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Law No. 11,524, SEPTEMBER 24 2007.

Rules on the use of resources from

liabilities of rural credit application from the rural savings and

view deposits for funding intended for the liquidation of debts of

farmers or cooperatives with suppliers of inputs for

the 2004/2005 vintages and 2005/2006; changes in laws of December 30 11,076

of 2004, and 11,322, July 13, 2006, to 10,194 February 14, 2001

10,696, 2 July 2003, 7,827, of 27 September 1989, 8,427, 27

May 1992, 11,442, of 5 January 2007, 11,488, June 15

2007, 11,491, June 20 2007, and provisional measure on 14, 2,199-24

August 2001; and other matters.


Republic, the Office of the President of the REPUBLIC do I know that

the National Congress decrees and I sanction the following law: Art. 1st is authorized to

resource utilization of the liabilities of rural credit application

from the rural savings and deposits the view of art. 48 of the

Law in 8,171, of 17 January 1991, for the establishment of a credit line

for the granting of funding with views on settlement of debts

by farmers or cooperatives with suppliers of inputs

cattle, relating to 2004/2005 vintages and 2005/2006, due to

from January 1, 2005.

§ 1 mortgage

will be settled within 4 (four) installments, with maturity,

respectively, until May 31, 2009 2010 2011 and 2012,.

§ 2 the amount of

resources is limited to R$ 2,200,000,000.00 (two billion and 200 million


§ 3 the burden

financial operations to be paid by debtors will be composed by

Long-term interest rate-TJLP plus 5% (5%) a year.

§ 4 the resources of

rural savings and deposits the view used in the financing of that

This is the caput of this article may be computed in compliance with the

respective liabilities, pursuant to be defined by the Council

National Monetary.

§ 5 operations

carried out with resources from sources in the caput of this article may

have your sources reclassified between themselves, since there is no authorization of the

Ministry of finance.

§ 6 the deadline for

hiring of funding closes on 28 December 2007.

§ 7 is authorized to

hiring of pledge of 2008/2009 harvests to 2011/2012.

Art. 2nd in the case in which

the financing contemplated in art. 1 of this Act are granted with

features of the enforceability of rural savings or reclassified for this font,

the Union will grant subsidy, in the form of equalization, whenever the

collection of resources, cost plus the cost resulting from the effort of

capture by the financial institution, is higher than the TJLP.

§ 1 the grant of

the caput of this article may be reduced if it is authorized by the

National Monetary Council using weighting factor for the purpose of

fulfillment of this requirement of rural savings.

§ 2 the payment of

the caput of this article shall be effected by the use of resources

of the Official credit Operations, under the supervision of Resources Unit

Secretariat of the National Treasury-Ministry of finance, conditional upon the

proof of use of resources and submit a declaration of

responsibility for contracting of financial institution financing

for purposes of liquidation of the expense.

§ 3 the application

irregular or diversion of resources from the grants will subject the

offender to return, double, of equalization received, updated

monetarily, without prejudice to the penalties laid down in art. 44 of the law on

4,595, of 31 December 1964.

Art. 3 the institution

can provide financial liquidity Fund for guarantee of financing

contractors in the form of art. 1 of this Act, to be made up of resources from

the shares, not refundable, to be paid by farmers or

their cooperatives and by the suppliers of agricultural inputs.

§ 1 in case of

Constitution of the Fund as provided for in the caput of this article: I-the hiring of

financing rural producers or cooperatives will be disabled

the payment of participation by borrowers, in favor of the Fund, corresponding

the 10% (10%) of the updated value of the debt maintained with suppliers;

II-the settlement of

debts with suppliers will be subject to payment of participation

by suppliers, in favor of the Fund, corresponding to 20% (20%)

the updated value of the claim;

III-should be

established defaulting again bonus due to the rural producer or your

cooperative, the payment of which, limited to 50% (50%) of their

participation is conditional upon the existence of remaining balance of

liquidity on the occasion of your settlement;

IV-the institution

should receive financial participation referred to in items I and II

of this paragraph in the Act of releasing the financing to the bank account

of the supplier;

V-the institution

does it live up to financial remuneration corresponding to up to 4% (4%)

value of loans contracted for coverage of costs of origination,

structuring and distribution of operations; and I saw the balance

remainder of the Fund, after the bonus payment of defaulting again

item (III) of this paragraph, shall be prorated as defined in Council

National Monetary.

