Catalogue For The Guidance Of Foreign Investment Industries (Revised In 2015)

Original Language Title: 外商投资产业指导目录(2015年修订)

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  People's Republic of China's national development and Reform Commission of People's Republic of China's Ministry of Commerce The catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries, 22nd (revised in 2015) has been approved by the State Council, are hereby released from April 10, 2015. On December 24, 2011, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce released the catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries (amended in 2011) abolished at the same time Director of the national development and Reform Commission: Xu shaoshi, Minister of Commerce: Gao Xiancheng March 10, 2015 catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries (revised in 2015) catalogue of encouraged foreign investment industries, farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries 1. Planting of the Woody edible oil, spices and raw materials for industry and development, producing 2. Green, organic vegetables (including edible fungi, melon), fresh fruit, tea cultivation technology development and product manufacturing 3. Sugar, fruit trees, grasses and other crops cultivation technology development and production 4. Flower production with the construction and operation of nursery base 5. Rubber, oil palm, sisal and coffee 6. Medicinal herbs planting and breeding a 7. Comprehensive utilization of crop straw and, development and production of organic fertilizer resources 8. Breeding aquatic fingerlings (not including our unique precious breeds) 9. Combating desertification and soil erosion such as planting trees and grass ecological environmental protection project construction and management 10. Aquaculture, cage culture, factory of aquaculture, eco-marine aquaculture, mining the second 11. Oil and gas (oil shale, oil sands, shale gas and coal-bed methane and other unconventional oil and gas) exploration, development and mine gas utilization (limited to joint ventures, cooperation) 12. Enhanced oil recovery (in the form of engineering services) and the development and application of new technologies 13. Geophysical prospecting, well drilling, well logging, logging, underground oil exploration opened a new technology development and application 14. Improve the utilization of mine tailings technology development and application of the integrated application of ecological restoration technology and mine 15. China's shortage of minerals (such as sylvite, chromite) of three exploration, mining and processing, manufacturing (a) agricultural and sideline foods processing 16. Green feed additive and development 17. Aquatic products processing, seashell products cleansing and processing, and development of kelp health food 18. Vegetables, fresh fruit, poultry and livestock products processing (ii) food manufacturing 19. Baby, senior food and health food development and production of 20. Forest food development, production of 21. Development and production of new technology of natural food additives and natural spices (c) wine, drinks and refined tea manufacturing 22. Fruit and vegetable drinks, protein drinks, teas, coffee and beverages, plant development, production of the drink (d) textiles industry 23. Use of non-woven, woven, knitted and complex technology of light weight, high strength, high/low temperature resistance, resistance to chemicals, light and other multi-functional industrial textile production of 24. Use of advanced energy-saving emission reduction technology and high-grade fabric dyeing and finishing equipment 25. Ecologically, resource utilization and environmental protection requirements of the special natural fibers (including goat and other specialty animal fiber, bamboo fiber, hemp fibers, such as cotton, silk, color) product processing (v) textile and clothing, the clothing industry 26. Computer integrated manufacturing system in garment production of 27. Functional specialty clothing manufacturing (vi) in leather, fur, feather and related products, footwear and 28. Leather and fur cleaning technology 29. Leather finishing technique processing 30. Leather waste utilization (VII) of timber processing and wood, bamboo, cane, Palm fiber and straw products sector 31. Forestry three remains, ", small and firewood" materials and the utilization of new technologies, new product development and production of bamboo (h) culture, beauty, sport and leisure goods industry 32. Upscale carpets, embroidery and drawn work products (I) petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuel processing 33. Phenol oil processing, oil processing, coal-tar pitch high-end (not including modified bitumen) (x) 34 the chemicals and chemical products industry. Development and production of new PVC and silicone downstream products 35. Composite material supporting materials: method of propylene propylene oxide by hydrogen peroxide, naphthalene dicarboxylic acid dimethyl ester (NDC), 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol (CHDM), 50,000 tons/year and over butadiene ADN and hexamethylene diamine production by 36. Textile material: nylon 66 salt, 1,3-propylene glycol produced 37. Synthetic rubber: isoprene rubber, polyurethane rubber, acrylic rubber, chlorohydrin rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber rubber production 38. Engineering plastics and plastic alloys: more than 60,000 tons/year and non-phosgene polycarbonate (PC), poly law Pom, pps, polyether ether ketone, polyimide and poly sulfone and polyether sulfone, aromatic esters (PAR), polyphenylene oxide and its modified materials, products such as liquid crystal polymers production 39. Chemical: catalyst for new products, new technologies, dye (yen) commercialization of materials processing technology, electronic chemicals and paper chemicals, leather chemicals (N-N dimethyl formamide), oil additives, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, adhesives, inorganic fiber, inorganic nano-materials production and deep processing of pigment coating 40. Environmentally friendly printing inks, eco-friendly aromatic oil production of 41. Natural spices, synthetic spices and single icon spices to produce 42. High performance coating, high solids, solvent-free paints, industrial coatings and related waterborne resins production 43. Fluorinated resins, fluoro-materials, fluorine-containing intermediates for medical use, environmentally friendly fluorine refrigerant, detergents, foaming agents and 44. From phosphorus chemical recycle of resource production, aluminium smelting 45. Forestry chemical products, new technologies, new product development and production of 46. Environmental development and production of inorganic, organic and bio-47. Development and production of new types of fertilizers: high concentrations of potassium, complex microbial inoculants, compound microbial fertilizer, straw and garbage composting, special features