Decree Of 25 March 2002

Original Language Title: Decreto de 25 de março de 2002

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DECREE of 25 MARCH 2002 transfers the grant of entities that mentions to explore broadcasting services, and other matters.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the powers conferred. 84, section IV, of the Constitution, and in accordance with art. 94, item 3, paragraph a, of regulation of Broadcasting Services, approved by Decree No. 52795, of 31 October 1963, D E C R E T a: Art. 1st Is transferred the concession granted to the entities mentioned below to explore broadcasting service on medium wave: I-REGIONAL RADIO of CICERO DANTAS LTDA., originally AM radio of Cicero Dantas Ltda., in the town of Cicero Dantas, State of Bahia, according to Decree nº 94724 August 3, 1987, to the Blue Antenna Foundation (case No. 53640.000237/01);
II-TUCANUS radio and television SYSTEM Ltd., originally Karajás Radio Ltd., in the city of João Lisboa, Maranhão State, in accordance with Decree No. 95474, of 11 December 1987, to the Maranhão State Broadcasting System Ltd. (case No. 53720.000588/01);
III-RADIO DIFUSORA GARIBALDI LTDA., in the city of Garibaldi, Rio Grande do Sul State, renewed by Decree of 16 May 1997, for the Cultural Foundation of the Sierra (case no 53790.000218/98);
IV-RADIO JORNAL DE SANTA CATARINA LTDA., originally Radio Society Blumenau Ltda., in the city of Blumenau, Santa Catarina State, renewed by Decree nº 99133, of 9 March 1990, for the Blumenauense of communication Company Ltd. (case # 53820.000411/95);
V-EVANGELIZING BROADCASTING SYSTEM Ltd., in the city of Jaboticabal, São Paulo State, renewed by Decree of 27 August 1998, to our Lady of Mount Carmel-FUNSC (case No. 53830.002438/97);
I saw RADIO FRATERNITY LTDA., originally Radio Centenary of Macaws in Araras, São Paulo State, renewed by Decree of 23 May 2000, for the Radio City of Trees. (Case # 53830.002674/98).
Art. 2 the operation of the broadcasting service, whose franchises are transferred by this Decree, shall be governed by the Brazilian Telecommunications Code, subsequent laws and their regulations.
Art. 3 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasilia, March 25 2002; 181 of independence and 114 of the Republic.