Disciplinary Breaches Of Professional And Technical Personnel Qualification Examination Regulations

Original Language Title: 专业技术人员资格考试违纪违规行为处理规定

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Disciplinary breaches of professional and technical personnel qualification examination regulations

    (March 15, 2011 Ministry of human resources and social security announced as of May 1, 2011, 12th) Chapter I General provisions

    First to strengthen the management of professional and technical personnel qualification examination to ensure exams are fair, impartial, regulate the cognizance and handling of disciplinary violations, protect legal rights candidates and examination staff, in accordance with the relevant provisions of laws and regulations.

    Provisions of this article apply to disciplinary violations in the professional qualifying examinations to determine and deal with.

    Article III professional examinations in these rules refers to by the Department of human resources and social security or by the relevant administrative department, uniform throughout the country and evaluation of professional and technical positions related to the examination, the level of professional entrance examinations and vocational exams.

    Candidates in these rules refers to according to the relevant regulations of the professional and technical personnel qualification examination examination of personnel.

    Exams staff in these rules refers to participation in examination administration and services staff, including (the) question (volume), proctors, examiners, and patrol, marking, etc officers and examination authorities and test bodies of relevant staff.

    Examination authority in these rules, refers to human resources and social security administration departments at all levels, as well as members of the Executive in accordance with the law, administrative regulations have management functions of industry associations or societies, and so on.

    Institutions in these rules refers to levels approved by the Government and the relevant departments units responsible for the examination of professional qualification examination.

    Article fourth identification and handling of disciplinary violations, shall clearly accurate, irrefutable evidence and procedural norms, applicable provisions.

    Fifth Ministry of human resources and social security is responsible for the national professional qualification examination of integrated management and monitoring.

    Examination authorities at all levels, institutions or relevant departments in accordance with the management authority for the examination of the provisions of the examination staff disciplinary violations were identified and processed. Local exam authorities, examination bodies in accordance with this provision for disciplinary violations that candidates identify and deal with.

    Among them, serious violations that have a significant impact, by the Department of examinations at the provincial level, in conjunction with the provincial exams agency or by the provincial exams Agency for identification and processing, and report for human resources and Social Security Ministry and the corresponding examination authorities.

    Chapter II examination staff disciplinary infractions

    Sixth article one of the candidates in the examination process in any of the following acts, when the subject test scores are not valid:

    (A) bring into the examination room other than those provided for items according to stipulations in the specified location;

    (B) has not required to fill out reminding (tiantu) personal information;

    (C) except as provided in the papers write personal information, or in any other manner of information;

    (D) does not require the seats to take exams or staff allowed to leave their seats without examination or the examination room;

    (E) paper, pens that are not provided to answer or reply handwriting inconsistencies before and after test;

    (F) see, whisper, gesturing and other ways of passing information;

    (VII) in violation of regulations through references;

    (H) the signal is issued before the examination answer sheet, or to signal the end of the exam is issued continue to answer;

    (IX) other disciplinary breaches.

    Article seventh one of the candidates in the examination process in any of the following acts, when all subjects test scores invalid; (c) through (VIII) Act in one of the 2 years qualified professional technicians should not participate in the examination:

    (A) copying, copying test answers or assist others with content-related information;

    (B) passed the examination papers, answer papers, answer sheet, brainstorming, etc;

    (C) intentionally damaged papers, answer papers and answer sheets, or papers, answer papers, answer cassette out of the examination room;

    (D) forged or altered certificates, certification, or obtained by other illegal means test;

    (E) imposter participating in the examination of another person;

    (Vi) after I leave the room, before the end of the examination, dissemination of the exam questions and answers;

    (G) examination staff complicity or involvement in organized cheating cheating;

    (VIII) use of communications tools, electrical supplies, or other technical means of receiving, sending exam-related information;

    (IX) other serious violations.

    Article eighth examinees should consciously safeguard exam order in the workplace, subject to examination staff management, any of the following acts shall be ordered to leave the examination room; influencing test normal, depending on the seriousness, in accordance with the provisions of article sixth or seventh; violations of the People's Republic of China Law on administrative penalties for public security, refer to the public security organs in accordance with the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated in accordance with law:

    (A) wilfully disturb the test center, test exam order in the workplace;

    (B) refuse or impede the examinations staff in discharging their management responsibilities;

    (C) the threat, insult, libel, framed by others;

    (D) other acts of disturbing the order of examination administration. Nineth to provide false evidence or other improper means to obtain the appropriate certificate, certificate issued by a certification authority declared invalid recovery certificate and in accordance with the provisions of article seventh.

