows: "selection report and operating licenses by the autonomous regional people's Government in charge of construction sector uniformly.


    Second, by deleting of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, the urban construction archives management of the 12th, 13th, 19th.

    Third, fifth in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, tourism and ship safety management measures article modified to: "with the necessary navigation information."

    Seventh article is revised as follows: "at the age of 18 years old and above 60 years of age, have junior middle education and medical clearances, speed boat driver must be over 55 years of age."

    Four, deletion of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region, according to the proportion of disabled employment provisions of article 25th of a second. The five, and the use of the motor vehicle driver training management article tenth of the Ningxia Hui autonomous region is revised as follows: "application for launching joint ventures, cooperative school, approved by the transportation departments of the autonomous regional people's Government.


    Delete article 30th.

    VI, by deleting the Ningxia taixi coal resources protection measures for 17th and 22nd of the fifth.

    21st article is revised as follows: "may not be purchased without a mining permit companies (or individuals) supply of taixi coal."

    22nd article is revised as follows: "cannot get the mining license, trespassing of excavation of taixi coal mining". 24th article is revised as follows: "breach of these rules, acquired mining license-free business (or personal) supply of taixi coal, rectification by the coal sector; it fails, fined 10,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan fine.

    ” In addition, the provisions of relevant government regulations in order to make the appropriate adjustments.