§ 2 the institutions

authorized financial funding the participation of rural producers or

their cooperatives, in favor of the liquidity fund, which deals with the item I §

1 of this article.

Art. 4 Constituted the

liquidity fund contemplated in art. 3 of this Act, is permitted to Union

participate, as shareholder only in financing guarantee fund that

This is the art. 1 of this Act, until the limit of 15% (15%) of

total contracted funds, plus the update of the LTIR.

§ 1 the Fund

Guarantor of funding-FGF, without legal personality, with nature

private and separate himself from the heritage heritage shareholder, will

purpose to ensure the financing contemplated in art. 1 of this Act.

§ 2 the wealth of the FGF

will consist of cash resources contributed by the shareholder, by means of

payment of quotas, and the income obtained with your administration.

§ 3 the FGF will have

rights and obligations of their own, which responds with your heritage, not

responding to shareholder for any obligation of the Fund, except for the

payment of quotas that subscribe.

§ 4 the FGF will be

created, administered, managed and represented by the Court and out of court

financial institution referred to in art. 3 of this law, which will be

also responsible for the maintenance of profitability and liquidity of the Fund.

§ 5 the Statute of

FGF, to be approved by the Executive Branch, including the time of will

subscription and payment of quotas, in addition to deciding on the demonstrations

to be presented by the financial manager.

§ 6 guarantee of FGF

will only be triggered if the total financing exceed the default

liquidity fund contributed in the form of art. 3 of this Act.

§ 7 the discharge of

debt by FGF matter your subrogation in the rights of the creditor, in the same

proportion of the values honored by the Fund.

§ 8  The dissolution of the

FGF, in the form of the Statute, be subject to the prior discharge of all

debits guaranteed or the release of the guarantees by the creditor.

§ 9 Dissolved the

Fund, your equity will return to shareholder, based on asset condition

on the date of dissolution.

Art. 5 credit risk

contracted operations in the form of this law exceed the resources of the Fund

of liquidity contributed in the form of art. 3 of this law and those of the FGF may be

taken over by private investors.

§ 1 the assumption of

credit risk for private investors cannot result in other

conditions for farmers and their cooperatives or to the

suppliers of agricultural inputs, in addition to those already provided for in this law.

§ 2 the product of

recovery of loans guaranteed under this law will be destined, after

discounted billing expenses, in the following order: I-investors

private if your drive warranty;

II-the FGF, in case of

drive your warranty; and III-the


Art. 6 The arts. 1, 15,

17:45 of the law in the 11,076, of 30 December 2004, with the

following:? Art. 1o 



§ 2 the WA's credit representative title

of promise of cash payment that confers a right of pledge on the CDA

correspondent, as well as on the product it described.


? (NR)? Art. 15. It is compulsory to register the CDA and the

WA in registry and system of financial settlement of assets authorized by

Brazil's Central Bank, within 30 (thirty) days, counted of the date of

issue of the securities, on which shall display the respective number of control of title,

contemplated in item II of the caput of the art. 5 of this law.


§ 3 the period of 30 (thirty) days without the

compliance with the injunction referred to in the caput of this article, should the

applicant request the depositary clearing the titles and your

replacement by new or deposit receipt in your name? (NR)? Art. 17. 


§ 1 the records of business conducted with

the CDA and the WA, United or separated, will be updated electronically by

Registrar authorized entity.

§ 2 If, on the date of maturity of the WA, the CDA and

the WA are not on behalf of the same creditor and the creditor of the CDA there is

recorded the value of the debt, in the form of item II of § 1 of art. 21 of this

Law, the holder of the WA may, at your discretion, promote the implementation of the pledge

about: I-the product, upon your auctioning to be

held in commodities; or II-the CDA, by selling the

title, in conjunction with the WA, in commodities or futures, or in

OTC market.

§ 3 in the cases referred to in items (I) and

II of § 2 of this article, the proceeds from the sale of the goods or of the titles,

as the case may be, will be used for immediate payment of the claim represented

by the WA to your respective holder on maturity and balance

remaining to be delivered to the holder of the CDA, after deducted the expenses

demonstrably incurred in the auction of the goods or of


§ 4 the securities in the auction purchaser may

put them back into circulation, in accordance with the provisions of the caput of this

Article, in the case of negotiation of the WA separated from the CDA? (NR)? Art. 45. Is authorized the issuance of the CDA and

the WA until 31 December 2009 for warehouses that don't hold the certification

provided for in art. 2 of Law in 9,973, of 29 May 2000, but that meet the

minimum requirements to be defined by the Ministry of agriculture, livestock and

Supply.? (NR)

Art. 7th art. 15 of the law

at the 11,322, of 13 July 2006, in force plus the following § 7:? Art. 15. 



