Borrowing. - Authorize The Executive To Hire For Several Works In The Department Of Cochabamba.


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law of 4 JANUARY 1934

EMPRA%STITO.†"AutorA-zase to the Executive to hire for several works in the department of Cochabamba.



For how much: the National Congress has sanctioned the following law:



ArtA-arse 1A ° †"Authorize the Executive Branch to contract with the Central Bank or some other An undertaking up to five million and six hundred thousand Bolivian pesos that will be applied to the following jobs:

To the net of the sewerage and potable water bonds of the city of Cochabamba Bs. 700,000.†" Continuation of the road of Sayari. " 300,000.†"To the continuation of the highway Cochabamba-Puerto Ichilo-ChimorA©" 2,300,000.†"To the pavement of Cochabamba" 2.000.000.†"To the capacity of the drinking water of the city of Cochabamba" 200,000.†"For the road of horseshoe Monte Punco-ChimorA©" 100,00,†"Total Bs 5.600,000.â€"

ArtA-ass 2A ° †"The undertaking that may be taken in full or in part shall accrue up to 6% of annual interest, and a cumulative annual amortisation of 4%.

ArtA-culo 3A ° †"ServirA ¡ n de garantA-a al expressed undertaking of five million six hundred thousand Bolivian pesos the following funds:

50% to be paid by the owners for the paving of their paths homes.

Road loan from the capital of the department.

Tax on the muko letters c, d, and f, (Law of 18 January 1927).

Tax on alcohols and spirits made in the department of Cochabamba.

Special items of Bs. 100,000,â € " to be entered annually in the National Budget.

Water leasing

Indirect Inheritance Tax.

Special Partida of Bs. 50,000,â € "to be entered annually in the departmental budget.

ArtA-ass 4A ° â€"The Brosovich Credit awarded For the construction of the highway Cochabamba-Puerto Ichilo Mamoré will be attended with the The product of the taxes referred to in points K and F of the article 3A ° of the Undertaking Network of 1928.

ArtA-ass 5A ° †"All the rents mentioned in Article 3A of this Law and those that are subsequently assigned to the service of the undertaking, shall be deposited directly by the collecting entities, under their responsibility, in the special account opening to the effect of the Central Bank.

ArtA-ass 6A ° †"The execution of the works will be carried out by the Prefecture of the Department, being able to perform them by administration or contracts, according to the provisions legal to ensure this class of jobs.

ArtA-ass 7A ° †"In case the Central Bank or other Banks underwrite all or part of this undertaking, it shall not be computed within the limit specified in paragraph 6A (e) of Article 53 of its Law of Law and 140 of the Law General of Banks.

ArtA-culo 8A ° †" The Executive Branch is authorized to redeem the Sewerage and Potable Water Bonds of the City of Cochabamba and convert the undertaking granted by the Commercial Bank for the construction of the highway Cochabamba-Puerto Mamoré, in order to centralize the resources that supported them for destination in garantA-a of the operation that empowers this law.

ArtA-ass 9A ° †"They are declared free of all national, departmental and municipal taxes, without exception, the bonds, coupons, interest, loan documents and writes for this operation.

ArtA-ass 10A ° â€All laws that are opposed to the present will be repealed, with the taxes and garanta-as being the only ones.

ArtA-cull 11A ° †"The income from the tax on alcohols and spirits, once redeemed this time, will continue for the Cochabamba-Santa Cruz Railway in accordance with the law of December 3, 1918.

Communal-be to the Executive Branch, for constitutional purposes.

Meeting room of the H. National Congress.

Peace, to two of January of a thousand nine hundred and thirty-four years.

J. L. Tejada†" F. Tamayo.†" B. Navajas Wheat, Senator Secretario.†" C. Líparpez Arce, Deputy Secretario.†" F. Leitón H., Deputy Secretary.

Therefore: I enact it so that it has and will comply with the law of the Republic.

Palace of Government, in the city of La Paz, at the four days of January of a thousand nine hundred and thirty-four years.

D. SALAMANCA.†"JoaquA-n. Espada.†" José Salinas.


J. Zarco Kramer

Senior Finance Officer.