Decree Of 23 December 2011

Original Language Title: Decreto de 23 de dezembro de 2011

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# #DEC-000000-0-026-23-12-2011-PUB-01 @ @ @ DECREE of 23 DECEMBER 2011 Declares of social interest, for the purpose of agrarian reform, the rural properties which mentions, and other matters.
The President of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the powers give the arts. 84, item IV, and 184 of the Constitution, and in accordance with the provisions of arts. 2 of complementary law No. 76, of 6 July 1993, 18 and 20 of law No. 4504, 30 November 1964, and 2 of law No. 8629, of 25 February 1993, D and C R E T a: Art. 1 Are declared to be of social interest, for the purpose of agrarian reform, the following rural properties: I-"Fazenda Santa Helena", with an area of 1000, 879 hectares, ares and centiares eight 88, and 1000 measure area, 879 hectares, ares and centiares 42 four, situated in the municipalities of Belfry and Jampruca registry number object, R-4-8,533, fls. 149/149v and 93/93v, Books 2-AG and 2-AK, registry Itambacuri County real estate, State of Minas Gerais (INCRA/SR-06/54170.003883/2009-No. 23); and II-"Bom Jardim Farm", with an area of 91 966 hectares and ares, and area measurement of 980 hectares, twenty-four and a centiare, situated in the municipality of Matias Lobato, the object Record number r. 4-14729, schedule 01, Book 2, the real estate registry office 2 Office of the region of Governador Valadares , State of Minas Gerais (INCRA/SR-06/2009-15/54170.003250).
Art. 2 this Decree, regardless of discrimination or not granting compensation effects collection to private, for public domain areas constituted by law or registration and the private domain areas harvested by invalidity, prescription, Commission or ineffectiveness operated exclusively for the benefit of any legal person governed by public law, except for the improvements in good faith on them before the home science existing in the administrative procedure , excluding the effects of the self-moving machines, machinery and agricultural implements and any improvement introduced by who will be benefited from his destination.
Art. 3 the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform-INCRA, attested to the private domain of the legitimacy mentioned planimetradas areas, is authorised to promote the expropriation of rural buildings of this Decree, as provided for in the Supplementary Law No. 76, of 6 July 1993, and to keep the areas of permanent preservation and Legal Reserve provided for in law No. 4771 September 15, 1965, preferably in Glebe only, in order to reconcile the settlement with the preservation of the environment.
Art. 4 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasília, 23 December 2011; 190 of independence and 123 of the Republic.
ROUSSEFF Afonso Florence

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