§ 7 at the time of discharge of the parcels

due on 2006, adjusted until September 30 2007, operations

renegotiated under the law on 25 April, 10,437 of 2002, not

acquired or not relieved of risk by the Union under the terms of art. 2 of

Provisional measure in 3 of 24 2,196-August 2001, and not settled before

the national treasure, will focus on the amounts due from defaulting again bonus

dealing with subparagraph (d) of item (V) of paragraph 5 of art. 5 of law No. 9,138, to 29 of

November 1995, and no minimum price correction shall be referred to the

item III of paragraph 5 of art. 5 of law No. 9,138, of 29 November 1995, in

According to § 5 of art. 1 of law no 10,437, of 25 April 2002, observed

the following conditions: (I)-the gathering National Treasure should

occur until 31 October 2007;

 II-the expiry date of the share until the

date of actual payment, must be applied pro rata die variation of the rate

adjusted average of daily financing established in the special system of

Settlement and Custody SELIC-for federal public securities;

 III-financial agents must

forward to the National Treasury Secretariat, until 31 October 2007,

containing the name of the borrowers whose plots: a) were regularized under this


 b) due on 2006, were collected to

National treasure in terms of risk;

 IV-the Central Bank of Brazil will set the

criteria for the evaluation of the data forwarded under the terms of paragraph III of this

paragraph; and V-in the event of divergence determined in Scouting

contemplated in item (IV) of this paragraph, the financial agent will return to

National treasure the difference pointed to, updated by the variation referred to in

item (II) of this paragraph, within 5 (five) days from the

finding by the Central Bank of Brazil? (NR)

Art. 8.  In the operations of

rural credit celebrated with resources of rural savings deposits, you can

be agreed financial charges on the basis of clause: I-in the remuneration

applicable to basic savings deposits with birthday on the day of

signing of contracts, more interest rate;

II-in rates


Art. 9 the Council

Establish the National monetary conditions necessary for the implementation and

implementation of the provisions of this law.

Sole paragraph. 

Among those conditions include, but are not required to prove the lives

arising from the acquisition of inputs.

Art. 10. The societies

credit unions will contribute to the National Service

Cooperative learning in the form of the provisions laid down in item I of the chapeau of

art. 10 the provisional measure in 2,168-40, of August 24, 2001

replacing the additional contribution referred to in paragraph 1 of art. 22 of the law on

8,212 of 24 July 1991.

Art. 11. art. 1 of Law

in 10,194, of 14 February 2001, goes into effect as follows:? Art. 1st is authorized the Constitution of

Credit to the Entrepreneur and small business, the

What: I-will purpose to grant

loans to individuals, the micro and small companies

Porte, with views on feasibility of construction of a professional nature,

commercial or industrial, equating to financial institutions to the

the purpose of the legislation in force, and may perform other activities defined

by the National Monetary Council;


? (NR)

Art. 12. For operations

rural credit contracted from 1 August 2007 and until July 31

from 2012, does not apply the provisions of § 2 of art. 16 of the law on 8,880, 27 of

May 1994.

Art. 13. art. 19 of the law

at 10,696, 2 July 2003, goes into effect as follows:? Art. 19. 



§ 3 the Executive power will be Group

Manager, made up of representatives of the ministries of agrarian development;

Agriculture, livestock and food supply; the farm; the planning,

Budget and management; of Social development and fight against hunger; and education,

for the operationalization of the programme referred to in the caput of this article.


? (NR)

Art. 14. art. 14-the

7,827, law September 27 1989, passes into force plus the following

single paragraph:? Art. 14-a. 


Sole paragraph.  The Ministry of Integration

Will national powers and responsibilities relating to Deliberative Councils of

Development of the superintendencies North and Northeast Regions, in

the art. 14 of this Act, until they are installed the mentioned Advice.? (NR)

Art. 15. art. 1 of Law

at 8,427, of 27 May 1992 shall operate as follows:? Art. 1o 


Sole paragraph.  Consider, also,

financial grant of bonuses and rebates in defaulting again

balances of rural financing granted, directly or indirectly,

official Federal banks and cooperative banks.? (NR)

Art. 16. art. 11 of Law

at 11,442, January 5 2007, goes into effect plus the following § 6:? Art. 11. 



