University. - Was Created In The Department Of Cochabamba With Destination College "simón Bolívar".


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LEI ON NOVEMBER 15 ROADS. Permits the Executive to ensure its construction: warranty-a which can be granted.
THE Assembly national extraordinary DECREES: Article 1.a ° for the effects of the Arta-culo 1.a 1a ° lei on October 20, 1871, is authorized to the Executive Branch: 1 ° to guarantee with the lowest interest rates possible, not passing of eight percent, the capital invested by the companies, according to the budget accepted by the Government.
2.a ° to award temporarily, or in perpetuity the lands of the State or municipal to that absolutely necessary for the construction of the via and its dependencies, Pra © via the legal expropriation because of utility public.
3.a ° as procedure Pra © saw of all concession, the Government Mandar practice, by means of two Injenieros of the State, when Ma © us, the study of it via projected, in order meet the possibility of its realization and the cost of the work.!
4.a ° are declared vijentes the basis of 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th of the 2a ° Arta-culo. the quoted Lei.
5 ° the warranty-a that speaks the Arta-culo 1 ° case 1.a of this solo lei will effect since the line is delivered to the service public.!
6.a ° proposals that do not require warranty-a any part of the State, may n be granted without the need for the study Pra © saw that it prescribes the 2a ° Arta-culo.!
7.a can ° n also granted escencion of national and municipal taxes and the other s franchise leading to possession, promotion and development of this kind of companies.!
8.a ° the Government not may undertake the construction of any means of communication by account or with State funds during the vijencia of the present lei. It is also forbidden grant grants and assume the face character and commitments of partner contributing or capitalist.!
Commune-contact to the Executive for implementation and compliance.
Room sessions â €"Sucre., November 14, 1873
Jenaro Palazuelos, Chairman. a€ "Belisario Boeto, D. S.a€" Macedonian D. Medina, D. S. House of Government. â €"Sucre, November 15, 1873.
Ejeca º tese. â €"ADOLFO BALLIVIÁN." â €"the Minister of finance and industry, Pantaléon Dalence.