Administrative Measures On Animal Use Of Prescription And Non-Prescription Drugs

Original Language Title: 兽用处方药和非处方药管理办法

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Administrative measures on animal use of prescription and non-prescription drugs

    (September 11, 2013 the Ministry of agriculture Decree [2013] 2nd announcement as of March 1, 2014) first to strengthen veterinary supervision and management, veterinary clinical medicine, guarantees safety of animal products, in accordance with the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs, these measures are formulated.

    Second national classification management of veterinary drugs, according to safety and risk levels of veterinary drugs, veterinary drugs into animal use of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

    Animals by veterinary prescription drug means a prescription may purchase and use of veterinary drugs.

    Veterinary use non-prescription drugs that do not require a veterinary prescription to purchase and follow the instructions to use veterinary drugs. Animal use prescription list published by the Ministry of agriculture to develop and.

    Veterinary use veterinary drugs other than the list of prescription non-prescription drugs for veterinary use.

    Article III competent national veterinary use of prescription and non-prescription drugs of the Ministry of agriculture management.

    Veterinary Administrative Department under the people's Governments at and above the county level shall be responsible for the administrative area veterinary use prescription and non-prescription drug supervision and management, may authorize law enforcement organs take specific work.

    Article fourth veterinary prescription drug labels and instructions should be marked "animal use prescription" words, veterinary non-prescription drug labels and instructions should be marked "non-prescription veterinary drug".

    Words in the preceding paragraph shall label and instructions right corner to Arial, highlighted in red, the background should be white, the font size is set according to actual needs, but must be bold, clear.

    Article fifth production of veterinary drugs veterinary drug manufacturers should be tracking the enterprise safety and efficacy, and found to be unsuitable for non-prescription drugs by Veterinary Administration shall promptly report to the Ministry of agriculture.

    Operator of veterinary drugs, animal clinics, trade associations or other organizations and individuals find non-prescription veterinary medicine as provided in the preceding paragraph, shall report to the local veterinary administrative departments.

    Sixth operator of veterinary drugs should be in the business place prominently hung or post "animal use by veterinary prescription prescriptions must be" prompt. Operator of veterinary drugs, veterinary prescription drugs, veterinary use non-prescription drugs should be partitioned or divided Cabinet display.

    Animal use prescription cannot be open on-demand sales.

    Article seventh veterinary prescription sale by veterinary prescription can be useful, except in the following cases:

    (A) the import and export of veterinary prescription drugs;

    (B) to the diagnosis and treatment of animal bodies, research institutions and animal disease prevention and control institutions and other veterinary drug manufacturers, operators of sales of veterinary prescription drugs;

    (Iii) employed in accordance with the provisions of the administrative measures for licensed veterinarians registered full-time licensed veterinarian of animal farm (breeding), Zoo, animal feedlot, sales of veterinary prescription drugs.

    Eighth veterinary prescription by registered legally licensed veterinarian in accordance with their registered scope of practice issued.

    Nineth veterinary prescription shall record the following:

    (A) owner's name or the name animal farm;

    (B) animal species and year (days) age, weight and volume;

    (C) the diagnosis;

    (D) veterinary drugs generic name, specification, quantity, usage, dosage and withdrawal periods;

    (E) prescribing dates and prescribing practice veterinary registration number and signature. -Prescription triple, first issued by prescription animal hospital or licensed veterinarians to save, second copy is kept by the operator of veterinary drugs, the third saved by the owner or animal farm.

    Animal farm (breeding), Zoo, animal feedlot and other units full-time full-time practising certificate issued by the veterinary prescription from licensed veterinarians is saved.

    Prescriptions shall be kept for two years or more.

    Article tenth of veterinary drugs veterinary prescription should be carry out inspection alone establish a veterinary prescription drug records, and save more than two years.

    11th veterinary use shall, in accordance with the prescriptions contained in the prescription.

    12th village veterinarians shall, according to the Ministry of agriculture development, rural veterinarians published catalogue of basic drugs using veterinary drugs.

    13th veterinary narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs, special drugs production, sales and use, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the State.

    14th in violation of provisions of this article fourth, in accordance with the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs 60th sanction provisions of the second paragraph of article.

    15th article violates these rules, without a registered veterinary prescription sales, purchase and use of veterinary prescription drugs, in accordance with the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs sanction provisions article 66th.

    16th in violation of these rules, any of the following circumstances, in accordance with the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs 59th sanction provisions of article:

    (A) the operator of veterinary drugs are not significantly position or posting the prompt in the premises;

    (B) the veterinary use of prescription and non-prescription veterinary drug is not partitioned or Cabinet set;

    (C) animal use open-shelf optional prescription sales;

    (D) veterinary prescription and veterinary requirements to keep records of prescriptions is not useful.

    17th article violates other provisions of these measures, in accordance with the People's Republic of China on animal epidemic prevention law, and the relevant provisions of the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs for punishment. 18th article this way come into force on March 1, 2014.

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