Interim Measures For The Service Prices Of Commercial Banks Management

Original Language Title:   商业银行服务价格管理暂行办法

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  First to standardize the service prices of commercial banks, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the healthy operation of banks, according to the People's Republic of China commercial bank law, the People's Republic of China Law on prices, these measures are formulated.
Article in the People's Republic of China territory acts of service prices of commercial banks, these measures shall apply.
Commercial banks in these measures in article, refers to the basis of the People's Republic of China on commercial banks and the People's Republic of China regulations on the management of foreign financial institutions to set up banking institutions.
Article fourth commercial services mentioned in these measures refers to commercial banks by way of fees provided various foreign currency banking services to its customers.
Fifth commercial banks to develop services, providing services shall comply with the relevant State pricing laws, provisions of the statutes and regulations shall follow the principle of fair, open, honest and consistent quality and price of, bank customers should be the Center increases service offerings, improving service quality, improve service levels, and unfair competition prohibits the use of the service price.
Article sixth according to the nature of the services, features and market competition, and Government guidance prices and service prices of commercial banks regulated by the market.
Article seventh Government guidance price range of commercial banking services are as follows: (a) RMB basic settlement services, including: Bank draft, bank draft, promissory notes, cheques, remittances, entrusted collections, the d/a, (ii), China Banking Regulatory Commission and the State development and Reform Commission, according to the individual, Enterprise and market competition determine the services of commercial banks.
Except as provided in the preceding paragraph, other services provided by commercial banks, the implementation of market-regulated prices.
Article eighth Government guidance price set by the principle of guaranteed profit, specific services and benchmark prices and the floating range, by the national development and Reform Commission in conjunction with the China Banking Regulatory Commission, adjusted. Nineth implement market adjusted price, by commercial bank, foreign bank branches (main report, by its primary reporting lines) on its own, formulate and adjust, and other branches of commercial banks are not allowed to enact price adjustments.
Formulation and adjustment of prices of commercial banks should be fully taken into account and the capacity of undertakings.
Article tenth commercial banks handle the receipt and payment of such operations "who delegates, who paid" basis, not to have a unit or individual other than the principal charges.
11th commercial banks are not allowed to savings accounts, account, the same cities occurring within the same bank deposits and large following withdrawal charges, large withdrawals, except inventory consolidation savings to zero money.
These "zero-money", "large" definition of relevant service price set and adjusted by the China Banking Regulatory Commission.
12th commercial bank market regulated services should be developed within the system on unified pricing system, clear pricing, pricing, pricing methods and the management responsibilities of Headquarters and branches.
13th commercial bank should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the commodity and service prices in its outlets announcements about service projects, services and service standards.
14th price of commercial banks according to the approach to service, shall, at least 15 working days prior to the implementation report to the China Banking Regulatory Commission, and shall be at least 10 working days prior to the implementation of relevant place of business announcements.
Commercial banks reported in the preceding paragraph, China Banking Regulatory Commission at the same time, should be copied to the China Banking Association.
15th commercial banks market-regulated prices for service items and service prices, announced by the China Banking Association through appropriate means, subject to public supervision.
16th article commercial banks has following behavior of, by Government price competent sector according to People's Republic of China price method, and price violations administrative punishment provides be punishment: (a) unauthorized developed belongs to Government guided range within of service price of; (ii) beyond Government guided floating range of; (three) not according to provides price of; (four) violation this approach provides of other price illegal, and violations behavior.
17th commercial bank violates this article Nineth, 12th and 14th article, the China Banking Regulatory Commission pursuant to the relevant laws, administrative regulations and rules and regulations.
Article 18th policy banks, urban credit cooperatives, rural credit cooperatives and postal savings institutions, joint venture finance company and wholly-owned finance company provides services as required in the article fourth, their services should be implemented in accordance with this regulation.
19th article this way come into force on October 1, 2003. Article 20th provisions relating to commercial bank service charges or fees, is in conflict with these rules, be abolished.

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