In Shaanxi Province, The State Council Concerning The Implementing Rules For The Regulations On The Treatment Of Relatives

Original Language Title: 陕西省《国务院关于职工探亲待遇规定》实施细则

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In Shaanxi Province, the State Council concerning the implementing rules for the regulations on the treatment of relatives

    (Released on June 4, 1981 in Shaanxi Province people's Government according to the Shaanxi Provincial people's Government on March 18, 2014, abolition, declared invalid, and modified part of the revision of the decision of the provincial government regulations) article in accordance with the provisions on the treatment of relatives of employees of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the visit regulations) combined with the actual situation in our province, the rules are formulated.

    As said in the article the visit provides parents, including at an early age (16 years ago) brought workers up due to the orphaned relatives or dependants, not including her parents, her husband's parents. Site visits article III, which is a residence for visiting relatives.

    When you visit, such as the parents not to go to two places to visit, press away to reimburse travel expenses. The fourth apprentice, apprentice, intern during the study, internship, internship, cannot enjoy the visits provided treatment.

    Treatment of apprentices, trainees after get to enjoy the visit, confirmation of the first half of the year to enjoy, turn positive in the second half of next year to enjoy.

    Fifth visit regulations called the "not public holiday reunion", refers to the public holidays could not be used to living at home one night and rest half a day. Article meets the conditions for visiting spouses and workers, because of their work when it was unable to visit spouses, their spouse without family visits system, staff workplace visits, staff unit that is required to reimburse the travel expenses.

    I no longer enjoy family treatment of employees. Article seventh spouses of female employees work place birth, during the maternity leave period, in excess of the prescribed after maternity leave, for reunion with their spouses for more than 30 days, are no longer family holidays that year, but can be issued provided family holiday pay and reimbursement of travel expenses.

    Maternity reunited after more than six months or more, according to disease, leave, no longer qualify for family vacation pay and reimbursement of travel expenses that year. Eighth worker to spouses the work place due to illness treatment, recuperation of more than 3 months, no longer qualify for family visits that year, but can be issued provided family holiday pay and reimbursement of travel expenses.

    Sick leave for more than six months or more, no longer qualify for family vacation pay and reimbursement of travel expenses that year.

    Nineth employee's father, mother and employee spouses live together in one place (the same city and County), when visiting spouses of employees, you can also visit his father or mother, so they can no longer enjoy the visit of treatment. Tenth visit their parents married workers conditions and release once every four years. In four years in any one year, approved by the unit leader to visit relatives.

    Of employees eligible for visiting spouses, where parents live in visiting spouses, or bypass less than 100 km, you can also visit spouse while visiting his parents, for family holiday 5 days per year, reimburse travel expenses of detour to visit my parents, no longer enjoy the benefits of four years to visit their parents.

    11th employee spouse is military cadres, its treatment of relatives by July 27, 1964, the spouse is an officer of the Ministry of labour workers, employees enjoy the benefits of family leave issues of process. 12th employee who lives in city suburbs or adjacent to city, County, due to the inaccessibility of public holiday home could not be used, you can enjoy family treatment, specific mileage by the city or county regulations.

    These workers due to work and other reasons, approved by the unit leader can also separate holidays, but only one round-trip.

    13th employee visits to and from the way, unexpected accidents, such as landslides, floods washed out roads, causing traffic to a halt, so that the employee fails to return to work, in local traffic departments to prove, to apply to the Organization, its way more delay time can be counted as family holiday journey.

    14th employee within the required family holidays and away holidays, as usual to my standard wages, reservation wage, nonstaple food subsidies and fixed income.

    15th specific measures for expenditure relating to family fare, according to Treasury Department regulations on April 8, 1981, to the workers ' relatives travel to handle. Units of the 16th to arrange the holiday of relatives of employees, so as to not interfere with production and work normally, and must not result in an increase in staffing.

    Workers ' initiative does not enjoy, or enjoy a little home leave, recognition should be given, but not paid. Units of the 17th on the workers ' relatives, to establish a strict system of approval, registration, leave, leave.

    Super fake for no reason, to be treated as absence from work.

    18th collectively owned enterprises, workers visit treatment, based on the collective operation of the enterprises, institutions and the ability to pay, reference to the provisions of the family and of the State Council the provisions of this rule, shall make, upon approval by the city or County Executive. 19th State of the relatives after the implementation of the regulations and these rules, the province concerning the treatment of employees to visit relatives in the past requirements, detailed rules for the implementation and interpretation of the abolished at the same time.