§ 6 the provisions of paragraph 5 of this article are not

applies to contracts or transport knowledge that any clause or

set featuring on the loading or unloading time.? (NR)

Art. 17. Is the Union

authorized to indemnify the owners of gillnets of type don't tell anyone,

used for catching lobsters Panulirus argus species, lobster

Red, and Panulirus laevicauda, lobster Cape verde, who voluntarily

deliver the said Union networks.

§ the first owners

will have a period of 30 (thirty) days to deliver the gillnets of type

don't tell anyone, counted from the publication of the regulation of this law, to be entitled to


§ 2 the compensation

shall be paid to the owners in the Act of delivery of gillnets of type

don't tell anyone to the competent body, in accordance with the regulation.

§ 3 shall be deemed to

good faith of the owners to give the networks don't tell anyone type in

way established in this article.

§ 4 the networks of

wait don't tell anyone-type will be delivered upon receipt and destroyed by

competent bodies of the Union, in accordance with the regulation.

§ 5 the networks of

wait don't tell anyone or any other type fitting equipment and fishing equipment

seized by the supervisory organs will not be object of payment of


§ 6 the resources

required for compliance with the provisions of this article shall be laid down in

specific budget credit.

Art. 18.

art. 17 of this Act applies to owners of used air compressors

exclusively for the capture by diving species Panulirus argus,

Red Lobster, Panulirus laevicauda, lobster and Cape verde, in accordance with the


Art. 19. Is the Union

authorized to grant, by a maximum of 3 (three) months, in the exercise of

2007, monthly financial assistance in the amount of R$ (380 380.00

artisanal fishermen) engaged in lobster fishing in the waters

Brazilian courts and who are prevented from exercising the activity in

reason of Normative Statements in 138, of 6 December 2006, and in 144,

3 January 2007, the Brazilian Institute of environment and resources

Naturais Renováveis-IBAMA, and listed in the database

Unemployment insurance of the Ministry of labor and employment.

§ 1 the organ

the Union ship evidentiary document competent that the fisherman

applicant fits on the provisions of the caput of this article, for the purposes

license, granting and payment of the financial assistance that comes

This article, in accordance with the regulation.

§ 2 the granting of

monthly financial assistance referred to in this article is linked to the

entry and residence of the applicant in fisherman qualification course

suitable for your replacement in the labour market, in accordance with the regulation.

§ 3 the resources

necessary for the fulfilment of the provisions of this article shall be laid down in

specific budget credit.

          Art. 20. (vetoed) Art. 21. (vetoed) Art. 22. in exceptional cases,

until 31 October 2007, with respect to debts related to taxes

administered by the internal revenue service of Brazil, will be allowed to

Micro-enterprise and small business-EPP members of the scheme

Unified collection of special Taxes and contributions payable by the

Micro and small enterprises-Simples Nacional, which deals with the

Complementary law in 123 of December 14, 2006: I-, landslide prevention,

including the social security contributions which were reparceladas; and II the grant of

new subdivision, even if not paid in full the previous installment

on the same tribute or any other exação.

§ 1 The, landslide prevention

or installment in items I and II of the caput of this article

apply the other provisions of the Law: I – 8,212, 24

July 1991, as to debts in respect of social contributions

laid down in points (a) and (c) of the first paragraph of your art. 11, introduced the

replacement title and due by law to third parties; and II-law 10,522,

19 July 2002, as to debts relating to other taxes

administered by the RFB, what does not have the opposite.

§ 2 the granting of

new Subdivision at the time of the option by the national simple, pursuant

item II of the caput of this article, is not cause for deletion of other

installments previously granted.

§ 3 subject

contributions and liabilities provided for in arts. 2 and 3 and in the caput and paragraph 1 of

art. 16 of the law on 11,457, of 16 March 2007, the provisions of this article shall not

applies to debts registered in the Union's Debt.

Art. 23. (vetoed) Art. 24. This law shall enter into

force on the date of your publication.

Brasília, 24 Sep 2007;

the 1860s and 119 of the Republic.


Mantega Reinhold

Stephanes Carlos

Lupi this text does not

replaces the published in the 25.9.2007