micro-organism preparations 48. Efficient, safe and environment-friendly new varieties, new formulations, development and production of special intermediates, additives, cleaner production processes, and the development and application (a fork method of acetochlor, chlorpyrifos aqueous processes, glyphosate recycled methylene chloride process, directed synthesis of Chiral and three-dimensional structure of pesticide production, technology of synthesis of ethyl chloride) 49. Development and production of bio-pesticides and bio-products: microbial pesticides, microbial fungicides, agricultural antibiotic microbial herbicide, insect pheromone, insect, 50. And comprehensive utilization of waste gas, waste water, waste treatment and disposal of 51. Organic polymer materials: rare earth cerium sulfide aircraft skin coating, red dye, lead-free in electronic packaging materials, special series lithography for color plasma display panel size, small diameter and Superfine fiber specific surface area, high precision fuel filters, lithium-ion battery separator, surface treatment, self-healing materials, Super hydrophobic nano-coating materials (11) pharmaceutical industry 52. New drug compound or active ingredient drug production (including drug substance and drug product) 53. Amino acids: the fermentation production of tryptophan, Histidine, methionine production 54. New cancer-fighting drugs, new Cardio-and cerebrovascular medicines and the development and production of a new nervous system 55. 56 new drug using biological engineering technology production. AIDS vaccine, hepatitis c vaccine, vaccine and cervical cancer, malaria, foot-and-mouth disease vaccine produced 57. 58 marine drug development and production. Medicines and pharmaceutics: slow release, control release, target, Percutaneous absorption of new technologies such as new formulations, new products 59. Development and production of a new excipient 60. Antibacterial raw medicine production in animals (including antibiotics and chemical synthesis) 61. Veterinary antibiotics, anthelmintic, insecticide, anticoccidial drugs 62 new products and new dosage forms of production. New diagnostic reagents development and production (12) chemical fiber industry 63. Differential chemical fiber and Kevlar, carbon fiber, high strength and high modulus polyethylene, polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and other high-tech chemical fibers (viscose excluding) 64. New fiber and non-fiber polyester production: propylene glycol terephthalate (PTT), poly-Kwai acid glycol ester (PEN), polybutylene terephthalate cyclohexane dimethanol ester (PCT), glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (PETG) 65. Use of new renewable energy and green technology to produce bio-fiber, including the new solvent for cellulose fibers by (Lyocell), bamboo and hemp as a raw material of regenerated cellulose fiber, polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxy fatty acid ester, chitin fiber fiber (PHA), animal and plant protein fiber 66. 1414, nylon 46, nylon 11, nylon long carbon chain nylons, development and production of high temperature nylon polyamide 67. Radial tires with aramid fiber and cord production (13) rubber and plastic products industry, 68. New eco-multifunctional wide agricultural film development and production of 69. Waste plastic recycling and reuse of 70. Plastic flexible packaging technology, new products (high barrier, multifunctional film and raw materials) development and production (14) non-metallic mineral products industry 71. Energy-saving, environmental protection, recycling, light weight, high strength, high performance, versatile building material development and production of 72. Plastic and steel, plastic and wood, energy efficient chemical building materials production of 73. An annual output of more than 10 million square meters and elastomer, plastic modified asphalt waterproofing roll-roofing, wide (more than 2 meters) EPDM waterproofing membrane and support material, wide (over 2 m) PVC waterproofing roll-roofing, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) waterproofing membrane production of 74. Technology function glass development production: shield electromagnetic waves glass, and microelectronics with glass base board, and through infrared no lead glass, and electronic level big specifications quartz glass products (tube, and Board, and Crucible, and instrument vessels,), and optical performance excellent multifunctional windshield glass, and information technology with extreme material and the products (including wave guide level high precision fiber prefabricated Rod quartz glass casing and ceramic base board), and high pure (≥ 99.998%) super pure (≥ 99.999%) Crystal raw materials purification processing 75. Thin film solar cell conductive glass, solar glass, conductive glass used in construction production of 76. Glass fiber products and special glass fiber production: low dielectric glass fiber, glass fiber, high-silica glass fiber, high strength and high elastic glass fibers, ceramic fibers and articles thereof 77. Production of optical fibers and products: image bundles and medical laser fiber, ultra two and three generations of MCP, panels, like the optical fiber and glass light cone 78. Standardization refine of ceramic materials, ceramic-grade decorative materials to produce 79. Electronic glass, cement, ceramics, micro-porous carbon brick kilns use environmentally friendly (no chrome) 80 refractories production. Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate, porous ceramic production and 81. Production of inorganic non-metallic materials and products: composite materials, special ceramics, special seal materials (materials with high speed oil seal), special friction materials (including high speed friction braking products), special cement, special latex materials, water, nano-materials to rubber products 82. Production of organic-inorganic composite foam insulation 83. High-tech composite production: continuous fiber enhanced thermoplastic composite and pre dip material, and resistance temperature > 300 ℃ resin base composite forming with process auxiliary material, and resin base composite (including sports supplies, and light high strength transport parts), and special function composite and the products (including deepwater and the diving composite products, and medical with and the rehabilitation with composite products), and carbon/carbon composite, and high performance ceramic base composite and the products, and metal base and glass base composite and the products, and Metal laminated composite materials and products, pressure ≥ 320MPa EHV composite hose, jumbo aircraft tyre 84. Precision high performance ceramic raw materials production: sic (SiC) super fine powder body (purity >99%, average grain diameter 99%, average grain diameter 99.9%, average grain diameter 99%, average grain diameter 98.5%), silica (particle diameter 99%, size

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