Degree Thesis Fraud Solution

Original Language Title: 学位论文作假行为处理办法

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Degree thesis fraud solution

    (November 13, 2012 the Ministry of Education promulgated as of January 1, 2013, 34th) first degree thesis management, promote the establishment of a good style of study, improving the quality of talents seriously theses fraud, according to the People's Republic of China degree Ordinance, the People's Republic of China Law on higher education, these measures are formulated.

    Article apply to a degree-conferring unit doctorate or master's degrees, Bachelor's degree by the submission of doctoral dissertations, master's theses and undergraduate theses (graduation designs or other practice) (collectively referred to as degree thesis), fraud cases listed in this way, in accordance with the regulations.

    Dissertations in these measures article fraud include the following situations:

    (A) the purchase, sale of dissertations and dissertations the Organization traded;

    (B) written by someone else, for others to write dissertations or organization dissertation writing;

    (C) stealing someone else's work and academic achievements;

    (D) falsification of data;

    (E) other serious fraud dissertations.

    Fourth degree applicants shall abide by the academic morals and academic norm, independently under the guidance of the instructor degree thesis.

    Article fifth instructor degree applicants should be academic moral and academic education, to guide their dissertation research and writing process, to review the thesis is done by independent.

    Sixth degree-granting units should be strengthening the construction of academic integrity, sound dissertation review system, with clearly defined responsibilities, standardize procedures, audit the authenticity and originality of dissertations. Seventh degree applicants dissertation appeared purchases, on behalf of writing, plagiarism, or falsification of data, such as fraud, degree-granting units cancellation of the eligibility had to get a degree, degree-granting units can be legally revoked their degree, and log off a degree certificate. Cancel the degree eligibility or degree to revoke the decision shall be announced to the public.

    At least 3 years from the date of making a decision, the degree-granting units shall not accept applications for their places.

    Degree applicants as provided in the preceding paragraph in the students, their punishment or degree-granting units can be expelled from the school for working staff, degree-granting units in addition to disciplinary action, but should also be informed of their unit.

    Article eighth sale for others to write dissertations, dissertations or sale, to write the graduation thesis of the organization staff, belongs to the students, their school or degree-granting units can be punishment imposed expulsion; belong to a school or degree-granting unit of teachers and other staff, their school or degree-granting units can be expelled or rescind the contract.

    Nineth guiding teachers failed to meet academic morals and academic norm education, thesis guidance and review of the guard duties, the guiding thesis fraud case, degree-granting units can be given a warning, demerit in serious cases, can be reduced to levels until expelled or rescind the contract. Tenth degree-granting units dissertation review should be incorporated into the College (Department) student sector, such as the annual assessment.

    Dissertations false or degree fraud occurs multiple times a bad influence, degree-granting unit of the Institute should be (Department) criticized the student sector, and can be given to the College (Department) is responsible for appropriate disciplinary action. 11th degree-conferring unit system is not sound management, dissertations false or degree fraud occurs multiple times affect the poor, academic degree Committee of the State Council or the academic degree Committee of the people's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities may suspend or revoke the appropriate disciplines and professional degree-granting qualification; educational administrative departments under the State Council or the people's Governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the education administration reduced its admissions program

    ; And by the competent authorities in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State to direct management responsibility degree-granting units responsible for accountability.

    12th found that dissertations are suspected of fraud, degree-granting units should determine academic commissions or other agencies with relevant responsibilities and, if necessary, may appoint experts, specialized agencies, to investigate their finds.

    13th degree applicants, guidance teachers and other interested persons before you make your decision, it shall inform and hear the statements of the parties and to defend themselves.

    Party not satisfied with the decision, you can appeal in accordance with law, may apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative action.

    14th social intermediary organizations, Internet sites and individuals, organizations or participate in the sale, to write the graduation thesis, by the relevant competent authority to investigate and punish.

    Degree thesis fraud violations of related laws and regulations, shall be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

    15th degree-granting units should be in accordance with this approach, develop and improve the regulations related to this unit. 16th article of the rules implemented on January 1, 2013.