Decree No. 7375, 29 November 2010

Original Language Title: Decreto nº 7.375, de 29 de Novembro de 2010

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Decree No. 7375, 29 NOVEMBER 2010.
Approves the program of Global Expenditure-PDG for 2011 of the Federal State-owned enterprises, and other matters.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the role that gives the art. 84, item VI, subparagraph??, of the Constitution, DECREES: Art. 1 Is approved the Overall Spending program of the Federal State enterprises-PDG for 2011, according to company statements listed in annex I.
Art. 2° The State-owned enterprises referred to in art. 10 shall: (I)-generate, in implementation of the PDG, in fiscal year 2011, the results set out in annex II, calculated according to the net financing need criteria; and II-forward to the Department of Coordination and governance of State enterprises, the Ministry of planning, budget and management, through the respective Ministry supervisor, using the State Information System-SIEST, detailing monthly PDG/2011, within 60 days, counted of the date of publication of this Decree, based, as regards heading? Investments?, the values contained in the annual budget law project for 2011.
Art. 30 State-owned enterprises, referred to in art. 1st, may forward to the Department of Coordination and governance of State-owned enterprises, through the respective Ministry supervisor, using SIEST, until 20 September 2011, proposals of opening credits to the investment budget for 2011 to PDG's reprogramming and 2011, accompanied by detailed justifications on the major changes requested.
Art. 4 Is the Department of Coordination and governance of State enterprises authorized to: I-fit the PDG of the State enterprises, which are: a) have their constant investment budget law project annual 2011 budget amended by parliamentary amendment, approved values; and b) receive funds from fiscal budgets and social security, to the limit of the additional credits that may be approved for those budgets, as well as for the investment budget; and II-effect, until the day 30 November 2011, value reassignments between different items of PDG, except under the heading of investments, provided that do not involve changing the overall limit of expenditure and resource set for each company as well as the goal of primary outcome referred to in item I of the art. 2. Art. 5 implementation of the approved projects in the investment budget for 2011, the account of? Resources to Increase the Equity-treasure?, is subject to the effective release of financial resources for the national treasure.
Art. 6 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasilia, November 29 2010; 189 122 of the Republic independence.

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