    Personnel involved in career entry qualifications, shall not take part in the qualifying examination within 3 years.

    Article tenth on behalf of others to take an examination, within 2 years qualified professional technicians should not participate in the examination.

    Chapter III examination staff disciplinary violations processing

    11th examination staff has any of the following circumstances, cease its continued to participate in the examinations that year and the following year, and by the Department of examinations, examinations or to recommend disciplined departments:

    (A) not strictly controlled conditions;

    (B) unauthorized exams early starting time, postpone the examination time and shorten test time;

    (C) for applicants to change the examination room or seating without authorization;

    (D) prompt or suggest that candidates answer;

    (V) did not accurately record room and disciplinary violations, and to some extent;

    (F) no duties seriously, causing disorder or are responsible for the examination room appear identical papers in the examination room;

    (VII) avoidance system was not executed;

    (VIII) other disciplinary breaches.

    12th examination staff has any of the following circumstances, examination, the examination Department examination will be reassigned or the relevant government departments to work without further examination, and appropriate disciplinary action:

    (A) for () problem (coil) error occurred, causing serious consequences;

    (B) assist others to obtain qualifications for examination or dishonestly obtained the corresponding certificates;

    (C) candidates failed to attend the exam is due to negligence or cause heavy losses to the examination;

    (D) authorization papers, answer papers and answer sheets, brainstorming, etc out of the examination room or to another person;

    (E) wilful damage to papers, answer papers and answer sheets;

    (Vi) unauthorized alterations, invented or provided false data, information;

    (G) disclose examination should be made in the implementation of classified information;

    (H) evaluation of marking, without changing the scoring criteria or not according to the criteria for marking;

    (I) the marking of dereliction, resulting in scaled score errors, serious consequences;

    (10) those who instigate or condone cheating others or participate in the examination of internal and external collusion cheating;

    (11) Regulation is lax, so that cheating in exam room large area;

    (12) the demolition of Kai is not examination papers, answer papers without authorization or after the examination papers, answer papers and answer sheets that have been sealed;

    (13) use and abuse or retaliating against candidates;

    (14) other serious disciplinary violations.

    13th test in violation of the People's Republic of China on guarding State Secrets Act and relevant regulations, resulting in a period of examination questions leaked, lost, papers and related materials, by relevant departments depending on the seriousness and separately responsible and in charge of disciplinary actions constitute a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

    Fourth chapter handler Article 14th candidates disciplinary violations found on the spot, examination staff should verify, record, collect and save the corresponding evidence, inform their records on the spot and asked me to sign, refused to sign it, faithfully record the refusal of two examination staff.

    Disciplinary breaches after the record identified by the test signature, submitted to the examination or examination authorities.

    Applicants a disciplinary violation used items, shall be made out receipts stay in custody.

    15th article in the marking work, found in one of the following by the testing agency or competent departments according to the marking of the exam papers expert group identified as cheating and when dealing with the subject test scores:

    (A) the same subject exam questions literal expression, major fault line, or with the wrong amount reaches a certain percentage of (that is, the same papers);

    (B) is not required to fill in (fill in paint) to that personal information;

    (C) a sixth paragraph (iii), (v) the circumstances listed.

    16th examination or examination authority on candidates before making a decision on disciplinary violations, should review disciplinary violations the facts and relevant evidence, inform candidates dealt with the reasons for the decision and the basis and informs the candidates statements and the right to plead.

    Processing decision on candidates disciplinary violations, by examination or examination authorities making the examination discipline breaches the written decision, served on candidates in a timely manner.

    17th is not satisfied with the decision by candidates, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative suit.
18th examination staff with disciplinary breaches, in accordance with the relevant provisions.

    Examination staff due to disciplinary violations were not satisfied with the disposition, you can appeal in accordance with law.

    Article 19th disciplinary violations set out in these provisions and in response personnel, provincial-level examination or the examination authority to release information to the community.

    The fifth chapter by-laws

    20th in accordance with the provisions of article 2 or 3-year professional and technical personnel qualification examination period shall be from the date of disciplinary violations, according to the annual calculation.

    Candidates registration within the period prescribed in the preceding paragraph, shall, after the expiry of professional and technical personnel qualification examination. 21st article of the regulations come into force on May 1, 2011. October 20, 2004, the Ministry of personnel of the disciplinary breaches of professional and technical personnel qualification examination regulations (personnel department, 3rd) repealed simultaneously.

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