Decree Of 10 February 2004

Original Language Title: Decreto de 10 de fevereiro de 2004

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Choose a social interest, for the purpose of agrarian reform, the rural properties which mentions, and other matters.
The PRESIDENT of the REPUBLIC, in the use of the powers give the arts. 84, item IV, and 184 of the Constitution, and in accordance with the provisions of arts. 2 of complementary law No. 76, of 6 July 1993, 18 and 20 of law No. 4504, 30 November 1964, and 2 of law No. 8629, of 25 February 1993, DECREES: Art. 1 Are declared to be of social interest, for the purpose of agrarian reform, pursuant to arts. 18, letters "a", "b", "c" and "d", and 20, item VI, of law No. 4504, 30 November 1964, and 2 of law No. 8629, of 25 February 1993, the following rural properties: I-Santa Clara and Paraguaciúma farm ", with an area of 1000, 307 acres and 20 ares, and 1000 measure area, 529 acres 83 ares, and twenty-three centiares situated in the municipality of Itaeté, registry number object R-2-12, fls. 6V, 2 Book and registration nº 7006, fls. 158v/159, Book 3-the, real estate registry Andaraí County, State of Bahia (INCRA/SR-05/54160.000352/2003-No. 11);
II-"the stone Pit Farm", with an area of 1000, 386 hectares, located in the municipality of Canindé, object of registration nº 211, fls. 225, 2 Paper-, real estate registry the third Office of the region of Canindé, Ceará state (INCRA/SR-02/No. 54130.001610/2003-25); and III-"Paradise and Gameleira"-part, with an area of 5000, 692 acres, ares and centiares 83 49, situated in the municipalities of Miguel Leon, Gil Curralinho, Agricolândia and São Pedro do Piauí, registry No. object R-1-669, fls. 35 the 37v, Book 2-D, registry of real estate of the 1st District of Gil craft, State of Piauí (INCRA/SR-24/no 21680.000548/95-06).
Art. 2 are excluded from the effects of this Decree the self-moving machines, machinery and agricultural implements, as well as the improvements in the buildings referred to in art. 1st and belonging to that will benefit from your destination.
Art. 3 the National Institute of colonization and agrarian reform-INCRA is authorised to promote the expropriation of rural buildings of this Decree, as provided for in the Supplementary Law No. 76, of 6 July 1993, and to keep the areas of permanent preservation and Legal Reserve provided for in law No. 4771, of 15 September 1965, preferably in Glebe only in order to reconcile the settlement with the preservation of the environment.
Art. 4 this Decree shall enter into force on the date of its publication.
Brasília, 10 February 2004; 183 independence and 116 of the Republic.

LUIZ INACIO LULA DA SILVA Miguel Shreyans1984 Rossetto-

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