Fushun City Snow Removal Regulations

Original Language Title: 抚顺市城市除雪规定

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Fushun city snow removal regulations

    (November 22, 2013, Fushun city government executive meeting of the 6th review November 27, 2013, Fushun city, the people's Government of the 171th publish come into force on January 1, 2014) first to strengthen urban management winter snow removal work, ensuring that city roads, safety and cleanliness to ensure normal production and life and work order, Fushun city, according to the municipal environmental sanitation regulations, combined with the city's actual, these provisions are formulated.

    Article in the city within all units and individuals must abide by these provisions.

Third city snow removal work management, regional responsibility. City, snow removal, snow removal work in command under unified leadership.

Municipal snow removal headquarters office located in city management.

Snow removal command units, according to their respective Division to do snow removal jobs.

The district people's Government (including the zone, the same below) is responsible for snow clearing work within their respective jurisdictions, district people's Government leaders for the first head of Department of urban construction and management the district people's Government is responsible for specific tasks.

    Snow removal responsibilities within the subdistrict office responsible for regions and organizations.

Fourth city snow removal for professional and social forces, mechanized combination of artificial snow and snow removal solution.

    Snow-melting agent uses in accordance with the principles of limited, carefully, disable, allows the use of deicing salt snow area, should be according to the prescribed standards in due course appropriate strewn, must not use snow-melting agent.

    Fifth of municipal and district people's Government shall, in every year in the maintenance of urban infrastructure special funds for snow removal jobs.

Article sixth snow into the annual performance appraisal of the municipal district people's Government, the implementation of a veto.

City's annual snow removal snow removal headquarters to the district people's Government work and check every snow snow conditions and scoring, results published in the news media.

    Snow check standard shall be separately formulated by the City Management Department.

    Snow removal referred to in the seventh article of the rules range from city streets, plazas, bridges and parks, Garden, areas of snow removal in residential areas.

Eighth snow removal work in accordance with the following provisions of Division is responsible for:

(A) main streets and bridges of snow removal work, from sanitation professionals and streets snow removal team is in charge of the Organization;

(B) road and main street bridge area snow removal snow removal work, according to the subdistrict office division of responsibility, the social forces are responsible for;

(C) public squares, parks, Garden snow removal work, managed by departments; (D) the introduction of property management residential snow removal work, the property management company is responsible for.

Implementation of property management residential snow removal work, organized by the street area residents;

    (V) consume market of urban roads and parking snow removal work, the organizers or sponsors are responsible for. Nineth snow zones within the scope of this provision should be assigned responsibility, personal or company paid delegate responsible for snow removal.

    Neighborhood Office shall conclude a provisional regional people's Government and the snow removal responsibility; subdistrict offices and units, personal or professional responsibility or snow removal contract between companies. Article tenth snow removal work deposit system.

    District people's Government to the subdistrict office, take the annual snow bond, specific amounts determined by the district people's Government. 11th socialization snow removal tasks according to the number of institutions and enterprises employees, individual employees (compulsory except for students and educational institutions, social welfare enterprises) divided. Students of 20 square meters per capita, other staff of 40 square meters per capita.

Building site construction area of 20 square meters or 1 square meter approval standards.

Commissioned professional units and individuals or individual snow removal, snow removal of its responsibilities by principal is responsible for the quality, subdistrict office responsible for supervision.

    Units and individuals volunteer to do it, to the subdistrict office standard pay 12 Yuan per square meter per year of snow removal in addition to fees, commissioned by the subdistrict office organization specialist or personal snow removal, snow removal of its responsibility and is responsible for the quality. 12th specialized units should be timely snow removal snow removal, bottom in addition, snow stopped road.

    Snow removal units of socialization should be within 2 hours after the snowfall stopped snowing during the day in addition to snow, snow snow removal organization before the next day at 9 o'clock at night. 13th snow removal should be no empty fields, leakage, road show road marking, pavement, no large clear snow, ice bags, ice edge.

Road motor vehicles, non-road and pedestrian walkways should be synchronized cleanup.

    Disable the deicing area snow removal, snow piled up orderly; allows the use of deicing area snow removal, snow should be shipped out within the specified time limits.

    14th district people's Government shall designate a row of snow, snow command recognized by the city, and uniformly to the public by the city snow command. 15th transport snow by snow removal units themselves, as specified in the district people's Government place of unloading.

    No snow capacity from unified mobility vehicles out of the subdistrict office, shipping charges borne by the snow removal units.

    16th ice dragon pavement due to underground pipeline leakage, the pipeline property units are responsible for within 24 hours of cleared to ensure safe passage of vehicles.

    17th no unit or individual is allowed to throw sand, slag on bingxuelu and not in transit stations and facilities, garbage containers, piled up around toilets and other public facilities of snow or snow on the trees, hedges and green and not down on the snow dump garbage, filth, sewage and not sewage dumping or pavement, throwing ice and snow.

    Article 18th snow removal in addition to fees charged pursuant to these provisions, managed by the district financial Department of the people's Government, the implementation of two lines of income and expenditure, for use in snow removal services, tools, supplies, equipment and other expenses. Article 19th during snow removal, snow removal vehicles shall take the initiative to give way in the past workers and vehicles.

    Temporary snow removal vehicles parked in the road on both sides shall cooperate with the operation.

20th to units and individuals in violation of these provisions, comprehensive administrative law enforcement departments by the city administration the following shall be punished, but shall not exceed a maximum of 30,000 yuan, and through news media exposure:

(A) refuses to perform the obligation of snow removal, snow fines of 10 yuan per square meter per game;

(B) failure to comply with requirement of snow removal, snow 8 yuan per square meter per game fine and ordered to clear;

(C) in addition to standard quality of snow, snow 5 Yuan per square meter per game fine and ordered to clear;

(D) does not specify the place of unloading the snow, the unit in charge shall be fined not more than 500 Yuan more than 1000 Yuan, 50 Yuan fine for direct responsibility, and ordered to clean;

(E) on the ice dragon pavement due to underground pipeline leakage was not cleared in time, ordered to remove, fails to clear, and impose a fine of 20 Yuan per square meter, and unit leaders in charge shall be fined not more than more than 500 Yuan 1000 Yuan;

(Six) to ice road dispersal sand, and muck; in traffic site and the facilities, and garbage container, and toilets, public facilities around stacked snow or will snow heap pressure in trees, and hedge and green Shang; to snow dumping garbage, and dirt real, and sewage; to sewage well within or road dumping, and dispersal ice of, ordered immediately corrected, and on responsibility units or responsibility people sentenced 50 Yuan above 200 Yuan following of fine;

(VII) use substandard deicing or disable deicing salt use deicing in the region, the unit in charge shall be fined not more than 20,000 yuan;

    (VIII) not according to deicing salt use standard strewn snow-melting agent, fine of 5 Yuan per square meter for responsible units. Article 21st by the temporary impact of the vehicle snow removal operations, warnings by the public security traffic management to a fine of up to 200 Yuan.

    Vehicles in violation of the relevant provisions of the road traffic Act, as stipulated in the road traffic Act.

    Article 22nd obstructs snow removal management personnel in performing their duties, by the Public Security Bureau in accordance with the People's Republic of China relevant law on administrative penalties for public security shall be penalized constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 23rd these provisions come into force on January 1, 2014.

December 22, 2005 the municipal government issued provisions on the obligations of the Fushun city in addition to transport snow (116th Fushun city people's Government) abrogated. Kiyohara, xinbin, Fushun County and the town, the town's snow removal work may refer to these provisions.

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